MADAME WEB Star Sydney Sweeney Responds To Producer Who Said She's Not Pretty, She Can't Act

MADAME WEB Star Sydney Sweeney Responds To Producer Who Said "She's Not Pretty, She Can't Act"

Hollywood Producer Slams MADAME WEB Star Sydney Sweeney: She's Not Pretty, She Can't Act
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Hollywood Producer Slams MADAME WEB Star Sydney Sweeney: "She's Not Pretty, She Can't Act"

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vectorsigma - 2/20/2024, 12:06 PM
Crashed and burned? You mispelled MW with The Marvels 😂
dracula - 2/20/2024, 12:11 PM
@vectorsigma - the marvels is probably still a bigger failure because of the cost but Madame Web still crashed and burned
DankMan - 2/20/2024, 2:51 PM
@vectorsigma - Captain Marvel was a D+. Madame Web was like the kid who scored a 15 percent on his test and had to retake 10th grade and then dropped out
Variant - 2/21/2024, 11:17 AM
@vectorsigma - Nah... the Marvels didn't perform well in the box office but it was actually a pretty good film. People can try and dramatize the negativity but the truth is...

SuperCat - 2/20/2024, 12:08 PM
dracula - 2/20/2024, 12:12 PM
Could make it a spider gwen universe
Evansly - 2/20/2024, 12:13 PM
Write a clear story that works on its own
rychlec - 2/20/2024, 12:16 PM
Jared Leto DID look great as Morbius. The character could easily be redeemed by a competent team.
Matchesz - 2/20/2024, 10:08 PM
@rychlec - When he actually looked like Morbius is how I expect a good Morbius movie to have him look practical and prosthetic effects wise. He looked scary enough
KennKathleen - 2/20/2024, 12:17 PM
If Disney got the rights, I'd bet that we'd see Mayday Parker take the mantle inside the next two solo films...
ProfessorWhy - 2/20/2024, 12:24 PM
Cover it in gas and set it on fire
WhatIfRickJames - 2/20/2024, 12:27 PM
Why call it Sony's Spider-Man Universe when you can't even use Spider-Man in the universe?
Variant - 2/21/2024, 11:00 AM
@WhatIfRickJames - It's sad when pointing out the obvious to Sony isn't actually obvious to them. Lol

Not to mention the fact they have other Marvel properties that are actually succeeding in high fashion. Across TWO different mediums and they're not even canonically integrated. Their Spider-Verse films are killing it and their Spider-Man video games are killing it... another obvious decision to make but here we are with Morbius, Madame Web, and more to come...

ObserverIO - 2/20/2024, 12:28 PM
Number 1.
BIGBMH - 2/20/2024, 12:29 PM
Or they could just stop, at least on the live action end. We don't need a whole sub-universe for Spider-man, especially now that he's a part of a larger universe. If they let want the animated Spider-verse team to expand their animation slate, cool. But I really think on the live action end, the best thing Sony can do for the superhero genre is to stop. Between the MCU and DCU there's going to be plenty. Already too much if you ask some people. We need a higher percentage of these movies to feel good and fresh. In this case, less is more.
DocSpock - 2/20/2024, 12:31 PM

Nothing will fix this.

Skestra - 2/20/2024, 12:34 PM
Stop "journalists" from fanning the flames by writing pointless list articles.
SheepishOne - 2/20/2024, 12:35 PM
Honestly at this point, it miiiiight be worth it financially to sell the rights back to Marvel. I'd imagine the Spider-Man film rights would be at least $4b, which would be the kind of profit they likely wouldn't see for 10 years (from Spidey and Spider-Verse films alone).

Could be something to think about, Sony.
BillyBatson1000 - 2/20/2024, 12:37 PM
It boils down to writing. Back-in-the-day, the best comic-book writers were bringing ideas from outside of the genre - some prided themselves on the fact. It kept the characters alive and made them seem relevant.

A lot of the failed movies are not starting from a solid enough blueprint: a compelling plot. They're rehashing elements from previously succesful comic-book runs, or expecting an audience to stay faithful - JUST for showing their favorite characters in costume. Sony's comic book universe is running on fumes now. They really need to stop, or declare a major course change.
LeDiableBlanc - 2/20/2024, 12:45 PM
TheFinestSmack - 2/20/2024, 12:48 PM
FinnishDude - 2/20/2024, 12:48 PM
Sony hasn't made a good live-action comic book movie without Marvel's direct help since 2004. They should just give up.
Oberlin4Prez - 2/20/2024, 12:52 PM
Disney can't afford to buy spiderman so that's a pipe dream of an option for sure even if Sony were interested in selling.
Order66 - 2/20/2024, 12:55 PM
#1 is the only option that matters.
supermanrex - 2/20/2024, 1:40 PM
@Order66 - exactly. stop bullshitting and hemorrhaging money damaging the CBM genre in the process. just give it all back take your billions in one shot and never look back at it again. they are so heavily focused on forcing profit driven ideas into their stories its disgusting. if they ruin spidey 4 and rob us of having spidey vs kingpin on top of already destroying spidey vs venom and spidey vs kraven then ill be soooooo [frick]ing mad. i want Garfield and McGuire again but not at the expense spidey vs kingpin. fans are literally begging them to make sequels with McGuire and Garfield and they just keep pushing these damn D list characters at us.
WEAPONXOXOXO - 2/20/2024, 1:06 PM
I think SONY should try the 45 day plan to save the SMU.

Nolanite - 2/20/2024, 2:24 PM
Yet let us not forget about The Marvels...
That was a much more disaster of a movie than anything Sony has made.
@JoshWilding I demand you to write an article about how bad The Marvels was and how to fix that garbage of a movie
Nolanite out
TheFinestSmack - 2/20/2024, 2:41 PM
@Nolanite - I feel like you'd have to meet or exceed whatever Disney is paying him...
Batmangina - 2/20/2024, 6:04 PM
THIS is the hard hitting Listicle we need but don't deserve.

Get this man a Nobelitzer Prize STAT!!!!
grif - 2/20/2024, 6:16 PM
why should sony return the rights to marvel? they cant make good marvel products either.
Variant - 2/21/2024, 10:53 AM
@JoshWilding - I personally think the only way this can work is if Marvel Studios negotiates a new deal with Sony. From an outsider's perspective with some business sense, I'd simply point out that their Spider-Verse numbers are on fire but their live action numbers are egregious -- the clear path forward is to give them more animation and take control of the live action. Hell, even the video games are working incredibly for Sony. Which again, in contrast, this is where Marvel Ent. / Disney doesn't have a great track record.

What are your thoughts there?

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