SNAKE EYES Actor Andrew Koji Knew G.I. JOE Reboot Wouldn't Do Well Because It Lacked "Integrity"

SNAKE EYES Actor Andrew Koji Knew G.I. JOE Reboot Wouldn't Do Well Because It Lacked "Integrity"

Snake Eyes was a major flop for Paramount, and it seems the writing was always on the all for Andrew Koji, who played classic G.I. Joe villain Storm Shadow in the movie...

By MarkCassidy - Aug 22, 2023 08:08 AM EST
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Paramount's G.I. Joe reboot, Snake Eyes, arrived in theaters in 2021 to negative reviews and even worse box office numbers (its worldwide total came to just over $40 million), and it sounds like the writing was always on the wall for at least one principal cast member.

Andrew Koji, who played the titular character's rival, Storm Shadow, admitted that he always knew the film was destined to fail during an interview with Inverse (conducted prior to the strikes).

“After this, it could just all be downhill for me,” joked Koji when asked about his career and previous projects. “But at least for now [my experience on Warrior] makes me go, OK, I'd like to do stuff with integrity. And G.I. Joe really wasn't that, was it?”

“Hollywood is just obsessed with telling the same old thing over and again,” he continued. “Firstly, remakes. Secondly, it's got to be based on IP. Third, it's so absurd because I'm just like, hold on. People want originality. Where is it? What is going on here?”

Sure enough, the studio does appear to be setting up yet another G.I. Joe movie, with new takes on the characters teased as part of a massive crossover with Transformers in the recent Rise of the Beasts.

As for Snake Eyes, Koji is fully aware that the chances of a sequel are pretty much non-existent, although he admits that he did enjoy playing Storm Shadow.

“Snake Eyes didn't do too well, which I knew it wasn't going to. I think they're probably going to reboot from the ground up. I'm cool. I did like Storm Shadow Tommy. I found a way to love him and I think there would've been something to do … there would've been a really cool Storm Shadow film if they did it right.”

Let's hope they do get this property right on the next try, because a Transformers/Joe crossover does have a lot of potential.

Koji can currently be seen in the third season of Cinemax martial arts drama series, Warrior. The show has built a loyal fanbase, but there's been no word on a fourth season.

“The cast and crew, we’ve got no idea if we're going to go back,” Koji says when asked for an update on Warrior's status. “But I think it will all be all dependent on how much of a splash this [season] can make."

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tylerzero - 8/22/2023, 8:31 AM
Warrior is freaking amazing.
Himura - 8/22/2023, 12:51 PM
@tylerzero - one of the best shows on television right now. It’s a straight up love letter to Bruce Lee.
dracula - 8/22/2023, 3:46 PM
@tylerzero - hopefully it gets picked up for season 4 and 5 , season 3’s ending was great

Hopefully they can get some of the actors they couldnt get back for season 3
DocSpock - 8/22/2023, 8:32 AM

It was pure crap.

All it needed to be worse was the Rock.

Oh.. wait....

harryba11zack - 8/22/2023, 8:36 AM
Give early 2000's Michael Bay the rights to marvel and let him show them how it's done.
FinnishDude - 8/22/2023, 8:45 AM
@harryba11zack - Worst of Marvel > The best of Bay
AvatarSupremacy - 8/22/2023, 2:29 PM
CoHost - 8/22/2023, 8:46 AM
Snake Eye's a cool character but he's not a leading character.
JohnnyTBP - 8/22/2023, 8:48 AM
Warrior is a great show
GhostDog - 8/22/2023, 8:55 AM
I could've told you it would be ass given the director and writer attached to it. The director of R.I.P.D. and the writer of the Charlie's Angels remake.

Snake Eyes is best as a supporting character. Koji is amazing in Warrior and the new season is great.
HammerLegFoot - 8/22/2023, 9:01 AM
I never watched it I wanted to
TheVisionary25 - 8/22/2023, 9:09 AM
I gotta catch up on Warrior…

Anyway in regards to Snake Eyes , I didn’t care much for the movie but I feel those versions of the characters had potential under better direction.

The cast was the best thing about it imo and i wouldn’t have minded seeing this Snake Eyes & Storm Shadows rivalry develop more with Golding & Koji in the roles!!.

SimplyAz - 8/22/2023, 9:11 AM
Koji knows about well choreographed fights that are shot well having starred in Warrior

But the fight scenes in Snake Eyes were badly shot with what looked like bad shaky cam from the early 2000's
IMCOOLURNOT - 8/22/2023, 10:36 AM
@SimplyAz - not impressed.

this guy
this guy here

is the shit

Matador - 8/22/2023, 9:14 AM
G.I Joe they can never go with the comic's storyline or the 80's cartoon storyline they always veer off into a soulless bastard version of G.I Joe.

bobbo68 - 8/22/2023, 9:38 AM
After the second Joe film I wasn’t even interested in Snake Eyes but Warrior is damn good show that has a lot of story to tell. It’s one of the best originals that’s on MAX.
slickrickdesigns - 8/22/2023, 9:40 AM
I thinks it’s obvious they won’t be building on top of that Snake Eyes movie.
To me it was a total missed opportunity (like many other well established hero films). Why not just give the fans what they want and like. It really isn’t that hard to take some characters fans like and give them a good story but some how these studios manage to fug everything up. Same goes for some comic book movies. If a writer comes in and makes a completely different origin and different character but calls the character by the IP the studio thinks people will buy it. But they don’t realize people won’t like it. Sometimes I think they try to make flops on purpose.
GhostDog - 8/22/2023, 9:49 AM
@slickrickdesigns - the GI Joe brand is ripe to be mined and I think the animated arena is the space to do it.

I am not saying a live action cannot work but time and again they have failed so why not, even for a period, try another route?
mountainman - 8/22/2023, 9:47 AM
Watched it one day at home recently when I was bored. It was bad. Every fictional character does not need their own solo movie.
LSHF - 8/22/2023, 10:08 AM
Yes, because films fail or succeed based on "integrity". Lol.
TheUnworthyThor - 8/22/2023, 10:12 AM
If over a hundred years of film history has taught us anything it’s that despite what they might claim no people do not actually want originality.
Reeds2Much - 8/22/2023, 10:27 AM
People want originality.

That's why the last two decades have been dominated by capeshit and isekai.
Origame - 8/22/2023, 10:59 AM
@Reeds2Much - any isekai is more original than the 100th retelling of Peter pan, now we're making it clear girls can be idiots too.
mastakilla39 - 8/22/2023, 12:13 PM
Director be like
AnthonyVonGeek - 8/22/2023, 12:37 PM
I never thought Snake-Eyes would annoy the shit out of me but he did in this movie. I used to love Snake-Eyes but this movie made him a talkative annoying asshole. Storm Shadow was the only good thing about this movie.
It’s like the writer and director had no clue to who or what Snake-Eyes was supposed to be so they made shit up.
Toonstrack - 8/22/2023, 1:48 PM
I quite enjoyed snake eyes altho it had its flaws its premise was pretty neat and unexpected.

grif - 8/22/2023, 1:57 PM
hi hollywood i just takes roles for money. i do not care if the projects are good. give me work
AvatarSupremacy - 8/22/2023, 2:34 PM
@grif - can't feed the kids with integrity
kirbyfan - 8/22/2023, 3:49 PM
To each their own, I like Snake Eyes!
I was liking Warrior too until they started including stuff that I know Bruce Lee wouldn't approve of and I can't believe his daughter is allowing such stuff!

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