LEGENDS OF TOMORROW Also Canceled At The CW; Series Ends On Massive Cliffhanger

LEGENDS OF TOMORROW Also Canceled At The CW; Series Ends On Massive Cliffhanger LEGENDS OF TOMORROW Also Canceled At The CW; Series Ends On Massive Cliffhanger

On the heels of Batwoman's cancellation, DC's Legends of Tomorrow has also been axed by The CW, which is a shocking development considering the seventh season's massive cliffhanger ending.

By RohanPatel - Apr 29, 2022 08:04 PM EST
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Breaking news from the Warner Bros. lot, as DC's Legends of Tomorrow has also been canceled by The CW, wrapping its run after seven seasons and 110 episodes. 

Showrunner Keto Shimizu wrote, "Well, folks. It’s been an incredible run. However, the CW has let us know that there will be no season 8 of #LegendsOfTomorrow. We are heartbroken, but also immensely grateful for the amazing work our cast, crew, and writers have contributed to the little show that could."

The news comes just hours after it was reported that Batwoman would not be returning for a fourth year, but is considerably more shocking when you take into account that Legends of Tomorrow ended its seventh season with a massive cliffhanger that will presumably now remain forever unresolved. 

The series starred a rotating cast of Arrowverse fan-favorites and misfits, including Caity Lotz, Dominic Purcell, Nick Zano, Brandon Routh, Tala Ashe, Jes Macallan, Maisie Richardson-Sellers, Matt Ryan, Adam Teskhman, Franz Drameh, Olivia Swann, Victor Garber, Shayan Sobhian, Arthur Darvill, Courtney Ford, Lisseth Chavez, Wentworth Miller, Neal McDonough, Ramona Young, Ciara Renée, Matt Letscher, Casper Crump, Raffi Barsoumian, Keiynan Lonsdale, Falk Hentschel, and Amy Louise Pemberton. 

Well, it looks like it's now safe to say Discovery will indeed be retooling The CW, just as they ended scripted programming for TBS and TNT earlier this week. While a similar fate is unlikely for The CW, the new bosses don't seem to be particularly interested in low-budget DC content. What this means for Superman & LoisStargirl and The Flash remains to be seen, but a move to HBO Max could now be in the cards, although there's also a chance their days are numbered. 

As for Gotham Knights, these two cancelations don't exactly bode well for its pickup prospects... 

LEGENDS OF TOMORROW Showrunner Confirms SCRUBS Star Zach Braff Was Eyed To Voice Booster Gold's Skeets

LEGENDS OF TOMORROW Showrunner Confirms SCRUBS Star Zach Braff Was Eyed To Voice Booster Gold's Skeets

At Least Two DC TV Shows On The CW Likely To Be Canceled With BATWOMAN And LEGENDS Among Those At Risk
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At Least Two DC TV Shows On The CW Likely To Be Canceled With BATWOMAN And LEGENDS Among Those At Risk

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Reeds2Much - 4/29/2022, 8:36 PM
To reiterate:
Origame - 4/29/2022, 8:57 PM
@Reeds2Much - I agree with the little anime girl with the mouth of a sailor.
dragon316 - 4/29/2022, 9:10 PM
@Origame - I know that series I can’t think of name at moment
MyCoolYoung - 4/29/2022, 9:26 PM
@Origame - sailor moon prequel
kazuma - 4/29/2022, 9:37 PM
@dragon316 - a certain scientific railgun
Origame - 4/29/2022, 9:42 PM
@MyCoolYoung - this is how the sailor scouts originally activated their powers.
TheOtherOn - 4/30/2022, 5:35 AM
@Reeds2Much - Does anyone know what the episode was this gif taken from? Or is it just one of those memes and didn't actually happen?
Feralwookiee - 4/29/2022, 8:37 PM
I have no idea what this show was about.

Also, off topic: https://www.yahoo.com/finance/news/national-superhero-day-much-hard-193650420.html
Lokiwasright - 4/29/2022, 9:38 PM
@Feralwookiee - it was the guardians of the galaxy but they were a time travel team
ModHaterSLADE - 4/29/2022, 8:38 PM
Was hoping to get a full season with Booster. He injected some much needed energy into the show.
dracula - 4/29/2022, 8:39 PM
on batwoman:

on legends:

give booster gold a spin off with Braff as blue beetle
dracula - 4/29/2022, 8:40 PM
hate batwoman, but how about cutting cost and giving them each 6 episodes to wrap it up, air them back to back to save time
n1ghtw1ng2832 - 4/29/2022, 8:41 PM
I'm a little bummed if I'm being completely honest about Batwoman because I think Javicia Leslie is one of the hottest women in the entire Arrowverse and I enjoyed seeing her every week but I am so glad that this piece of crap show finally got canceled. This show really started to go downhill after the first few seasons when they started to try and make it quirky and more of a comedy, ruined the entire thing for me and I actually stopped watching 2 seasons ago. Good ridance to bad rubbish.
dracula - 4/29/2022, 8:42 PM
im sure star girl is safe, it was co produced by hbomax, it was part of the deal when cw took over airing the show.
NinnesMBC - 4/29/2022, 9:03 PM
@dracula - Co-produced it and yet they skipped it back in 2020 when they were picking the majority of DC Universes shows and they let The CW rescue it and renew it for Season 2? Does not compute at all. Their main job is to stream the new Seasons once they wrap up airing on the broadcast network. Same with Legends and Batwoman's cases and also with Superman & Lois.
dracula - 4/29/2022, 9:13 PM
@NinnesMBC - dont know why it worked like that but yeah, when it was renewed they said it would be co finances


the deal is mentioned there
NinnesMBC - 4/30/2022, 3:07 AM
@dracula - I remember that article but IDK why spent their budget that should go to their own streaming shows to another that they skipped over which then went to a network that they are gonna upload to their slate once it's finished it's new Season run. Deadline has been wrong a few times as well. It's head scratching for me.
2013venjix - 4/29/2022, 8:42 PM

They're cleaning house!!
VincentValjean - 4/29/2022, 10:16 PM
@2013venjix - t'was about damn time!
2013venjix - 4/30/2022, 12:22 PM
@VincentValjean - That it is!!
ossie85 - 4/29/2022, 8:42 PM
Really, Legends writers knew Season 8 wasn't guaranteed. They should have wrapped things up just in case. The 2nd last episode would have been good to stop
MrDandy - 4/29/2022, 8:42 PM

This one is legit sad. Legends was probably the most consistently entertaining of the Arrowverse shows because it knew what it was and wore it on its irreverent sleeve with glee. I really wish they could have closed out the series properly with a worthy sendoff.
Kurban - 4/29/2022, 8:43 PM
I'm surprised it lasted this long, tbh.
Nightmare - 4/29/2022, 8:44 PM
cocaegelo - 4/29/2022, 8:45 PM
I would rather have Legends wrap up with a Booster Gold (and even a Ted Kord special guest) 6 episode season than just straight cancelling the show. Legends Of Tomorrow and Batwoman are the first Arrowverse shows to not have an ending.
Will "Naomi" be renewed? I've never watched this show and I don't see the CBM fandom talking about.
TheWalkingCuban - 4/29/2022, 8:47 PM
Whatcha gonna do. Anyway I thought this article was cool about 12 end credit scenes left dangling forever:
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