SPIDER-MAN: NO WAY HOME Star Willem Dafoe Reveals Who He's Playing In BEETLEJUICE 2

SPIDER-MAN: NO WAY HOME Star Willem Dafoe Reveals Who He's Playing In BEETLEJUICE 2

SPIDER-MAN: NO WAY HOME Concept Art Gives Peter Parker Literal Underoos
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SPIDER-MAN: NO WAY HOME Concept Art Gives Peter Parker Literal "Underoos"

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Thing94 - 9/25/2023, 9:16 AM
santoanderson - 9/25/2023, 9:17 AM
Honestly it seems like the movie’s story hadn’t fully come together during preproduction, and the concept artists had a lot of free time and were having fun coming up with crazy storylines that were never going to make it into the film. A couple days ago some concept art surfaced of Peter tying-up Doc Ock, Goblin and Electro and taking them to Adrian Toomes/Keaton’s house. I doubt Jon Watts and Kevin Feige pitched that idea to the artist. Some bored concept artist working on the movie said to themself “Hey, what if they brought back Michael Keaton? That’d be cool.” and they painted it.
Vigor - 9/25/2023, 9:19 AM
@santoanderson - which begs the question of how they would pull off tying up a villain who can emit electricity
Origame - 9/25/2023, 9:21 AM
"Ultimate turn" lmao, it's so clear people don't understand the context from the comics.

Ned leeds in the comics was hypnotized by the real hobgoblin into posing as a decoy. He was otherwise just a normal guy.

This is like covering Peter in red paint as a reference to his "ultimate turn" as carnage because the ultimate comics made him carnage for a hot second.
Matchesz - 9/25/2023, 9:24 AM
If they ever bring Ned back as the Hobgoblin I hope it isnt til the end of the next trilogy at least, give his character a break. Really hope they dont pull a Grogu and bring him and MJ back right away.
Matchesz - 9/25/2023, 9:25 AM
I can see them making him a Green Goblin who can use magic
Origame - 9/25/2023, 9:35 AM
@Matchesz - randomly ironheart will have an episode about Peter undoing the events of no way home and getting back with them.
Spike101 - 9/25/2023, 12:26 PM
@Matchesz - please no
bobevanz - 9/25/2023, 9:24 AM
Ah I can already see the pitchforks coming, he's right like always lol
ReverseFlasher - 9/25/2023, 9:34 AM
@bobevanz - no hes not. Its a phase as it always has been. See Westerns.

I love some of scorceses work but at this point he might as well just be yelling at cars from his porch.
FinnishDude - 9/25/2023, 9:38 AM
@bobevanz - How on Earth has he forgotten that directors of a generation before him were basically saying the same about his movies (and the movies of his film school buddies like Lucas and De Palma), when he was a young up-and-coming talent?
Ryguy88 - 9/25/2023, 7:58 PM
@FinnishDude - Scorsese did soulless corporate cash grabs as a young director?
harryba11zack - 9/25/2023, 9:34 AM
too fat to be a threat.
Inktown03 - 9/25/2023, 9:48 AM
@harryba11zack - chill out bro 😂
santoanderson - 9/25/2023, 10:03 AM
@harryba11zack - The actor lost over 100 pounds between Far From Home and No Way Home.

Be nice.
Fogs - 9/25/2023, 11:15 AM
@harryba11zack - LOL
NegativeNerd - 9/25/2023, 11:42 AM
@harryba11zack - all the fat villains we have and you REALLY believe that? lol
TheVandalore - 9/25/2023, 1:08 PM
@harryba11zack -

You really walked into the room and chose to just punch the man 👊
mcmurray - 9/25/2023, 2:02 PM
@santoanderson - he still sucks.
dragon316 - 9/25/2023, 2:58 PM
@harryba11zack - not what peopel saying after movie ended allready saying he should hobgoblin in sequel .,
Who was villian in Deadpool 2?
harryba11zack - 9/25/2023, 3:01 PM
@dragon316 - Who was villian in Deadpool 2? a mistake.
DarthAlgar - 9/25/2023, 9:34 AM
Hard no.
Tpo81 - 9/25/2023, 9:39 AM
I'm glad this didn't happen but wish we got Vulture & Mysterio
In some capacity
Spike101 - 9/25/2023, 12:25 PM
@Tpo81 - Agreed
GhostDog - 9/25/2023, 9:39 AM
rather watch paint dry than that happen
99OPTIMISTPRIME - 9/25/2023, 9:41 AM
Yeah I'm not convinced, that there was ever any real plans to make him the Hobgoblin.🤣 Should've just given his character another name.
EgoEgor - 9/25/2023, 12:27 PM
@99OPTIMISTPRIME - should've just called him Ganke... that's what he literally was.
Forthas - 9/25/2023, 9:41 AM
This is one instance where it might be best not to follow the comics! Maybe a Ned variant!
Urubrodi - 9/25/2023, 9:42 AM
That image is so hilariously bad. Thank god nothing came out of it. Maybe the concept artist just made it for some laughs.
Repian - 9/25/2023, 10:23 AM
I don't want Ned to come back, but MJ should come back...in the last movie of the new trilogy.
abd00bie - 9/25/2023, 10:40 AM
@Repian - They nipped it in the bud imo, reversing the mindwipe is just unneeded. Bring on Felicia
IcePyke - 9/25/2023, 10:36 AM
marvel72 - 9/25/2023, 11:03 AM
bkmeijer1 - 9/25/2023, 11:29 AM
I wouldn't mind seeing Ned show up as Hobgoblin in a Spider-Man movie. The origin most likely will be different, but I think they can still work in that Ned was an unwilling subject
EgoEgor - 9/25/2023, 12:13 PM
*insert fat joke here*

All fat jokes aside, he's just not that good of an actor to carry a villain, though I'd love to see Hobgoblin, and I feel like he is the next natural choice, especially with Sony kidnapping villains and shifting on them.
Spike101 - 9/25/2023, 12:23 PM
The Ned character in the movies typifies what is wrong with the MCU as a whole. Daft humour and straying too far away from the source material. Raimi hot his supporting cast almost spot on which is partly what makes his movies so good.
ObserverIO - 9/25/2023, 1:44 PM
Fat people can only be funny. We refuse to take fat people seriously. We enjoy the way we are about this.

Now lets point at the fatty and laugh. Ha. Ha ha.

Seriously though, I'm glad James Franco wasn't fat or we would have never been able to take that plot thread seriously. The only reason I could take Doc Ock seriously is because I'm a hypocrite. And I will never change.
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