New JUSTICE LEAGUE Stills And Concept Art Show Just How Different Zack Snyder's Movie Could Have Been

A new batch of never before seen Justice League stills and concept art has surfaced which shows a variety of different designs and scenes featuring characters like Superman, the Flash, Batman, and more.

Over the past couple of weeks, we've seen some images from Justice League featuring deleted scenes revolving around Aquaman, Bruce Wayne, and Superman. Whether or not we'll get to see those on the upcoming DVD and Blu-ray release remains to be seen but those just served to highlight the fact that Zack Snyder's version of the movie would have differed great to what Joss Whedon delivered.

Now, we've rounded up another new batch of concept art and official stills which have never been seen before which feature even more moments which never managed to make it to the big screen. 

From Justice League's flashback sequence to scenes revolving around characters like Batman, Superman, and pretty much the entire team, you're going to want to take a look at these to find out what might have been! So, to see these images, all you need to do is click on the buttons below. 


The war between man, Amazons, Atlanteans, and Steppenwolf was seemingly going to be a bigger part of Justice League as we get a better look here at those warriors charging into battle.


The three factions stand victorious over fallen Parademons here, with the King of Atlantis leading the charge. As you can see, the plan was clearly for the top of his trident to be added with CGI. 

Lois Lane

Lois Lane had a relatively minor role in Justice League but this still points to at least one more scene featuring The Daily Planet journalist being present in an earlier cut of the movie.

Batmobile Team-Up

Well, this was nowhere to be found in the movie! As you can see, Cyborg flies above the Batmobile while the Flash runs alongside in a sequence Joss Whedon clearly decided to cut for some reason.

The Old Gods

Steppenwolf wants to become one of the New Gods but he fails to defeat the Old Gods in Justice League's flashback sequence and here we get a new look at Zeus and the villainous Ares. 

Justice League Assemble

This piece of concept art shows the team fighting alongside Batman in the Batmobile and it's possible this was the basis for the behind the scenes image we included earlier in this post.

Superman Returns

A great look at Superman's brighter costume for Justice League, this piece doesn't tell us anything new about the movie but the Man of Steel's jaw definitely doesn't look quite so bizarre here! 

All Aboard The Flying Fox

Apart from when Batman takes control in Justice League's final act, we never get to see anyone in charge of the Flying Fox but he's joined here by Wonder Woman as Aquaman watches.

Superman's Resurrection

A behind the scenes glimpse at the moment Superman is brought back from the dead, this shot arguably debunks theories that Joss Whedon changed the method of the Man of Steel's return. 


We've seen a few different takes on Steppenwolf since Justice League was released but this looks like something out of a horror movie and is so much better than what ended up on screen.

The Flash Races Into Action

The sequence involving the Flash rescuing civilians from Steppenwolf was originally going to be much longer but as we've seen from the trailers, much of this was changed via reshoots. 

London Attack

Wonder Woman rescuing those hostages in London was clearly changed at least a little by Joss Whedon because we never got to see much of what was going on outside the building in the movie.

Bruce Wayne

We've seen an image of Bruce Wayne offering Arthur Curry money during their confrontation but this shot shows the future King of Atlantis looking at one of the hero's business cards. 

Diana Prince

This gorgeous shot of Wonder Woman is clearly from an early stage in the development process as we've never seen any indication that this cloak was ever going to end up on the big screen. 

Batman Takes Aim

Batman ends up using one of the Parademons' guns in Justice League but he can be seen here using a full on cannon to presumably take down the members of Steppenwolf's army.


Another of the Old Gods, Artemis had only a very small role in Justice League but she looks awesome here deserved more screentime than she ended up getting in the movie.

Warning Screens

What's the "Biohazard" being described on the screens above? It's hard to say but we're probably never going to get to find out unless it winds up being a deleted scene on the Blu-ray! 


Batman is joined here by Cyborg and Wonder Woman in an earlier version of the Knightcrawler which the Dark Knight would ultimately use to even the odds in the battle with Steppenwolf.


An awesome shot of Aquaman, we'll get to see Jason Momoa back in action when the character's solo movie is released later this year. For now, though, he does look pretty damn cool here.

Parademon Takes Aim

Another alternate design for one of Steppenwolf's Parademons, it can be seen here wielding an assault rifle, a sign perhaps that an earlier version would have focused more on humans being transformed.

Diana Prince #2

It's widely believed that this entire exchange between Bruce Wayne and Diana Prince was shot by Joss Whedon and it's fair to say that regardless of who shot it, Wonder Woman looks great here.

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