Fancast by ager: Amazing Spider-Man Sequels

This is my take on one possible direction The Amazing Spider-Man can go.

Fan Fic Opinion

Richard and Mary Parker are both killed in a plane crash. At the film's beginning, they say goodbye to a 4-year-old Peter as they drop him off at Uncle Ben and Aunt May's. When Peter asked why they were leaving, Richard answers that it was something they had to do.

...In this franchise, its apparent that secrets involving them play a major role in the film's plot, including suggestions that Richard Parker was assisting Curt Connors with the research that would lead to him becoming the Lizard. In the post-credits scene, a shadowy man approaches an imprisoned Connors to ask him if he told him the truth about Peter's father.

I feel the man in the shadows could be many different enemies given the ambiguity of the style in which the scene was shot. I've tried to sum up the best possible scenario, much in the same way I surmised the future of the Avengers MCU.

The man in the shadows:
His identity has been speculated to the point of insanity.

Was it Osborne himself?
Well, even though the usually dapper Osborne, if this were to be him, appears rather disheveled, he is "terminally ill." My retort as to it not being Osborne is that he is above creeping in a jail cell to ask the mad doctor anything about Parker.

Was it Alistair Smythe?
This was a strong candidate until I really thought about the possibility of this occurrence. Smythe, according to the tie-in game, is the doctor who replaces Conners as the Cross-Species/bio-engineer scientist. Now, knowing that, the very idea that the guy who replaces him now pulls the guy routine doesn't sit right. It's not him.

Was it Max Dillon aka Electro?
Hmmm, traveling through the air or wires by way of electrical currents is a power he possesses, however, I feel that the stranger is none other than...

(Webb was quoted as saying he wanted the identity of the man to be mysterious. That could be an obvious jab at Mysterio or... No, I feel it was, in fact, Mysterio, and that is where I will take this movie.)

The man known as Dr. Quentin Beck is Osborne's leading Chemist and his elite foot soldier. He uses a hologram of himself, not wanting to hide his face, to freak out the "scaled one."

Now, the casting was difficult, in that, if I were the casting director, I would never have chosen a nearly 30 year old actor, as great as he may be, in the role of a teenager.

His age has forced me to cast older "teens" (and an older Norman Osborne) to hide his age.


The sickly Osborne has reshuffled his company a bit after the emergence of the web-slinger. In place of Conners, one, Dr. Alistair Smythe, has been promoted to the gene-splicing department of Oscorp.

Dr. Otto Octavious has had to step within the walls of Oscorp to keep a closer, more vigilant eye on things, running things in place of Osborne, just as if he, himself, were present.

Also stepping into the spotlight is Phineas Mason, whose ingenious "tinkering" leads to many a weapon used by those under the employ of Osborne. In the background, easy to spot, is the Goblin flyer, not named such, and a pumpkin head.

With the death of Captain Stacey, the mob, or, in particular, the Manfredi family, led by Silvio Manfredi and his personal enforcer Lonnie "Tombstone" Lincoln, are emerging as an unstoppable syndicate, almost over night.

On the high school side of things, Flash has decided to join the military, and become a hero, just like Spider-Man, once he graduates. His girlfriend, Liz Allen, whom he proposes to, during school, excepts, and the the 2 plan to move together once he enlists.

Sergei Kravinoff, a big game hunter in the vein of Bear Grills, of Man vs. Wild, and Steve Irwin, the "Crocodile Hunter", in that he puts himself in deadly situations to capture wild predators on live TV with nothing more than a Bowie knife, finds himself attracted to the city in hunt of other possible giant lizards and the wall-crawler himself.

After filming the hunt for any humanoid lizards in every corner, roof top and sewer in the city, Kraven (his stage name) offers a live invitation to the wall-crawler in a fight to the death to boost ratings.

A no-show disappoints the large fan base of the most popular man on TV. The outrage from so many people causes the hunter to extend another invitation to which the arrogant hero, whose strong need to gain approval, accepts; Spider-Man wins decisively.

Beck reaches out to Kraven and offers him a serum that will provide him with the cunning, reflexes, stamina, strength and durability to take down their mutual menace. Unfortunately, he is now at battle with his own animal rage.

The season roles into summer and Peter feels he needs to get a job to help his lonely aunt and shower Gwen with gifts. He finds a job as a freelance photographer at the Bugle.

1/2 way into the movie Osborne finds some screen time as the story of secrets and mysteries moves ahead.

A friend visits may for the summer, to help her with her loss. Along for the ride is her wild niece, Mary Jane, whom she must keep a tight leash on. The 2 stay with May and Peter. Tension rises between Gwen, MJ and Peter.

MJ mentions she was, at 1st, against staying there for the summer, but after her breakup with her boyfriend,Michael Morbius.

"Silvermane" Manfredi and Osborne look to conspire with one another, further building on their powerful hold of the city. Osborne sends Ock as a spokesman, insulting Silvermane.

Smythe and Mason are busy building an impenetrable hide Osborne wishes to sell to the highest bidder.

Parker runs into the usual headaches at the Bugle, while finding that, as alluring and sweet as Gwen is, and as red-hot and seductive as MJ is, he may have the most in common with Bugle intern and new friend, Betty Brant, who takes to him as a younger brother, as the 2 are very similar in personality.

By movie's end, Kraven meets SM again and comes within an inch of killing SM when a young man interferes, giving the hero an escape route and the police the opportunity to apprehend the super-powered host.

Parker turns in amazing pictures of the battle and JJJ points out that the young man who helps SM is none other than Harry Osborne, the heir to Oscorp.

The last scene is Smythe, "Tinkerer", "Mysterio", Ock, Norman and Harry watching Rhino use his new suit. The Rhino suit is a highly durable titanium resin armor.

Norman to Harry, "Become Parker's friend, leave no rock unturned. Gain his trust and keep him away from my business. My men will do what they must in order to... redirect... his passion."


Now a sophmore in college, Peter and Gwen have been dating for over almost 2 years and May has grown from depressed and lonely to being able to move on. MJ has become bitter friends with Gwen and, of course, Peter. Their circle has expanded to include Peter's best friend Harry (a sophomore)and his girlfriend, Angel Jones.

Harry (the spy) tries to sabotage the trails of discovery on which Peter embarks. Tension breaks up the friends and Jones leaves Harry early on.

Tinkerer, Smythe and Ock realize the serum given to Kraven, intended to cure Osborne, is less effective given its side effect. The Rhino suit wasn't perfected either, given the obstruction of the user's pores. Without a proper hydration system, Rhino must periodically stop fighting and drink water, lest he overheat; Osborne, already weak, would be greatly harmed by this.

Max Dillon, a street urchin with no economic stature, volunteered for the next experiment. They turn him into Electro and set him on the city, in hopes of killing SM.

Rhino and Electro work together to defeat SM but are outsmarted and outplayed.

Ock propositions Tombstone, with Silverman present, to join Osborne and gain unimaginable wealth and stature. Tombstone does not hesitate to kill his benefactor, Silvermane.

SM learns his origins by returning to Conners for more answers. Conners is killed by his new cellmate, Kraven.

Electro electrocutes Gwen. Rhino forces Parker to watch. They bring him to Osborne.

The Bugle prints a story by the newest employee, Eddie Bock, that a reliable source has told him that Spider-Man plans to terrorize the city with a team he will lead.


Osborne, wrapped in a shredded, old, purple blanket, watches as Mysterio tortures Parker with images of his parents, uncle, aunt and Gwen. Beck teases the hero over his origin as well.

******Osborne to Peter; "I always thought Richard was an ogre for what he'd done to you, his only son; but I'm nothing more than a troll for being to afraid, to helpless, to see the greatness that could have, and did come of, his meddling. I was a coward, too frightened to help my son become something amazing; something spectacular. If he is an ogre for achieving what I would not dare, than I am nothing more than a timid, whimpering, goblin, green with envy,"

Kraven, realeased, along with Rhino, Tombstone and Electro lay waste to NYC. Any chance they get (and they get plenty) they claim that SM is their leader.

MJ, after the disappearance (assumed evacuation) of Harry and Peter, is left in an unfamiliar city, without friends. She must protect her aunt and May from uncertainty.

Harry reveals himself to a captive Parker, as the spy he is.

In one breathtaking scene, a distraught SM breaks free. He turns the mind-altering gas on Beck, Kraven, Harry and Norman, in hopes that he can escape.

As the gas leaks and fills the room, Kraven sees Thomas "Puma" Fireheart attacking him and lashes out; Beck envisions a group of aliens (clothed in costumes eerily reminiscent of his comic costume) dissecting his brain and body with needles as he tries desperately to claw them off; Norman looks down at his arms and body and watches helplessly as he withers away and decays before his eyes; Harry imagines himself walking through his father's lab and is ambushed by a swarm of killer bees, bitten, and left to die. (anod to villain, Swarm)

As reality uncovers what is truly happening, the audience sees that Beck has fallen back into a glass room, pulling Norman into several tubed liquids that are, in fact, eating away at his skin; almost acidic-like. Harry is killed, though, not by a swarm of killer bees, instead by the maniacal Kraven.

Norman, with his face bubbling and ears slightly melted to resemble the famed goblin ears, rises in the purple cloak and wipes the floor with Kraven, looking at his son and saying aloud, "If, only, I was an ogre, son, you would be alive. I fear, though, I'm nothing more than a green goblin."

Unaware of the previous scene and the transformation, SM confronts Electro, Tombstone and Rhino.

SM deduces Rhino's rapid dehydration and plays cat and mouse till the big man faints. Left against Tombstone and and Electro, Sm watches as the 2 duke it out over who's going to kill him. With Electro standing to be the easy victor, Tombstone pulls out a glock from his backside and guns down his enemy.

SM snags the gun with a web and wraps up the henchman with simplicity.

Brock is immediately fired for the misinformation.

Before SM can rest, he sees a TV behind a window on the street. The TV reports another creature in downtown Manhattan like the Lizard, but worse...


Spider-Man gets to the downtown area but is too late. The Goblin is long gone and there are many casualties. The web-slinger leaves as media and civilians attack him for answers he can not give.

Brock rallies New Yorkers into a Spider-hating frenzy. Blaming the wall-crawler for the devastation.

There are 3 general directions of the movie. 1 being that of Brock as a motivator to turn the city against SM, the introduction of the symbiote, by Ock, to Brock, as a DNA sample of Parker. the DNA is not given to Brock. at 1st.

***The symbiote represents the id, Parker, in turn, represents the ego and Goblin, the super-ego.

The 2nd is the finale clash of Osborne and Parker.

The 3rd is the revelation of his origins.

Ock is seen with the mechanical limbs, backpacked to his back, working on the deceased Silvermane.

The finale shows the death of Osborne, the announcement that Martin Li has bought out Oscorp, the injection of the DNA "venom" into the arm of Brock ala heroine and, in the end, a victorious, beaten-to-hell Spider-Man crawling onto his doorstep.

May opens the door and he crawls into the arms of May and MJ, who embraces him. "May says "Your parents, and your uncle, would be proud."



The Manfredi Family

Silvio "Silvermane" Manfredi

Character Bio:
Manfredi started his criminal career as a racketeer in an organized crime group called the Maggia, eventually becoming a criminal organizer and mastermind. He attempts to unite all of New York's gangs under his leadership and take over the criminal underworld, but his plans are complicated by an ego-related rivalry with Osborne.

Played By:
Christopher Plummer
The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus as Doctor Parnassus, The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo

Plummer is a legendary actor with the perfect look, while still attaining amazing acting skills, to portray AMS version of Kingpin. With the rights to Kingpin possibly tied up in Dare Devil limbo, Plummer, as Silvermane, is a flawless replacement. The AMS-verse would be careful to not put a great emphasis on the Maggia/mafia in order to avoid Batman comparisons.

Lonnie "Tombstone" Lincoln
Character Bio:
Born as Lonnie Thompson Lincoln in Harlem, in New York City, Lonnie started out as troubled youth who was bullied by his peers because he was Harlem's only African American albino.
As a hitman and enforcer, Lonnie used his albinism to his advantage. He filed his teeth and nails to points, giving him the appearance of a vampire. This frequently caught his opponents off-guard, making it easier to kill them. He also lifted weights and engaged in many street fights to hone his fighting skills.

Played By:
Smokin' Aces, Street Kings, American Gangster

Sure, thee are tougher, larger, scarier actors for the role, on the younger side of large black actors, Kevin Grevioux crossed my mind however, I wanted a thuggish actor, tough by attitude, not by size. He had to become scary, he wasn't blessed with size even though he was haunted by albinoism. This is a man who earned his status. He's a thug, not a super-villain.


Dr. Alistair Smythe
Character Bio:
Alistair Smythe appears in the The Amazing Spider-Man video game as the main antagonist (based on The Amazing Spider-Man), voiced by Nolan North.[10] Following Dr. Curt Connors' arrest, Alistair was declared Oscorp's new head of R&D and his first task is to dispose of the Cross-Species (animals mutated with human DNA) created using Connor's research and directed Oscorp's research towards Nano and Macro robotics. Instead, he combines the 2.

Played By:
Barry Pepper
Knockaround Guys, The Lone Ranger

One of the most underrated actors in Hollywood, with a full-blown creepiness to him if he chooses to upplay that persona. He looks as close to Smythe as any actor.

Dr Otto Octavius
Character Bio:
Otto, under the employ of Norman Osborne, is a brilliant and respected nuclear physicist, atomic research consultant, inventor, lecturer, and Osborne's right hand. He designed a set of highly advanced mechanical arms controlled via a brain–computer interface to assist him with his research into atomic physics.

Played By:
Martin Wuttke
Inglorious Basterds

Who better to play the German-born (that's always been my preference, and it would help separate from the previous Molina-version) scientist than the man that played Hitler. This version never becomes a super villain but displays all the tools necessary. As a leader of the comic's Sinister 6, the AMSverse Doc Ock takes on the role of Osborne's go-to guy whenever he is not around.

Phineas "Tinkerer" Mason
Character Bio:
A brilliant inventor and technician who designs advanced weaponry for Osborne.

Played By:
Lance Henriksen
Alien film franchise

Truth be told, this character is just a simple Eater egg. Originally, I opted to use Ben Kingsley as a funny jab. I was thinking of the reality of the situation. That if Kingsley were to be announced as a viilain, or even, as a character, in an upcoming AMSverse film, right away, every nerd were be gushing with the idea that he would no doubt be portraying Vulture. Then, to have him turn out to be a throw away character like Tinkerer would be very funny.

Ofcourse, a week or 2 later (I've been sitting on this for quite a while) it was announced that he will be in IM3. He was now out of the equation because of the believability that these actors will, and can, be a part of the AMSverse.

Next, I considered, Terrence Stamp, but, as he was so iconic as Zod, he was not a real option. I did consider him, even after that, as a jab to the new Zod in Man of Steele, but I don't think Stamp is the petty type.

Henrickson is a scyfy mainstay, and would not overpower a role with his fame, such like the other 2. He could be both, a mega villain like Vulture, or a side character like Tinkerer. So my deploy may work regardless.

Dr. Quentin "Mysterio" Beck
Character Bio:
The man known as Dr. Quentin Beck is Osborne's leading Chemist and his elite foot soldier. The Nolanverse Scarecrow is more or less the best way to describe Beck.

Played by:
Michael Massee

Massee, as I've explained before, is Mysterio, in this version.

Norman Osborne
Character Bio:
What is established...
Norman Osborn is the CEO and founder of Oscorp Industries. Little is known of Norman Osborn, other than that he has a terminal illness and is dying from it. Dr. Curt Connors' and Dr. Rajit Ratha's experiments with lizard DNA were an attempt to cure him, until Connors used the serum on himself, transforming into the monstrous Lizard. Currently, there are no known cures for Osborn's illness, and it is unknown if anyone is even attempting to cure him.

What may come...
Every experiment, from Kraven, to Electro, to Rhino, was to heal Osborne. What becomes of the entrepreneur is far worse, for all involved.

Played By:
Sean Bean
Lord of the Rings trilogy, Game of Thrones, GoldenEye

Bean's rough-cut looks made him a patent choice for a villain, and his role in Patriot Games was the first of several villains that he would portray, all of whom come to sticky ends. Despite being professionally trained, Sean Bean adopts an instinctive style of acting that some say makes him especially well-suited to portraying his characters' depths. He has said in interviews that the most difficult part is at the start of filming when trying to understand the character. After achieving this he can snap in and out of character instantly.

Bean is a bit older than I would have liked, but as I've written already, everyone is aged a bit to match the years of Garfield's Spider-Man.

In my recast and revision of Spider-Man 02 and that universe

I used Bean there as well. He was younger, but so was the rest of the cast. He was so perfect then, and now, needing an older Osborne, I looked no further for a stronger, more dapper Osborne than the Tobeyverse version.

The Hunter

Sergei "Kraven" Kravinoff
Character Bio:
Sergei Kravinoff is a maniacal big game hunter known as Kraven the Hunter and the host of his own TV reality show. In the TV show, he hunts down dangerous animals, and intends to hunt and kill Spider-Man on live television in order to boost his ratings. Unlike other hunters, he typically disdains the use of guns or bow and arrows, preferring to take down large dangerous animals with his bare hands. He also lives by a code of honor of sorts, choosing to hunt his game fairly, though he does use a serum to give him similar strength to Spider-Man.

Played By:
Christopher Meloni

This was, possibly, the hardest to cast while staying original and realistic. Meloni is a character actor; one of the best. I wanted an imposing, older guy, who gruffness was, or could be, terrifying, if nothing else was added to the element. In other words, every other character is scary given the props they wear, but Meloni's Kraven had to be a threat without anything. He's Crocodile Dundee, Rated R.

*Oscorp's Goons (Sinister 6)

Character Bio:
Alex O'Hirn is as dumb as an ox, as strong as a bull, and walks around in the hide of a Rhino. Not much is known of the man in the Oscorp suit but when he's that big and bad, not much else needs to be known. Take his character much in the same way a new, monster wrestler is introduced. They say little about him and he lets his fists speak for him. That is the approach needed for O'Hirn.

Played By:
Matt Willig
NCIS, Year One
Willig may be unoriginal but his size and face are perfect for O'Hirn. He is 6'8" and has a rough facial make-up that is ideal. He's getting up there in age but, right now, stands as the best overall actor for Rhino.

*Max "Electro" Dillion
Character Bio:
Just another nameless thug Oscorp has picked up off the street with bribes of money. Human guinnie pigs are worth less than lab rats in Osborne's eyes.

Played By:
Norman Reedus
Boondock Saints, The Walking Dead

If ever there was a revival from the Where are they now files to the Cooler than cool section, Reedus would top the list. For a nameless thug with untapped, awe-inspiring powers that are waisted on an idiot, Reedus is one of the few actors that can make the scenes watchable and unforgettable. He can be the wise-cracking villain that challenges the wit of Parker. Being such a likable actor, it would almost be upsetting to see him not use his potential as a villain and die to a common thug.

****Update. Really??? Jamie Foxx???? No way did i ever see that coming. Damn, he was my "Snap" (Falcon) Wilson. I love him as an actor and am so happy he's in this movie but I think he would have been better off as an Avenger. I think he's too good for Electro, but that may mean they have something great in store for a limitless super villain.

****Political correctness is okay sometimes, but sometimes, it's laughable. Why is black always the go-to? Heimdall was awesome and I love Foxx but why not have Mr Negative as the villain and call it a day? There are plenty of ethnic villains to use, why must we change races? I can't wait for Dare Devil, The Hand, Lady Bullseye, Elektra... man that killed me too. Why did they make her white????? Arrrgggg!!!!! keep their ethnicity. That's why I love X-Men, they are completely ethnic. A little bit for everyone. Halle Berry even gave Storm an accent, gotta love that....

****If my opinion bothers you, sound off, just don't be rude to anyone, that's not mature or open-minded and I don't want slander anywhere near my page...

Firends and co-workers

Harry Osborne
Character Bio:
Taking a complete left turn from what we know in thew comics and the Tobeyverse, Harry's friendship is nothing more than a complete facade. Nothing but another goon for his father, everything he does is to set Parker off in the wrong direction. The dynamic of the character and the difference from what we are familiar with would work brilliantly onscreen.

Played By:
Patrick Flueger
The 4400

In February 2010, Flueger was among those screen tested for the role of Captain America in the 2011 feature film. I also read that he tested for the role of Peter Parker in AMS, but now that I can't find that info I'm starting to doubt myself. Testing for AMS is the reason I chose him here. There were many fine, popular actors that were considered and, of the bunch, he was the least likely to standout. That is why I chose him. He could create the character instead of overwhelming the role just by being the big name actor (like the popular choice Anton Yelchin). I think he is a subtle choice and resembles Sean Bean more than others who were on the short list for Parker.

Mary Jane Watson
Character Bio:
Mary Jane is depicted as an extremely beautiful, green-eyed redhead.

"Face it, Tiger... you just hit the jackpot!"

A tough, rival/friend of Gwen, she grows to be the helping hand, literally reaching out for a beaten Parker, and the rest is left to imagine. I wanted to avoid all things love-related with the 2 characters to emphasize the love Peter has/had for Gwen.

Mary Jane needs to be a knockout. The only women in Marvel that should look near as hot would be Sue Reed, She-Hulk, Marlo, and maybe 1 or 2 others.

Played By:
Ophelia Lovibond
Mr. Popper's Penguins

The list of candidates for Gwen Stacey included Imogen Poots, Ophelia Lovibond and Lily Collins, with Teresa Palmer (and) Mary Elizabeth Winstead... cited by The Hollywood Reporter as "potentially in the mix". Variety reported that the shortlist had expanded to include Stone and... Dianna Agron, (and) Georgina Haig.

I went, just as I did for Harry, in picking runner's up to portray the other lead role, this time in MJ, to looking at those that were considered for Gwen Stacey.

Mary Elizabeth Winstead, a very popular choice for MJ, was too easy, so I opted for an original black sheep actress. The penguin popper is the spitting image of Romita's MJ and would do well to erase the image of Kirsten Dunst.

****This is news to me. News I don't like based on looks alone.

****Actress Shailene Woodley will portray Mary Jane in the sequel to The Amazing Spider-Man.

Liz Allen
Character Bio:
Flash Thompson's girlfriend. She begins to admire Peter's intelligence, and develops some degree of affection for the former "bookworm". A fun throw-off Easter egg character that helps add depth to Flash.

Played By:
Imogen Poots
Fright Night

Another Gwen runner-up wh looks remarkably like Liz Allen.

Angel Jones
Character Bio:
Although she is connected to Avengers, Spider-Man and X-Men, I feel her roots, which stem from Spider-Man and His Amazing Friends, gives her the privlage of being in the AMSverse. Sure, she could be included in many different Marvel movies, but let's get her in this one.

She wouldn't be a mutant, as those don't exist here, but imagine what could be later, in spin-off animated movies, even, Here, though, she is simply Harry's angry girlfriend.

Played By:
Mary Elizabeth Winstead
Final Destination 3, Scott Pilgrim vs. the World

Just like my original idea involving Tinkerer, you just know if MEW is announced, conclusions would be met and the nerd community would "just know" she was MJ.

J, Jonah Jameson
Character Bio:
Portrayals of Jameson have varied throughout the years. Sometimes he is shown as a foolishly stubborn and pompous skinflint who micromanages his employees and resents Spider-Man out of jealousy. Other writers have portrayed him more humanly, as a humorously obnoxious yet caring boss who nevertheless has shown great bravery and integrity in the face of the assorted villains with which the Bugle comes into contact, and whose campaign against Spider-Man comes more from fear of youngsters following his example. In either case, he has remained an important part of the Spider-Man mythos.

JJJ would be straight-laced and not the comic bafoon that was characterizes in the Tobeyverse.

Played Straight By:
Clancy Brown
Highlander, The Shawshank Redemption

Brown, is among the very few that can bring the intimidation when called upon. There are a few that can bring to life the JJJ I picture. Hugh Laurie is not one of them...Just sayin' =)

His voice and square jaw are characteristics that bring a different view to a character that was outright hilarious in the Tobyverse and any actor that takes the role will be compared harshly to the previous. This is why it is so important ti avoid any comparisons more so than Ock or Osborne, or even Parker. Brown is very capable and brings with him a strong and supportive fan base as it were.

Robbie Robertson
Character Bio:
The voice of reason behind the loud and gruff JJJ. He is the only one JJJ will listen to, and possibly the only other man JJJ respects (besides himself)

Played By:
Ernie Hudson
The Hand That Rocks the Cradle, Ghostbusters

Hudson is one of those actors that delivers every line with such sincerity it gives me the chills. If JJJ doesn't take $hit from anyone but listens to every word said by this man, it must be said with such validity and there are few in Hollywood that can do that honestly.

Betty Brant
Character Bio:
A college temp work for the Bugle. She and Parker become fast friends because of their very similar personalities.

Played By:
Alison Brie
Community, Mad Men, Scream 4

Brie has the right combo to not become so overbearing that she eats ups scenes that do not belong to her, yet she also is strong enough to be remembered for her importance to Peter Parker

Eddie Brock
Character Bio:
A jock turned reporter, Brock is finally at the top of his game after yeas of failure and depression. He lands a job at the Bugle and rises, quickly, as one of the most trusted journalists. After he embarreses the paper and JJJ, by falsely accusing Spider-Man as being a leader of the new group of villains set to devastate the city, he lashes out at Spider-Man, blaming the hero for making a fool of him.

Played By:
Philip Winchester

Winchester has the perfect gritty look great for man characters from Captain America to Aquaman. Brock is not a doppleganger of the nerdy Parker as he was played to be in the Tobeyverse. He is an older, tougher, hardened guy on the brink of going nuts. He's every bit the man he wishes he was and has no idea. He's not confident.

Although, Winchester is the same age as Garfield, he looks older. He's bigger. He's stronger. He's cooler. He's Eddie Brock.

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