SPIDER-MAN: Kevin Feige Explains Why The Hero's Costume Is "One Of The Greatest Designs In Human History"

Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige shares some of his favourite Spider-Man costumes, explaining why the classic red and blue design is, in his opinion, among the most iconic superhero suits out there.

Spider-Man has worn many costumes over the years, but that classic red and blue suit is by far the most iconic. In the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Tom Holland's Peter Parker started off in a version of that, though it being Stark Tech meant the design was a little too busy for some fans. 

Later, the teenager would swing into action in both the "Iron Spider" and a red and black suit. Following the introduction of an integrated design in Spider-Man: No Way Home, that movie ended with the wall-crawler in a classic costume inspired by a couple of familiar Variants.

Talking in last week's Amazing Spider-Man #900 (via CBR), Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige weighed in with what makes the character's appearance so timeless. 

After naming the Iron Spider and 2099 suit as being among his favourites, he added: "Of that list, [The Bombastic] Bag-Man is my favorite to say, because it's so specific. I would buy a Bag-Man figure, but, of course, it's the classic."

"I really do believe, and I'm sure you've spoken to smarter people than me, but I do think that the classic-costume Spider-Man registers with the human soul," Feige continued. "I've seen little kids who do not know who Spider-Man is, see his face or see his outfit or see that mask and are drawn to it."

"There's something about the way those lines and those colors and those eyes hit the optic nerves of a human that draws them in. I actually think it's one of the greatest designs in human history."

"I like the Web-Wings," he added, zeroing in on a specific element of the classic design. "And, again, in the Tom Holland and Jon Watts movies, we added them, because it's that unique Ditko look. And, of course, you'd want to fly between buildings. He covers more ground that way and uses less web-fluid."

Spider-Man has become as iconic and instantly recognisable as characters like Superman and Batman, and assuming Holland continues playing the character moving forward, we're sure he'll have plenty of new costumes. For now, though, we'd bet on the focus being shifted to the red and blue design Feige loves to much, especially now Peter Parker is standing on his own two feet.

What's your favourite Spider-Man costume? Let us know your thoughts on that in the comments section below and keep checking back here for the latest on the webbed wonder.

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