URGENT! Why these ideas should work for Supergirl Season 3

With Supergirl Season 2 doing so much better than season 1, this is the perfect time to persuade the CW producers on what we want them to include in the 3rd season before any further updates are announced.

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Now I understand some of you are interested in ideas and suggestions people share with one another and to offer to the producers of a film or TV company and some of you aren't for many reasons. But for once if anyone reading this article wants Supergirl Season 3 to do even better than seasons one and two, then please trust me on this one fellas, these ideas and characters that we want the producers Andrew Kreisberg, Ali Adler, Greg Berlanti and the other producers of the DCCW shous to include in the girl of steel's next season should be more worth seeing than whatever boring, lame or feckless crap they have in mind before the next 4 show crossover. Think of it as one of the many steps to making 2017 better than last year instead of objecting with your irritating arguements and excuses about money and what you think can't be done. Incase you don't want to favor these bright ideas, thats okay but if you really are interested on having the CW producers contribute all the information in this article into factor for the third season than read closely; Now for Season 3 to work, one of the first major steps for Ali Adler and the rest of the CW producers involved in Supergirl to take is to have the production crew start filming the first two episodes in Mid June so that they can get Italia Ricci back to reprise her role as Siobhan Smythe before ABC gets started on a yet to be confirmed second season of Designated Survivor and focus the two season 3 premier episodes on her character's redemption from being a villain and rival to Kara into becoming a hero and best friend to Supergirl by taking on the Silver Banshee fought by Superman 16 years ago before the events in the 3rd season who is to be responsible for the struggles they have gone through that led them into becoming enemies in season 1 including Henshaw's discovery of Kara's existance on Earth

Italia Ricci to return as Siobhan Smthe with Kristen Kreuk as Michaela McDougal

It is none other than the original Silver Banshee who in the Arrowverse is to have her real name go by Michaela McDougal instead of Siobhan so we are not confused between her and Siobhan Smythe

How Silver Banshee McDougal has the potential on being the main villain in Supergirl Season 3

So before anyone let's CW rip us off with Lex Luthor, Brainiac, Manchester Black, or any other earthbound or intergalactic supervillain next season, Michaela McDougal as the Silver Banshee fought by Superman in both the comics and here in the arrowverse is to be the main antagonist for Season 3 and Smallville Actress Kristen Kreuk is our #1 candidate for Adler to cast on portraying Supergirl's arch enemy from the New Earth comics who next season is to antagonize the girl of steel and her Silver Banshee Siobhan Smythe and while her character is to have crossed paths with Superman, Martian Manhunter, James Olsen and Maggie Sawyer back when she first started rampaging through Metropolis in search of the Arcane book she needs to be rid of her curse, she is to be much greater threat than Lillian Luthor and more agrressive than Rhea of Daxim as she doesn't like having anyone interfere with her affairs but she is to be more reasonable than the two big bads of the second season when it comes to promises being kept.

How the Silver Banshee Michaela McDougal should work as a leader in Project Cadmus Mystic Arts Division

Also in the upcoming third season, Silver Banshee McDougal herself is to be the leader of Project Cadmus' Mystic Arts Division since Cadmus is more than just robotics in Lillian Luthor's division that a year after Superman took away her revenge against her corrupt brother and uncle for spurning and murdering her and the crone for having no compunction for her sympathy, Lex will have either bailed her out of prison or convinced Tala to bring her back to Earth and enlisted McDougal  as the director of Cadmus' Mystic and Supernatural Arts Division with Tala, Solomon Grundy, the Kryptonite Werewolf and an army of soldiers at her command and the Annihilator armor is to be one of her epic endgames in the next season's finale.
Villains and Characters for Flash and Supergirl Halloween Crossover

And now to make things more interesting is for CW to also do another Supergirl/Flash crossover this fall before the next four show crossover and this one is to be a Halloween two parter where Kara and Siobhan go to Earth 1 to get Barry, Cisco and Julian to come to Earth 38 to help them and the DEO stop the Black Banshee from consuming all the people in Wicklow Ireland and National City in the Supergirl segment and then in the Flash segment of the crossover, Michaela McDougal, the Silver Banshee running her division in Cadmus has Tala conjure up Solomon Grundy who she is to send with a batallion of soldiers with him into Earth 38's Central City to purge any aliens present in the city and to kill Barry's doppleganger to punish him for coming into her world but Barry is certainly not going to allow that, especially for the safety of his parents' dobblegangers while he, Supergirl and Silver Banshee Prime take on the big bad Swamp Monster. This will be an amazing superhero team up with Kara, Siobhan, Barry, Alex, Cisco and Julian taking on two Supernatural supervillains and with Monday the 30th and Tuesday the 31st being the last two days in October, this year is the perfect time to make it happen instead of lazing about on other stuff like last year. Now here are the reasons why we need Ali Adler and the producers of the CW to make all this happen for Supergirl Season 3 and get the first 2 episodes started in Mid June with no excuses as I am well aware of Designated Survivor's successful ratings and Success, I'm sure that 4 episodes plus the season 3 finale on Supergirl along with the Flash Halloween segment is enough for her to get by with before continuing her role as Emily Rhodes in the ABC hit series second season;

Why CW fans on Facebook need to give Italia a chance to return for SUpergirl Season 3

Because of the struggle Siobhan was going through with the curse that Winn triggered is the reason we can't wait any longer from now over money and selfish lack of care, even if this is just a TV show you still don't want anyone's mental anguish on your conscience otherwise you're even more heartless if you don't care Now with Italia married to Robbie (who plays Firestorm) as a member of the Amells, she is now the sister in law to Stephen Amell (Arrow himself) which makes her too good an actress to be replaced over excuses which is also another good reason we need her back for the third season and not any later

Difference Between Silver Banshees McDougal and Siobhan Smythe

Because Siobhan Smythe is Kara's best friend in the New 52 and McDougal is Kara's arch enemy in the prime earth comics we want CW to put their character redundancy into more good use, especially with Silver Banshee McDougal being the most viciously impulsive enemy the girl of Steel has ever faced it would be great for to have another arch enemy berserker included into the mix and this time one for two protagonists who were rivals in season 1 to take on in Season 3 as well as making sure that Siobhan Smythe's redemption from villain to friend and hero doesn't disappoint the fans since her processor from the New Earth comics is known for being a potential villain in the DC Universe

Kristen Kreuk to portray Silver Banshee Michaela McDougal

Also having Smallville's Lana Lang Kristen Kreuk play Michaela McDougal and with her Silver Banshee being the Leader of Project Cadmus' Mystic Arts Division will have Kara over this next season understand that she can't keep pushing herself into saving the world without thinking about the consequences first since McDougal is able to retaliate and even if Kreuk is part chinese it's no big deal since she is part dutch and having her cast as one of the most potential villains in the Superman and Supergirl comics like Silver Banshee McDougal would make business doing the third season of the show much more admirable While Supergirl in the show has dealt with extraterrestrial, meta human, cyborg, multidimensional and plain human threats in the series, the only specific kinds of threats she does not fully understand or taken on so far in the series are supernatural and mystical threats And because of the successful ratings on Supergirl and that the producers of the CW haven't had Kara bring Barry and his team to her earth to help with the threats she is dealing with and since they have no interests on bringing the star heroes from the three CW shows into her world for the next MEGA crossover, it's always good to have another one prepared before hand and if some of you don't like it, don't matter, because there are some potential characters that need to be brought in and back into the Arrowverse and there are lots of fans out there that aren't gonna put up with being held up any longer than a year. If you're against this suggestion of ideas that's fine but if you agree with me and do wish for Supergirl season 3 to be greater than season 2, then to prove it,please contact the following people on twitter whose names are listed below

Ali Adler

Andrew Kreisberg

Marc Guggenheim

Greg Berlanti

and many more in charge of the CW

So please take some time to think it over and then PLEASE HURRY and notify them into using everything in this article straight away before they make further announcements for Supergirl Season 3. After all it's the only DC superhero show of the CW that's doing such a spectacular job and we don't want them screwing it up by ripping us off with the wrong villain so MAKE sure Kristen Kreuk is cast as Silver Banshee McDougal with Italia Ricci reprising her role as Siobhan Smythe and that they start filming the first two episodes of the third season in June. Hurry!
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