Dark Reign: Hawkeye #1-2, My Thoughts

When a sociopath is given a bow and arrow, you know what is going to happen.

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The Dark Reign: Hawkeye mini-series begins with the Dark Avengers having to chase down a Hulk Buster robot that is "rogue". Aside from the Innuendo's about Stark, from Osborn. The hunt is pretty good. "Hawkeye" (Bullseye) takes the lead and does what Bullseye does best, kill. After the bot is dismantled, the story switches over to the meat of the story. Osborn, who is an overwhelming control freak is discussing how "Hawkeye" should be behaving. Of course, "Hawkeye" ignores the advice and heads out on his own for a breather. Well he decides to play the part of a hero and is pretty successful, but soon grows annoyed and arrogant and Bam! Super-villain. However, the problem is this time it is caught on film, by a news crew. The issue is set up with a great flow and has a lot of character depth. The exchanges with "Hawkeye" and Osborn are very story focused, but disorienting. Especially if you have not had an previous experience with Dark Reign or know who Bullseye is. Regardless, it is a really good first issue. A lot of people are kind of bashing Dark Reign, but I am really starting to enjoy it and I really like Bullseye, pretending to be Hawkeye.

With the beginning of issue #2 really enters into the grit of the story. A reporter, who was thrown out of an Iron Patriot presser for asking to many questions in issue #1, is now investigating murders thought to be done by Bullseye, who the reporter suspects is moonlighting as Hawkeye. The issues also shows how powerful Osborn has become, first when he is able to take over a news station. Secondly, through his ability to publicly give disinformation on "Hawkeye's" account. Where the story takes a steep turn is when "Hawkeye" is tracking down terrorists, only to find they have been dealt with. While examining the scene "Hawkeye" comes a cross a stark realization. Now he does not know what to think or what is going on. I really liked issue #2. Issue #2 continues to give more and more pieces to the puzzle of what is going on with Osborn. While "Hawkeye" a really integral part of what Osborn is trying to do, is beginning to run amuck. This story-line is actually really cool and it gives the depth that Marvel is hoping to achieve by putting out the mini-series for "Hawkeye".

If you are trying to understand the Dark Reign arch, than I would recommend picking up this mini-series first. Mainly because Hawkeye is Osborn's left hand (Victoria Hand is his right hand) and truly challenges Osborn because he is truly still intent on being evil. While the rest of the Dark Avengers are currently very maligned and laying low with their new superhero identities.I will also recommend the other Dark Reign minis that are coming out in the coming weeks. I will have reviews on those also. As, I have just found the Dark Reign Spider-Man, DR War Machine on ebay and I am bidding on DR Invincible Iron Man. I will have all of those for you as soon as I can.

While Dark Avengers, individually, is kind of disappointing. I feel that they are setting up something huge and are just trying to provide enough backstory, so that when this huge event happens. They are prepared with enough depth for it to work. I think Dark Avengers v. Dark X-Men could be really good. The Dark X-Men may be the only ones to challenge Osborn. Not to mention whatever happens when Wolverine and Captain America show up. This could be great. Please Marvel, do this right.

Keep the faith, I know I am locked in. Let me know what you think about this review and Dark Reign in general.

- Aaron

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