SPIDER-MAN Star Kirsten Dunst Reveals Whether She Was Ever Asked To Return For SPIDER-MAN: NO WAY HOME

SPIDER-MAN Star Kirsten Dunst Reveals Whether She Was Ever Asked To Return For SPIDER-MAN: NO WAY HOME

SPIDER-MAN: NO WAY HOME Star J.K. Simmons Admits He's NEVER Met Tom Holland; Talks Jonah Jameson's New Look
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SPIDER-MAN: NO WAY HOME Star J.K. Simmons Admits He's NEVER Met Tom Holland; Talks Jonah Jameson's New Look

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Matchesz - 2/2/2024, 1:33 PM
Lot of cool concepts from this movie they left on the cutting room floor. Would have liked this over the pitch black electro fight that had spiderman taping his phone to his chest
THEDARKKNIGHT1939 - 2/2/2024, 1:35 PM
Seems a bit too similar to Endgame with the revisiting old MCU movies plot. Would have been cool to see though.
bobevanz - 2/2/2024, 1:46 PM
Running out of rumors to post? Lol
bobevanz - 2/2/2024, 1:46 PM
Maybe repost one of your lists 🤡
WhatIfRickJames - 2/2/2024, 2:09 PM
@bobevanz - for the fourth fcuking time
ModHaterSLADE - 2/2/2024, 1:49 PM
Definitely wanted them to explore more universes with that movie. Felt like the movie could've benefited from a longer run time or maybe even two parts.
Origame - 2/2/2024, 4:11 PM
Peter: "oh no. We're in the amazing spiderman 2. We gotta find some way out."

Stephen: "actually, this seems fine. Beats MoM".
Urubrodi - 2/2/2024, 4:43 PM
@Origame - It definitely does not beat MoM, what you on about? Weird take.
Origame - 2/2/2024, 5:28 PM
@Urubrodi - id definitely say tasm2 is better than MoM.

At least they didn't suddenly make a previously established hero a villain for flimsy reasons.

At least they didn't create contrivances like a memory center that will just randomly show your deep dark secrets for anyone just passing by.

At least they weren't dumb enough to write a scene of a child being so scared by a bee she sent her two lesbian moms to another universe.
JonC - 2/2/2024, 6:25 PM
@Origame - "At least they weren't dumb enough to write a scene of a child being so scared by a bee she sent her two lesbian moms to another universe."

...you do understand she was not able to control the powers she had, right?
Origame - 2/2/2024, 8:51 PM
@JonC - ...she seemed to be in pretty good control. She could even control monsters from across universes and make a man's mouth no longer exist.
Urubrodi - 2/3/2024, 3:10 AM
@Origame - Who could control monsters and make a man's mouth no longer exist was Scarlet Witch not America, which was the one that got afraid of bees when she was a little kid and clearly couldn't control her powers, did you watch the movie?
Urubrodi - 2/3/2024, 3:11 AM
@Origame - "Previously established hero", do you even know Scarlet Witch from the comics? One of the most unstable characters in Marvel.

The memory center is really that much of a big deal? That's just nitpicking. Maybe don't focus on bad memories when going through it.

But maybe you do need to go through a memory center of sorts cause you completely forgot how bad TASM 2 was. These 2 movies shouldn't even be compared, that's how bad TASM 2 is.
Origame - 2/3/2024, 7:28 AM
@Urubrodi - oh sorry, read that wrong.

But Stephen literally explained in the end that she could control her powers the entire time.
Origame - 2/3/2024, 7:30 AM
@Urubrodi - 1) yeah, I do. And her switch to villainy was a lot better handled than this.

2) it's really not. It's literally how they know each other's history as it's needed for the rest of the movie.

3) at least I'm coming up with reasons why MoM is bad. What was going on in TASM 2 that makes it unquestionably worse than MoM?
Urubrodi - 2/3/2024, 7:51 AM
@Origame - TASM 2... I wished I could forget it and you want me to remind myself of it. Horrible villains in all aspects, with stupid and lame backstories, attrocious visual designs, not compelling in any way shape or form. No Way Home should receive way more praise than it got for how it redeemed Electro. Peter and Harry's whole "friendship" is beyond forced. They decided to kill one of the main reasons people enjoyed those films by killing Gwen. Even though the scene in itself was well executed it was too early for her death. The whole subplot with Peter's parents was just getting more and more annoying. Even though I like Andrew in the role, Peter Parker shouldn't be "cool". Best thing about the movie is the suit.

And what we even talking about it here? MoM is not even a bad movie. It wasted potential for sure, with the whole multiverse premise. But still had an interesting story, good performances, nice visuals and action scenes. But just my opinion though. If you like TASM 2 that much that's fine. I for one consider it to be the weakest Spider-Man movie, I'd put Spider-Man 3 over it.
Origame - 2/3/2024, 8:10 AM
@Urubrodi - 1) funny you should say that for the villains because electro was praised specifically by Kevin feige himself and Harry Osborne's backstory was basically ripped off for the insomniac games.

2) I'll give you goblin, but what was so bad about electros design? It was just his blue energy form, which was ripped straight from the comics.

3) how did no way home redeem electro when he was barely in the movie?

4) dude, it's Gwen Stacy. Of course they were gonna kill her. Everyone was expecting it. In fact the only bad thing about that was we all saw it coming. And it's not like they did it right away. They waited until the end of the movie. So it literally just effects future stories, which FYI is why garfield in no way home works so well.

5) annoying is subjective. Personally I didn't see this as anything but build up to the end of the trilogy.

6) MoM is an objectively bad movie. Moved along by convenience and contrivance the whole way while making zero sense.

Also, TASM 2 had good performances. Something you admitted to.

And I do consider it the weakest spiderman movies. That's how bad MoM is.
Urubrodi - 2/3/2024, 8:45 AM
@Origame - Kevin Feige praising something nowadays doesn't hold as much value as it once did. Electro from TASM 2 would feel right at home in Batman Forever. Peter and Harry's relationship was executed 100x better in the game, cause it doesn't matter if something was in the comics if you can't adapt well. Yeah, Gwen's death would happen sooner or later but when you consider that the rest of the movie doesn't have much to offer and they decide to kill one of the best things about it, it's just disappointing. In No Way Home, Electro does have a good presence in it, and it wasn't as the lame ass version from TASM 2 so that was good enough.

And then again when you say that MoM is an objectively a bad movie... that's just your opinion man, which is fine. But it's really not that complex of a movie and makes perfect sense lol.
Origame - 2/3/2024, 8:57 AM
@Urubrodi - 1) his praise for electro was before that movie even came out. This was part of notes he gave Sony about TASM 2 to change. And in those notes he specifically praised electro, and all he would change in regard to that character was taking out the apartment scene.

2) no, it's objectively poorly written.

Take for example the climax. Ok, fine. He's taking over the body of defender strange. But then he pulls out a sling ring despite the opening scene making that seem like something he shouldn't have (why wouldn't he just open a portal to the book instead of running to it), but he needs the ring for the rest of the movie to happen. Then when he gets there suddenly demons come out because sorcerers can't take over the bodies of dead variants, a rule that was never stated before. But then it turns out to be a good thing because if the demons didn't show up he wouldn't be able to take control of them and use their powers to get up the mountain since sorcery doesn't work here.

That's incredibly lazy writing.
MosquitoFarmer - 2/2/2024, 5:40 PM
The pedestrians in TASM2 were so darn stupid, gathering around to watch acts of terror and cheer at the right moments as if it were a show.
bkmeijer1 - 2/2/2024, 5:54 PM
That Times Square battle still has one of my favourite Spider-Man moments with Spidey just randomly wearing a firefighter hat when using the water hose. That's peak Spider-Man for me
OriginalGusto1 - 2/2/2024, 8:54 PM
@bkmeijer1 - Why do you spell favorite weirdly?
bkmeijer1 - 2/3/2024, 3:48 AM
@OriginalGusto1 - I like to switch between spellings. Same with color/colour and other such words
marvel72 - 2/3/2024, 4:21 PM
@OriginalGusto1 - It's English not American English.

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