Mark Strong On Why He Thinks JOHN CARTER Failed; Says He Really Enjoyed The Movie

Even though the movie didn't have many fans, John Carter still had a few. Including actor Mark Strong, who was asked, and gave, his opinion on why the movie wasn't as successful as people would have hoped.

Last year Disney rolled out John Carter, a movie based on the beloved books written by Edgar Rice Burrough. The film was not only a critical disappointment, but a financial one too loosing Disney millions of dollars. Actor Mark Strong, who played Matai Shang in the film, was on The Kermode and Mayo Show where he offered up his opinion as to why the film failed. Strong also went on to say that he enjoyed the film. Check out the full quote below.

"Well I really liked it, and I thought people were really harsh on it. It suffered from the fact that we have seen everything in it before. It was written at the turn of last century, and every thing Star Wars, Star Trek, even Tarzan all comes from it really. The idea of science fiction, he (Edgar Rice Burrough) was the granddaddy of it all really. So there was nothing in there that really surprised anyone, and it looked a bit dated. I really enjoyed it, my kids enjoyed it, and people I know enjoyed it."

As of right now, there has been no word on a sequel. With them film loosing Disney close to around 100 million dollars, the expectations for another movie are pretty low. Whatever the outcome maybe, make sure to check back here at CBM for the latest on anything John Carter.

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Andrew Stanton's JOHN CARTER Had Planned Sequels, Here Are The Logos And Titles

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