Although Bungie's Showcase For DESTINY 2: THE FINAL SHAPE Impressed Fans, It's Not Stopping DESTINY 3 Rumors

Although Bungie's Showcase For DESTINY 2: THE FINAL SHAPE Impressed Fans, It's Not Stopping DESTINY 3 Rumors

STAR WARS: Lando Calrissian Actor Billy Dee Williams On Blackface - Why Not? You Should Do It
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STAR WARS: Lando Calrissian Actor Billy Dee Williams On Blackface - "Why Not? You Should Do It"

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Vigor - 2/1/2023, 11:03 PM
Great. This gives me more time to finish Fallen Order
DeadClunge - 2/2/2023, 3:29 AM
@Vigor - gives me time to start it 😭
MotherFuckerJon - 2/1/2023, 11:10 PM
Not gonna lie, I'm kinda glad. My car needs brakes badly badly. Was going to do the responsible thing, and buy a PS5 and put off fixing my car a few weeks. Now I can afford to wait.
BackwardGalaxy - 2/1/2023, 11:13 PM
Do any games get released on their original release date anymore? I'm at the point where I just assume the first release date is off.
TheSuperMex - 2/1/2023, 11:18 PM
@BackwardGalaxy - GOW Ragnarok did.
TUD - 2/1/2023, 11:23 PM
@BackwardGalaxy - IKR?? I don't even play video games, but I can't help but notice that AAA video games get their dates pushed back more than Marvel movies do at this point. I know that crunch and production issues are a big problem, but at this point, these studios should really expect this sort of thing to happen (at least until these industry issues are resolved) and just announce the latest release date possible lol.
Timerider84 - 2/1/2023, 11:44 PM
@TUD - they shouldn't have a crunch, they have been working on this game for a long, long time. It should have been polished by the end of January.
CorndogBurglar - 2/1/2023, 11:20 PM
"the news is more often than not met with disappointment from fans instead of surprise."

Actual gamers wouldn't be disappointed. They know it's a good thing because it gives the devs more time to make a better game.

It's different when you have a Cyberpunk situation and the game keeps delayed over and over again, because that means the game is likely in a terrible state. But getting delayed once or twice is not a big deal and is usually a good thing.
Timerider84 - 2/1/2023, 11:41 PM
Good, I can watch Shazam 2 instead. They had the same release date, but not anymore.
TJJones96 - 2/2/2023, 12:16 AM
A delay is good. We wouldn't want this game to have an awful frame rate like the first on PS4
DocSpock - 2/2/2023, 12:33 AM

While they delay it, I'm about to jump into The Last of Us, the tequila edition.

Floke - 2/2/2023, 1:04 AM
@DocSpock - Im knee deep in Dead Space, the shit my pants edition.
DocSpock - 2/2/2023, 1:16 AM
@Floke -

LOL! Well I have the tequila, but not the game. It is about to release for PC.

TheRealMe - 2/2/2023, 1:36 AM
As a Polish fan I'm pleased!
NightBoyWonder - 2/2/2023, 4:02 AM
That’s not a bad delay. Pretty reasonable honestly especially if they truly are working on getting the finer touches done, I can imagine that can be a pain to get done for a deadline. Gives me more time to finish up on GOW Ragnarok and finish might idk… 6th playthrough of TLOU
Twenty23Three - 2/2/2023, 4:56 AM
Imagine a game just… working on release. Those where the good old days
OrgasmicPotatoe - 2/2/2023, 6:57 AM
Great, I didn't want to have to drop Hogwarts Legacy to get on this one. Now I'll have more time for HL.
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