Fan Cast : The Eye of Horus’ Spider-Man Movie Universe.

Same as with my Daredevil Movie Casting, this is not necessarily a reboot cast (although it could work) this is more of a “What If” movie casting.

Fan Fic Opinion

I'm taking elements from the classic 616 version of Spider-Man and combining them with some elements from the 90's animated Spider-Man series as well as he recent Spectacular Spider-Man series for this take of the Spider-Man mythos. Some faces for some of the cast characters will be familiar as they more than likely have been seen in other Fan Castings, but hopefully there will be quite a few that haven't been seen in association with certain characters. No origin retelling here since we already know the score on that area. A fair sized casting being posted here so there may not be detailed comments on every actor that was chosen for a character. If no detailed comments on actors chosen then default logic of “I think this person would be good as this character” applies.

Ryan Kelly = Peter Parker/Spider-Man. Went with a somewhat unknown for Peter. Some comic and cartoon fans may recognize this guy as the teen-aged version of Ben Tennyson from the two live action Ben 10 movies based on the cartoon series, but he’s got pretty good acting chops. Check him out in a movie called Prayers for Bobby. He also had a small role as a Marine in the Clint Eastwood produced Letters from Iwo Jima.

Vanessa Redgrave = May Parker. Since Anthony Hopkins is playing Odin in the Thor movie, it only makes since that she could play Aunt May in a Spider-Man movie, right?

Seen in flashback sequences only: Derek Jacobi = Ben Parker. Same as with Vanessa Redgrave, if you’re going to cast characters, cast big when possible.

Stephen Lang = J. Jonah Jameson. Since Avatar came out everyone is automatically throwing him on the Cable casting list as the number one choice. Me, because I’m knuckle-headed that way and don’t like always following the herd, I’ve put him as my number one my choice to play everyone’s favorite newspaper publisher, “Jolly” Jameson.

James Pickens Jr. = Joe “Robbie” Robertson. Minus the facial hair of course. Pickens is a solid actor and by far closer to what Robbie Robertson should be in appearance and attitude than actor Bill Nunn in my opinion at least.

Marla Sokoloff = Betty Brant. Technically Peter's first serious girlfriend, so went with someone who appearance wise bordered perfectly on “mature” and “youthful” and also could put out the proper personality for the character.

Frankie Muniz = Harry Osborn. I went with someone who had a “nerdy” look , closer to how Harry looks in the comics. It's more believable this way, at least for me, that he's friends with a guy like Peter as well as his some what uneasy relationship with his father than it would be having Harry be the stereotype “good looking rich kid” that he was in what end up on the screen and in the “Ultimate” version.

Taylor Momsen = Gwen Stacy. Decent actress with proper looks and attitude to pull off this character.

Renee Olstead = Mary Jane Watson. Being an actual actress/singer works in her favor for Mary Jane since the character is of the same vein. Her sultry looks don't hurt either.

Jesse Plemons = Eugene “Flash” Thompson. Went with someone who could play total jerk-ass bully to start, but mellows out and actually becomes likable as time goes by. Especially with the whole “torments Peter Parker/worships Spider-Man” dynamic that would be at work.

Natalie Hall = Liz Allen. I'm going with an unknown but solid soap actress for this character and in the same vein as Flash Thompson, she starts out kinda bitchy, but as time goes by and her character's motivations and personal situations are explored, she becomes more likable, more so when her step-brother Mark Raxton, the Molten Man comes into play.

Mark Harmon = Captain George Stacy. Yeah I know, those are “Ultimate” George Stacy pictures, but I'm leaning more towards the animated Spectacular Spider-Man version for my take and Mark Harmon's hair color does actually lean more silver than blonde nowadays , so there you go.

Kathryn Erbe = Lieutenant Jean DeWolff. For my movie take she is George Stacy's second in command and right hand (wo)man. When/if the tragic events involving Captain Stacy occur, that's when she gains the rank of Captain.

Shannon Kane = Gloria Grant. Going with another unknown solid soap actress. She has the right attitude and personality to pull off this character.

Percy Daggs III = Randy Robertson. Daggs showed he was pretty decent as an actor back when he was on the Veronica Mars TV series and since he has done much since then I think this would be the perfect role for him to get back into the acting scene with.

Nick Chinlund =Norman Osborn. * No Green Goblin Anytime Soon*. I chose Chinlund because he is a strong character actor and the focus would be on Norman Osborn more as a supporting character rather than a potential Spider-Villain. We'll see him of course doing a few shady things but nothing that will point to his becoming the Green Goblin.

* If/when the Green Goblin would appear however, my take would be similar to how he made his first appearance in comics : He just shows up. No build up to who he is or how or why he does what he does and nothing that says it's Norman Osborn. When he's defeated and unmasked by Spider-Man it would be a drugged and confused Flash Thompson that takes the fall for the actions of the Green Goblin and with an infamous Marvel after end credits scene the movie going audience would see Norman in his hidden lab tinkering with Goblin weaponry/tech gloating aloud to himself at how he made fools of both Spider-Man and the authorities by framing Thompson and when the world least expects it, the “real” Green Goblin will strike again. Cue : insane Green Goblin style laughter.*

Oliver Platt = Dr. Otto Octavius/Dr. Octopus. Platt is another solid actor and also fits the physical appearance of the character. A simple no brainer.

Joseph Fiennes = Dmitri Smerdyakov/Chameleon. Went with a solid actor who's good at being “chameleon-like” in personality and character.

Bradley Cooper= Maxwell Dillion/Electro. Cooper as Electro simply put, he play it as cocky and smart ass he'd be the villain equivalent to Spider-Man personality wise.

Ty Olsson = William Baker/Sandman. Basically sticking with my Sandman choice that I posted in my Fantastic Four fan casting.

Zachary Quinto = Quentin Beck/Mysterio. I want to see Quinto to something other than more reserved characters like Sylar or Spock. Mysterio played as braggadocios and over the top would be a good role for Quinto.

Scott Adkins = Sergei Kravinoff /Kraven the Hunter. Adkins is a pretty decent actor as well as a martial artist. It was his take as the character Yuri Boyka in the low budget fight movie Undisputed 2 that made me think he could be a decent non big name actor choice for Kraven.

Tawny Cypress = Dr. Mariah Crawford/Calypso. Going with the 90's animated series take for this character rather than the comics version. Cypress has the proper looks and acting abilities for this character.

Simon Baker = Dr. Curtis Connors/the Lizard. Baker comes across in most of his roles as a personable and likeable guy, exactly what's needed for Curt Connors. The jury is still out on whether or not the Lizard should be Baker in EFX make-up or full on CGI.

Jennifer Morrison = Martha Connors. Attractive, strong and vulnerable. Perfect combination for Mrs. Curtis Connors.

Matt McColm = Mac Gargan/the Scorpion. Decided to go with an unknown for this part and remembered this big brawny looking guy from the Matrix movies and the Terminator TV series.

Ben Kingsley = Adrian Toomes/the Vulture. One of those obvious no-brainer castings that all most everyone instantly makes. He would also work as a possible General Immortus for a Doom Patrol movie.

Brock Lesnar = the Rhino. Another one of those no-brainer castings. Just need someone who can play as big and brutish for this character to work.

Mark Rolston = Herman Schultz/the Shocker. I didn't want to go with a big name actor since the Shocker considers himself a “professional”. In other words he's more or less in costume most of the time and if/when he is defeated unlike other Spider-Villains he doesn't plot to take revenge on Spider-Man for screwing up his latest undertaking. It's a job. If he gets caught while doing something that's just something that's understood as a consequence of being a professional criminal. Do your time until you either are released somehow or escape. Then it's on to the next job. Rolston is a solid character actor who could pull off the character well and probably would not have a problem with having his face covered more than it is actually seen, unlike most well known actors would.

Ian McDiarmid = Phineas Mason/the Tinkerer. The Tinkerer is infamous for his first appearance where he used his gadget making skills to make Spider-Man think he was something he was not, an alien being.Sounds somewhat similar to McDiarmid as Palpatine from Star Wars. Similar looks to the character helps too.

Rutger Hauer = Spencer Smythe. Hauer is a solid actor and decided be a good match for the scientist who becomes obsessed with destroying Spider-Man to the point that it leads to his own demise.

Desmond Harrington = Alistair Smythe/the Ultimate Spider-Slayer. Harrington is another solid actor and has the intensity to play a character out to avenge his father's death which he blames both Spider-Man and Jameson for.

Benicio Del Toro = Dr. Michael Morbius. A no-brainer. Strong acting skills combined with minor EFX makeup to achieve the proper look and we have instant Morbius,the Living Vampire.

Josh Brolin = Colonel John Jameson/Colonel Jupiter/the Man-Wolf. Another strong actor with the skills to pull off Jameson as both “Colonel Jupiter” or the Man-Wolf.

Daniel Gillies = Mark Raxton/the Molten Man. The guy that actually played John Jameson in Spider-Man 2 is a decent actor so giving him a second shot in Spider-Man with more screen time but this time as Mark Raxton.

Dominic Purcell = Frank Castle/the Punisher. Yeah, I know everyone’s got him pegged as Mac Gargan version Venom but I think he could work as big, broody Frank Castle. The Punisher for me is one of those “less is more” characters so my take for the character will be the Punisher as urban legend. He causes major havoc on the underworld and then disappears for extended time periods back into the underground until his next big strike. Why : Because he plans extensively for each of his strikes to be of major quality and quantity against the underworld. No need to go after the petty criminals. He's after the Top Dogs of the criminal underworld : the Maggia,the Kingpin and the Hand. When and where ever he strikes it's big, brutal and surgical with the psychological effect on the smaller wannabe criminals being “If he's doing this to the Big Untouchable Guys, imagine what he can do to us if he sets his sights on us?” No one knows what the Punisher looks like because anyone who has ever seen him usually is someboby on the receiving end of “punishment” and they don't survive. So for Spider-Man to actually see this guy, much less have any interaction with him and still be alive will be treated as a HUGE F***KING DEAL.

Lee Meriwether = Cassandra Web/Madame Web. More so for her voice than acting skills I'd cast her for Madame Web. An also as a nod to her for being the original on screen Catwoman, would love to see her in something comic book related.

Laura Vandervoort = Felicia Hardy/the Black Cat. She made a decent Supergirl in the Smallville TV series but I think she'd be perfect as the Black Cat.

Jaime Hector = Tyrone Johnson/Cloak. Hector is a solid actor and since Cloak kind of comes off as a somewhat dark and broody character, he could pull it off perfectly.

Emilie De-Ravin = Tandy Bowen/Dagger. Went with someone who gives off the opposite vibe of what the Cloak character is, some slightly naive and hopeful. De-Ravin's pretty good at this in most of the roles she's played.

Malcolm David Kelley = Hobie Brown/the Prowler. A black Spider-Man? Hobie Brown if played right more or less is the black Spider-Man. Hell, he impersonated him to keep Peter's friend's from thinking he was Spider-Man at one time. Kelley's a decent young actor and be a great fit as this character.

Mark Dacascos = Thomas Fireheart/the Puma. Casting Dacascos more for his martial arts skills and overall acting ability. That plus I think his facial structure works greatly towards the EFX appearance of the Puma persona.

Daniel Curtis Lee = Robert Farrell/Rocket Racer. More or less threw this character in the mix because he has some potential as a same age as Spider-Man villain if done right.

Charlize Theron = Silver Sable. Since I'm not a fan of the whole Nazi-Hunter angle form the comics, my take on the character would borrow from the the Spectacular Spider-Man animated series idea of Sable being the daughter of Silvio “ Silvermane” Manfredi, but the fact that her father is in the Maggia and because his loyalty towards it robbed her of having a normal life, she has dedicated herself to destroying the Maggia around the world starting with her father's “Silvermane Family” of the Maggia. Theron has the looks , acting skills and action chops to do the job for the role.

Robert Loggia = Silvio Manfredi /Silvermane. Another no-brainer at least from where I sit. A perfect fit as Silvermane.

David Batista = Michael “Man-Mountain” Marko. He would be played more as Silvermane's bodyguard and enforcer rather than lieutenant, with that being his goal to achieve. A possible past history with Silver Sable back when both were teenagers could be thrown in for story effect.

Chazz Palminteri = Hammerhead. Another no-brainer casting choice for me at least. Just add EFX makeup “hammerhead” and we're all set.

Tony Todd =Lonnie Thompson Lincoln/Tombstone. Done up with the proper EFX makeup and the combination of his height and menacing, whisper level basso voice, instant Tombstone. My take is this, he still has past ties to Robbie Robertson, but instead of being a mere hit-man and enforcer he is the head of a possible Harlem “family” of the Maggia.

Simon Pegg = Frederick Foswell/the Big Man. Pegg would be perfect for this role playing Foswell as comic relief when at the Daily Bugle.

Adrien Brody = “Fancy” Dan Brito. Would definitely upgrade both this character and the Montana character to make them both more of actual threats to Spider-Man. “Fancy” Dan would have heightened agility and speed on par with Spider-Man to make his martial arts skill more formidable. Went with Adrian Brody for this character because my take would be someone who didn't look like the typical underworld thug, very metro sexual and fashion oriented to hide the fact he is a serious threat.

Timothy Olyphant =Jackson “Montana” Brice. Another no-brainer casting choice. Upgraded to be not only accurate and deadly with a lariat but with specially designed six-shooters and a bullwhip. Basically Hawkeye, but with firearms.

Glen Jacobs = Raymond Bloch/the Ox. Yet another no-brainer casting choice. Grow out the hair as needed and we are set.

Francisco Gonzalez aka Franky G. = Carlos La Muerto/the Black Tarantula. Basically taking the original old school Spider-Villain the Tarantula and replacing him with this updated version. Gonzalez has the right look and the right amount of acting ability for this character.

Tom Skerritt = Professor Miles Warren/the Jackel. Another solid actor who I think would just be perfect for this role.

Brian Bosworth = Eddie Brock/Venom. Venom is another one of those “less is more” type characters. When he initially appeared he was a somewhat interesting Spider-Villain, but once he started to become one of the “Overkill Appearance” characters he stop being interesting and became done right boring in my opinion. I choice Bosworth as Brock because the character always came across to me at least as basically a charismatic thug.

Zack Ward = Cletus Kasady/Carnage. Cast a more or less unknown for this part. Could see any big name stars playing a character that would spend most of his time as his “alter-ego” and not letting his real face be seen.

Another one down and done. Comments are welcomed.

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