First Reactions For THE CREATOR Label The Sci-Fi Film As One Of The Best Movies Of The Year

First Reactions For THE CREATOR Label The Sci-Fi Film As One Of The Best Movies Of The Year First Reactions For THE CREATOR Label The Sci-Fi Film As One Of The Best Movies Of The Year

The Creator's interesting premise immediately put it on the radar of many cinema fans, and early reviews indicate that Gareth Edwards does not disappoint.

By MarkJulian - Sep 20, 2023 10:09 AM EST
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Many sci-fi enthusiasts were immediately drawn to The Creator after seeing the initial teaser, but some were dubious about whether the actual film would live up to expectations. Fans of the genre are all too frequently let down by brilliant marketing and angry by the time the credits roll.

So is that the case with The Creator?

The initial response from film reviewers and blog outlets leads one to assume that the film will be one of the rare high sci-fi projects that actually delivers on its promise.

In the dystopian parallel universe of The Creator, AI machines have grown conscious and some have even attained independence, sparking a lengthy conflict with human forces.

A nuclear bomb unleashed by the robot side transforms the battle between humans and robots, causing mankind to undertake a counterattack to identify and eliminate the catastrophe's creator.

When an ex-special forces agent meets the mastermind of the attack, a child-like robot named Alfie, he discovers something he did not anticipate.

Gareth Edwards (Rogue One: A Star Wars Story, Godzilla) directed the film and co-wrote the script alongside Chris Weitz (The Golden Compass, Rogue One: A Star Wars Story).  Legendary award-winning composer Hans Zimmer (The Dark Knight, Man of Steel, Dunkirk) is handling the score.

In previously released promo material for the film, John David Washington praised the director, stating, "Gareth has this ability to inject compassion in a sci-fi genre that usually leans on spectacle and danger."

With a tiny film crew, Edwards visited 80 sites throughout the world to give The Creator a realistic aesthetic. By using this manner of filmmaking instead of the typical sound stage and green screen techniques, Edwards was able to complete the movie for a manageable $86 million.

The Creator was thought to premiere next week at Fantastic Fest in Texas on September 26 but it seems there was a special advance screening held Monday night. The domestic release opens wide across North America on September 29.

The Creator IMAX poster

The cast includes John David Washington as Joshua, Gemma Chan as Maya, Ken Watanabe as Harun, Sturgill Simpson as Shipley, Madeleine Yuna Voyles as Alfie, and Allison Janney as Howell.

Amid a future war between the human race and the forces of artificial intelligence, Joshua, a hardened ex-special forces agent grieving the disappearance of his wife, is recruited to hunt down and kill the Creator, the elusive architect of advanced AI who has developed a mysterious weapon with the power to end the war—and mankind itself.

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GhostDog - 9/20/2023, 10:28 AM
Can't wait for this! We need more original SCI FI

Origame - 9/20/2023, 11:11 AM
@GhostDog - not to mention an original black lead role.

Is this so hard?
EgoEgor - 9/20/2023, 10:31 AM
First reaction are positive?

I am shocked.
Shivermetimbers - 9/20/2023, 12:37 PM
@EgoEgor - Agreed, but the reasons they list for liking it and the depth they go into tell me these are more real than the first reactions for a typical blockbuster comic book movie for example. Maybe I am just biased since I want to see this movie so bad!
Usernametaken - 9/20/2023, 10:32 AM
Can't wait for this.
mountainman - 9/20/2023, 10:32 AM
This looks excellent.

I’m very happy we are getting such awesome movies and shows these days. It feels like the established franchises are largely putting out less-than-stellar content and the best stuff being produced is new.
AllsGood - 9/20/2023, 10:32 AM
Great news for 20th Century Studios "The Creator". I will be going opening day and see on the largest screen possible.

Fares - 9/20/2023, 10:55 AM
I usually don't give first reactions any attention, but since I've been overly invested in the trailers for this one, I'm kinda glad to know that they're positive.

Ya love to see it.
Forthas - 9/20/2023, 10:56 AM
"With a tiny film crew, Edwards visited 80 sites throughout the world to give The Creator a realistic aesthetic. By using this manner of filmmaking instead of the typical sound stage and green screen techniques, Edwards was able to complete the movie for a manageable $86 million."

So if using practical effects is cheaper...and it looks better with some CGI enhancements? Why do we continue to use green screen and film in studios? It seems like it would reduce the burden on CGI and special effect teams, reduce the cost of the film, and make the film look and feel more realistic. I have been saying for forever that the realistic approach to films leads to the BEST films and now it makes even more sense to do so!

Hollywood is a cesspool of bad ideas!
MarkJulian - 9/20/2023, 10:59 AM
@Forthas - You shoot on location and you get a ton of leaks. See Deadpool and Snow White.

Green screen can also accommodate actor's schedules if everyone is not available at the same time. Stuff can be shot separately and then spliced together.
Taonrey - 9/20/2023, 11:10 AM
@MarkJulian - mcu movies plots always get leaked months in advance anyways
Origame - 9/20/2023, 11:14 AM
@MarkJulian - I'll give you the scheduling but you really can't justify leaks when regardless the blockbusters have had tons of leaks. In fact it's been more apparent than with the practical effects
Forthas - 9/20/2023, 11:14 AM
@MarkJulian - I think they can manage leaks. Remember when Zoe Kravitz was seen on the set of the Batman...

That turned out to be a total fake out...and it worked. I was surprised at the reveal in the film when it was not her.

The schedule thing needs to be worked out far in advance. For example, James Cameron high jacked his cast for Avatar Way of Water as I understand it. It might be a pain, but if it saves the movie studio tons of money and makes for a more immersive film experience then I think they have to suck it up. Maybe it is not a coincidence that the director - Christopher Nolan - who is famous for preferring practical effects is also one of the most successful of all time.
Usernametaken - 9/20/2023, 11:49 AM
@Forthas - you're totally right. Green screen is not cheaper.

But mostly what cost a lot with big movies these days is indecision. They start filming with unfinished scripts, then shoot on green screen to have more choices in post, they also shoot a lot of extra scenes that gets cut. And then they still have to do reshoots because they are missing stuffs.

With on location shooting you can't afford that, you have to be fully prepared, you have to know what you need to shoot and move quickly.

The more time you spend on pre production, the less you'll be able to spend on shooting and post production, it's something big blockbusters have forgotten, mainly because studios care more about release dates and milking franchises than actually making good [frick]ing movies.
Forthas - 9/20/2023, 12:35 PM
@Usernametaken - Thanks for that! I know very little about film production so I am commenting on what I read and hear. But your point about being prepared before you shoot your film makes total sense. My background is in Urban Planning, and pre-development is where you need to spend MOST of your time and effort otherwise the end result could turn out to be sh*t.
Usernametaken - 9/20/2023, 12:40 PM
@Forthas - measure twice, cut once
ObserverIO - 9/20/2023, 1:07 PM
@Forthas - I'm not sure that was a fake-out. If it was it very elaborate. Because Falcone has his scars in those shots too, but in the film he only gets them at the end. Also, it would make sense that she would be there, being his daughter.

Maybe they rewrote and reshot the Selina/Falcone arc in the film. If so, I would love to see whatever footage was shot and read whatever sides were written.
Forthas - 9/20/2023, 1:42 PM
@ObserverIO - Possible! So maybe it was not a fake out and I am giving Matt Reeves to much credit, but that would probably mean a major overahaul in the film and it would seem strange that they would have started shooting without at least the framework of the story. Nowhere else in the story is it hinted at that they are related and that scene happens relatively early in the film.
ObserverIO - 9/20/2023, 1:59 PM
@Forthas - If it was reshot, Matt Reeves was probably aware that those photos were everywhere and he was playing with the audience when he reshot it. Because even the finished film, Bruce thinks that's Selina (the score plays her theme also). So I think that either way, he knew that we all thought that would be her.
ClintThaHamster - 9/20/2023, 10:58 AM
"Fans of the genre are all too frequently . . . angry by the time the credits roll."

No, don't normalize this. It's not normal to be angry at the end of a movie.
MarkJulian - 9/20/2023, 11:00 AM
@ClintThaHamster - I can't tell you how many times I've seen a film that had excellent marketing and trailers and then the end result was terrible.
IronSpider101 - 9/20/2023, 11:54 AM
@ClintThaHamster - It's perfectly normal to be angry by the end of a movie. Movies are about escapism, about engaging with what's on screen. When done right, a movie is an expression of the artists involved. ANY reaction as a review in response, if honest, is valid.
ClintThaHamster - 9/20/2023, 12:33 PM
@markjulian - Did you check reviews before you went? Being disappointed by movies with excellent trailers was just part of the moviegoing experience pre-internet, but in the era of RottenTomatoes, MetaCritic, etc, you've got every tool you need to avoid seeing a stinker.

@ironspider101 - I suppose I should have been more specific. Of course anger is a valid emotion to feel during or after a movie, in response to the subject matter of the film. I suppose I'm talking more about the phenomenon of going into a movie with expectations that have been set by sites like this, leaks, rumors, theories, etc, and then being angry that the movie didn't live up to those impossible expectations.
IronSpider101 - 9/20/2023, 5:54 PM
@ClintThaHamster - Fair enough, I definitely agree with you in that instance. I hate when audience members go in with a sense of entitlement. Rather than judging the movie by its own merits, it gets judged by how well it delivered what they wanted from it.
MarkJulian - 9/20/2023, 7:59 PM
@ClintThaHamster - I try not to read reviews. Modern reviewers cant review a film without spoiling something.
MotherGooseUPus - 9/20/2023, 11:17 AM
I hope this is great. I want to like it, i want it to be great. Im a big SciFi guy and love an original concept, which seems to be in demise/non-existent these days. I won't be there opening day but i will def see it. I like Edwards and think he's an underrated director.

Himura - 9/20/2023, 4:59 PM
@MotherGooseUPus - If you're a big sci-fi fan and want more movies like this, you should probably at least go opening weekend. They dont make many movies like this because they dont tend to do well at the box office.
PantherKing - 9/20/2023, 11:31 AM
I hope the reviews pan out good because I’ve been waiting on this movie
BillyBatson1000 - 9/20/2023, 11:31 AM
When you're bigging-up a science fiction film and you use the term 'Lucas-like' ...

Some of us are already running away.

(But this LOOKS good.)
AquaClunge - 9/20/2023, 11:32 AM
@MarkJulian show yourself sir!!

Why tf did you block me 😅🤣😮‍💨
EgoEgor - 9/20/2023, 11:55 AM
Is it just me or does the article thumbnail look very Cyberpunk 2077?
DocSpock - 9/20/2023, 11:58 AM

I am interested in this.

This may be the very rare movie where they do some serious box checking, but still make a high quality movie. If that happens, everyone wins.

It will be tough to have a great movie with an average lead actor, but that has happened before too.

Fingers crossed on this one.

IronSpider101 - 9/20/2023, 11:59 AM
Yeah not buying it, all first reactions are ridiculously positive. Not to mention I've not liked a single movie this filmmaker has ever done. Closest was Rogue One, but that's one that's allegedly been reshot a lot by studio people, it's not a great movie, and the premise on its head is dumb to me. This to me reeks of a "Jupiter Ascending" or "Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets" (which I liked) where it's an ambitious sci-fi original that bombs because it's kind of off-putting to mass audiences.
ModHaterSLADE - 9/20/2023, 12:10 PM
Had no doubt after Rogue One, which was some damn good gritty sci fi.
ObserverIO - 9/20/2023, 1:04 PM
It's basically just Descender but with the good guys and bad guys reversed.
McMurdo - 9/20/2023, 1:52 PM
Film looks awful
Feralwookiee - 9/20/2023, 2:02 PM
Remember the last time "first reactions" for a movie came back overwhelmingly negative?
Me neither.
These people who give first reactions or social media reactions, whatever it's called nowadays, are mostly shills and/or have gotten free screenings and giveaways, so their reactions are almost always biased towards positive.

That said, this flick looks generic, like every other sci fi dystopian movie we've seen in the past 20 years or so. The screenwriter is a comedy hack and Edwards is a mediocre director at best imo.
Himura - 9/20/2023, 4:58 PM
Been waiting for some cool blockbuster sci-fi like this for awhile. Glad there's more and more films that look like they're worth actually going to the theaters for nowadays, that isnt something from Marvel or Disney.
Onislie - 9/21/2023, 3:30 AM
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