Arrowverse Stars Take Aim At ARROW Star Stephen Amell Following His Remarks About The SAG-AFTRA Strikes

Arrowverse Stars Take Aim At ARROW Star Stephen Amell Following His Remarks About The SAG-AFTRA Strikes Arrowverse Stars Take Aim At ARROW Star Stephen Amell Following His Remarks About The SAG-AFTRA Strikes

After Arrow star Stephen Amell described the SAG-AFTRA strike as "myopic," a couple of his fellow Arrowverse actors have spoken out against the former Green Arrow. They aren't mincing words either...

By JoshWilding - Aug 01, 2023 10:08 AM EST
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Stephen Amell recently appeared at the GalaxyCon fan convention in Raleigh, N.C., revealing that while he supports SAG-AFTRA, he's not on board with the strikes. 

Making the argument that "a lot of people in this room aren't aware of the strike," the Arrow star went on to say, "I support my union. I do, and I stand with them. I do not support striking. I don’t. I think that is a reductive negotiating tactic. I find the entire thing incredibly frustrating."

"And I think that the thinking as it pertains to shows like the show that I’m on that premiered last night [Heels Season 2], I think it’s myopic."

While many have been quick to criticise Amell, it's likely his comments came from a place of frustration. Heels was negatively affected by the pandemic and its second season comes a long time after the first; junket interviews (prohibited by the strike) would have done an awful lot to raise awareness about the series but those are not currently possible. 

Still, the Arrowverse alum might have considered choosing his words a little more carefully. Now, some of his fellow DC TV actors have now taken aim at the former Oliver Queen. 

Among them are The Flash star Reverse-Flash actor Matt Letscher and Kirk Acevedo, who played Ricardo Diaz/The Dragon during Arrow's sixth and seventh seasons. While the Eobard Thawne actor took a veiled shot at Amell, Acevedo didn't mince his words. 

Members of SAG-AFTRA have been on strike since July 13 after negotiations with the Alliance of Motion Picture and Television Producers fell apart. 

Now, we just wait to see which Arrowverse actor will be first to say, "Stephen Amell, you have failed this strike..."

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ARROW Star Stephen Amell On Why He Doesn't Believe The DCU Is Needed To Validate Green Arrow
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ARROW Star Stephen Amell On Why He Doesn't Believe The DCU Is Needed To Validate Green Arrow

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bobevanz - 8/1/2023, 10:41 AM
Amell thinks Hollywood will give him first looks and big picture deals, if he gets on his knees and you know what. What a clown, CW verse was a POS anyways
HistoryofMatt - 8/1/2023, 11:14 AM
@bobevanz - Yeah, that's totally it. A-hole.
TheNewYorker - 8/1/2023, 11:46 AM
@bobevanz - I bet you loved arrow when it first came out.
Origame - 8/1/2023, 11:48 AM
@bobevanz - yeah, God forbid he thinks there are other solutions out there that might work better than the nuclear option which is striking 🙄
DarthOmega - 8/1/2023, 11:58 AM
@Origame - Nah. The tolerant, progressive thinkers have apparently halted tolerant progressive thinking. It's now scorched Earth (or homes in some cases) on anyone with an opinion that isn't glowing praise of their tactics.

The righteous indignation is becoming tiresome. I agree they should get paid what they're worth. That includes the shitty writers as well. Give them EXACTLY what they're worth.

This is getting ugly on both sides.
Toonstrack - 8/1/2023, 12:17 PM
@DarthOmega - lol always "both sides" fence sitters like you trying to paint people who just want to feed their families against LITERAL billion dollar corporations who have the money and always have and make 500 m dollars a year but want to pay their workers 1 year salary to extract income from their facsimile for the REST OF TIME.

Toooootally equivalent right
DarthOmega - 8/1/2023, 12:31 PM
@Toonstrack - Oh, so you missed the part where I said pay the actors what they're worth. The "Both sides" part is actors threatening violence and going after people who disagree including co-stars. That's bad.

Used to be a time before rampant tribalism where we could agree to something like that. Also fence sitting? Lemme tell you something. I'm a husband and a father. I'm a tax payer. My daughters, my wife come first. Tbh if Hollywood shut down today that would be the last thing I'm concerned with.

I hope they can resolve this issue but it's nowhere near important to me, or my family. So the "fence sitting" accusations and faux outrage from people like you is embarrassing when you realize none of this affects you. I'm more concerned with people who actually make lives better and do the physical jobs most of us won't do getting paid what they are worth.

People like you can only think linearly. Ordinary working people have an issue with the tactics? Oh well then they must support the billionaire studio execs.

Think harder. Getting triggered over the phrase "Both sides" is ridiculous
Webster614 - 8/1/2023, 12:36 PM
@DarthOmega - Amen.
Toonstrack - 8/1/2023, 1:08 PM
@DarthOmega - find me more than one person who has threatened violence. Heck, find me one who's actually done that because not even Ron Perlman explicitly threatened it. But what is YOUR supposed response to when people say they want to take your name, your fave and your voice and not pay you for it? Of someone threatened to steal from you is that not violence?

This is where your ideological warfare can't rationalize what's happening.

Doubly so when you outright state this "doesn't affect us" as if its just the entertainment corporations that this will ever be relevant to. You know that they say. First they came for the actors and I said nothing.

Corporations are all the same. They are incentivized to out profits above people. If you're screwed you need to be paying close attention. To hoe this plays our because the common man is likely to be next. Those are facts.
DarthOmega - 8/1/2023, 1:55 PM
@Toonstrack - Ron Perlman didn't explicitly threaten it? Funny how this works. Agree with a person and it's fine. Disagree, and you blow the smallest thing out of proportion. Then you ask if someone threatening to steal from you is not violence? First of all, they aren't stealing anything. AI does. So maybe their beef should be with the AI companies. They sign contracts that say their likeness can be used in perpetuity. A horrible contract. A shitty deal... BUT THEY SIGNED OFF ON IT. That's not taking someone's likeness without permission. They signed on that dotted line.

Also let me make this clear since people like you always skip this part. I AM NOT SIDING WITH MULTI-BILLIONAIRES WHO DON'T PAY PEOPLE WHAT THEY'RE WORTH.

Also again, this isn't Important to me or my family. When workers strike for better pay in other jobs it doesn't get this kind of attention. When teachers of special needs kids, or people working on dangerous jobs ask for a pay increase they get no attention. And these people are essential.

Speaking of essential workers I seem to remember people in Hollywood and social media telling those people they should lose their livelihood or even die for refusing an experimental shot.

I tackle it by order of importance. An over worked, underpaid person who saves lives... Has my attention. A mediocre writer or actor who has given us empty, lame TV shows and movies bad mouthing someone who disagrees with their tactics... I don't really care. Pay them what they're worth, but don't expect me to march for or with them.
TheManWithoutFear - 8/1/2023, 10:45 AM
I liked Kirk Acevedo in 12 Monkeys. I see he's still not pulling any punches haha
Fares - 8/1/2023, 10:46 AM
If only people could talk to each other instead of taking aim at one another in public.
Origame - 8/1/2023, 11:49 AM
@Fares - sorry, but I disagree with you. That means you're worse than Hitler and I will do everything in my power to publicly shame you /s
Th3Batman - 8/1/2023, 12:00 PM
@Fares - No one knows how to hold a civil conversation anymore, it's just screaming and insulting. That's the trendy thing to do I guess.
Rambo - 8/1/2023, 10:46 AM
Kirk was waiting for Amell to mess up
ShimmyShimmyYA - 8/1/2023, 10:49 AM
Aight so I guess I’ll be cliche and say

“Stephen Amell, you have failed this city, or union, society(?)”
Origame - 8/1/2023, 11:51 AM
@ShimmyShimmyYA - ...why can't we just say "I disagree" and move on? Why do we have to take a disagreement so offensively?
ShimmyShimmyYA - 8/1/2023, 12:10 PM
@Origame - because that’s how disagreements work? I really don’t get the idea of just ignoring someone’s disagreement people can rebut and feel a way about it.

Just chalking it up as “oh differences” doesn’t make anyone better just pushes issues down the road
Origame - 8/1/2023, 12:32 PM
@ShimmyShimmyYA - first these two are blatantly insulting him over his opinion, and you're claiming he failed the union over his opinion.
ShimmyShimmyYA - 8/1/2023, 12:38 PM
@Origame - he insulted the union tf??

And yes he did fail because the key part of a union is they are UNIFIED in their stance publicly against the powers that be
Origame - 8/1/2023, 12:51 PM
@ShimmyShimmyYA - did he insult the union? He just doesn't like the idea of the strike.

And he is unified in their stance. Just not in their methods.
ShimmyShimmyYA - 8/1/2023, 12:55 PM
@Origame - he’s clearly not if he’s publicly shitting on it

This isn’t rocket science

The stance - we’re striking and shutting down the industry until we get fair wages

His statement- I think it’s stupid to strike

2+2=4 aka he’s not on board
Origame - 8/1/2023, 1:04 PM
@ShimmyShimmyYA - 1) he's not. He's simply disagreeing with the method they're doing it. And he's being extremely respectful about it, unlike all of you actively insulting him. Support doesn't mean he fully agrees with everything you do. And it's foolish for us to try and make that argument.

2) that's not the stance. That's the method. The stance is the pay isn't fair and they have a standard of where the pay should go (there's also a lot more than that, but whatever). The strike is purely the method of getting what they want.

Are you seriously telling me anyone in the union would care if they could get their fair pay in a reasonable time if it meant not striking?

3) his statement: everything we're asking for is totally reasonable, but how's about thinking up a different negotiation strategy. Striking is pretty extreme.

4) if by on board, you mean the strike yes. But if you mean the union he supports it.
ShimmyShimmyYA - 8/1/2023, 1:08 PM
@Origame - he literally said I don’t support it

You also have to the method is the stance my guy they go hand in hand , if your stance was i don’t believe in disruption then you wouldn’t believe in striking shocker

And the most efficient method in American history for getting literally anything done is disruption this country was built off that shit lol
Origame - 8/1/2023, 1:26 PM
@ShimmyShimmyYA - hid exact words, "I support my union". My God. This all or nothing mentality is ridiculous.

And no, the method is not synonymous with the stance. For example, my stance is people should be using preferred pronouns. However, that doesn't mean I support the method many are trying to do which is that pronouns should be legislated and considered hate speech. We have the same stance, but I thoroughly disagree with the method.

But as for your example, if others in your group of non disruptors proposed a protest to eliminate disruptions, would you not consider interjection? Or are you just going to mindlessly go along with it because others that don't believe in disruptions are also proposing. (Also, your example didn't even include a method, just the absence of one).

As for our history, that's highly debatable with just as much instances of it not being true. Hell, the civil war started over the south disrupting things when talks of outlawing slaves came up. And it resolved by the north just abolishing slavery. Or Jan 6th. Or the Vietnam War. Or Hitler and his plans for the perfect race. It's a hail Mary, not an instant win button.
ShimmyShimmyYA - 8/1/2023, 1:30 PM
@Origame - last reply

He said "I support my union. I do, and I stand with them. I do not support striking. I don’t. I think that is a reductive negotiating tactic. I find the entire thing incredibly frustrating."


That’s like me working at a butcher but I don’t support the slaughter of animals

If I disagree with what the group wants to do and I publicly say that then I clearly don’t support the group
Origame - 8/1/2023, 2:06 PM
@ShimmyShimmyYA - ...yes. he supports the union but not the strike...thanks for reminding me of my point, but that doesn't change my stance.

As for your example, what if a butcher operated under a policy where he only sells animal products that have died in natural humane ways that don't match the definition of slaughter he uses? Or maybe he's a butcher who sells lab grown meat? Or plant based beyond meat?

Are you starting to see how reductive this stance is?

And he supports what the end goal of the group. That's literally all they care about. Again, if you can guarantee a way for the union to get exactly what they want fast without striking, do you think anyone would still be striking? If not, then that's literally amell's point. He simply believes there's a better way. If so, then you're admitting the strike is pointless, PROVING amell's point.
santoanderson - 8/1/2023, 10:52 AM
I get where Amell is coming from, (the strike is probably hurting his show’s ratings), but his statement wasn’t as tactful as it could have been.

I’m surprised he hasn’t put out an apology yet.
Origame - 8/1/2023, 11:51 AM
@santoanderson - ...and these comments are? Ffs.
TheVisionary25 - 8/1/2023, 10:52 AM
When the “villains” turn out to be more heroic than the “hero”…

MaxPaint - 8/1/2023, 10:56 AM
Wilding that last line is just clownish.
theFUZZ008 - 8/1/2023, 11:08 AM
HistoryofMatt - 8/1/2023, 11:13 AM
So, the guy says something completely reasonable like, "I support my union, but I don't think striking is a good idea and there could be more productive negotiating tactics," and it is OBVIOUSLY the worst thing in the world. Worse than Hitler!
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