EXCLUSIVE: LITTLE BOY's Jakob Salvati On CBMs, Comics And More!

I spend a few minutes with Jakob Salvati to discuss comics, heroes, comic book movies, Avengers: Age of Ultron and his new film Little Boy which hits theaters tomorrow! Hit the jump to read OR listen to the interview!

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CBM (Nate Best): Hey, how are you doing Jakob?

Jakob Salvati: Good, how are you?

CBM: I’m doing great! Thanks for taking the time to hop on the phone with me. So Jakob, I heard that you are kind of into comics. Is that true?

Jakob: Yes, very true.

CBM: What comics do you read? What ones do you collect and keep up on?

Jakob: Well, I don’t exactly collect any, but I read them. Mostly I read ones about Spider-Man and Hulk.

CBM: Out of the comic book characters, are those two your favorite?

Jakob: Yes, out of all of the comic book characters.

CBM: I just got back from the Avengers: Age of Ultron premier, are you as excited as everybody else to go see it?

Jakob: Yes, very excited. I’ve been counting down the days until it comes out, if that’s what you mean.

CBM: Have you seen many of the trailers, have they gotten you excited?

Jakob: Yeah, I’ve seen a lot of the trailers and it just looks like a great movie. You saw the Avengers movie?

CBM: I did! I went down to the press screening and I just saw it again on Monday for the red carpet premier. It was better the second time.

Jakob: Cool. Did you like it?

CBM: I did. I think I liked it better than the first one. The Hulk gets a lot of screen time, so I think you’re going to like that. As far as comic book movies go, what other ones do you like?

Jakob: John Carter of Mars. I loved it. It was a great movie.

CBM: I’m surprised. I would have thought you would be a Guardians of the Galaxy fan…

Jakob: Not really… It was a great movie, but I’m not a huge fan of it.

CBM: If you could be in a comic book movie, what one would you love to be in and which character would you like to play?

Jakob: Well… If it was any comic… I would be Hulk.

CBM: Would you want to be Hulk or Bruce Banner?

Jakob: Hulk. It’s the same guy, so yeah. Hulk and Bruce Banner.

CBM: Who wouldn’t want to be the big green guy, right?

Jakob: Yeah!

CBM: Speaking of movies, can you tell me about your new movie "Little Boy" and your role as "Pepper Flynt Busbee"?

Jakob: Pepper Flynt Busbee has the biggest faith and the biggest love out of anyone in the entire world. His love is centered on his father. When his father has to go off to war, he tries everything in his power to get him back through faith.

CBM: What sets off that whole focus on faith? Where does that come from?

Jakob: It comes from when he goes to war because his dad is his best friend. He’s not really popular and he’s the shortest guy in town so no one likes him.

CBM: Looking at the cast, there are some great people in the film - Kevin James, Emily Watson, Michael Rapaport who plays your father - Did you have a favorite person that you liked being on set with?

Jakob: I would say David Henry. He was just a great guy. I mean they’re all great guys and girls… It’s hard not to be their friends.

CBM: Without giving anything away, what was your favorite scene in the movie?

Jakob: Hmmmm…. When me and London go off to see Ben Eagle. That’s my favorite scene because it reminds me of spending time with my own father.

CBM: What's the one thing that you would like the audience to take away from the movie?

Jakob: I would like them to take away from the movie thinking that they can be the best quality of themselves every day of their life and this movie will help them be the best quality of themselves in everyday life. And I hope that they’re making their own lists and doing it themselves every single day of their life.

CBM: That’s great. I’ve heard great things about the film and I’ve seen a lot of the behind-the-scenes footage, including one of them that I think was your last day of shooting before you wrapped. It looked like it was a pretty emotional last day on the set. How much fun did you have with these people and did you develop any really close friendships with those people that you worked with?

Jakob: Yes, and as I said, it’s hard not to be their friends because they’re just great people. Most of them were just amazing people. Others would swear and stuff, but they would still be my friends. It’s just hard not to be friends. They’re great actors and great people.

CBM: I have to ask you, in the film Pepper Flynt Busbee is what, 8 years old in the film?

Jakob: Well, Pepper Flynt Busbee, his real age is 8, but I was 7 at the time when I played him.

CBM: Really? So you’re doing the opposite of what Hollywood usually does, you were younger than the character you were playing?

Jakob: Yes.

CBM: How was that? Were you a little nervous?

Jakob: A tiny bit. I knew that God had it in his hands, so I was just waiting for him to do his magic.

CBM: It looks like a great movie. I’m excited to take the family because it really looks like a family film. There’s something for everybody in there.

Jakob: Amen.

CBM: I’ve actually got a 7 year old boy. I’m excited to take him next week. Do you think the younger audience is going to get more out of the film than the older audience?

Jakob: Well… Yes, because it’s all about a little boy. Adults don’t really have that inner child that they used to have and this movie is going to help, but it doesn’t affect the adults how it affects kids, but it’s for all ages. It’s just a great movie and anyone can see it and it has a great message.

CBM: Jakob, thanks a ton for taking the time to hop on the phone with!

Jakob: Thank you!

CBM: Is there anything else you want to share about the movie before we wrap up?

Jakob: Go see the movie! It’s a great movie! [Laughing]

CBM: Thanks Jakob, good luck!

Jakob: God bless!

Little Boy hits theaters tomorrow! Do as Jakob suggests and go see it!

LITTLE BOY is the magical story of a 7-year old boy who is willing to do whatever it takes to end World War II so he can bring his father home. The story reveals the indescribable love a father has for his little boy and the love a son has for his father.
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