Elsa Bloodstone Was Nearly The Star Of A TV Series On ABC Before Marvel Studios Took Over

Before Marvel Studios took charge of Marvel Television, a number of TV shows were in the works from Jeph Loeb and company, and a new report now claims that Elsa Bloodstone was set to be among them...

While it's thought that Helstrom series is still coming to Hulu, Marvel Studios is now in charge of Marvel Television and focusing its efforts on the shows coming to Disney+. This change in direction means the plug was pulled on a number of projects, including one we first heard about last August which was reportedly about a "mostly brand new" female superhero.

Well, according to a new report, the plan was for that series to put the spotlight on Elsa Bloodstone.

The daughter of the immortal monster-hunter Ulysses Bloodstone, Elsa followed in his footsteps and takes down all manner of supernatural threats. You can probably see how that might have made for a fun TV show, and her adventures would have more than likely tied into what was going on with the likes of Helstrom and Ghost Rider

There are other places she could appear, of course, (Blade and Moon Knight, for example), but this show can be added to the list of those which simply aren't happening now. 

ABC has said they hope to work with Marvel Studios on something, but whether that's an idea Disney gets on board with is hard to say, especially when they want to bring viewers to their streaming service rather than giving Marvel content away for free on network television. 

How do you guys feel about this news?

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from The Falcon and The Winter Soldier, WandaVision, and Loki!

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Sam Wilson now wields the shield but it seems he hasn't quite mastered the knack of throwing it and making it rebound to him. Clearly, becoming Captain America is a learning curve!
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The hero's new costume is awesome but it's also probably temporary as you have to believe that Sam Wilson will end up becoming Captain America by the time this first season concludes. 
Tdxjx7ib o

Zemo used Bucky as a weapon and so it's no great surprise that the former Winter Soldier wants some measure of revenge. However, it seems as if he's going to choose to do the right thing.
4qakflss o

Emptying the bullets from that gun in front of Zemo, it seems Bucky may have refused to gun him down (after all the villain no longer has a mission with Captain America and Iron Man gone). 
Tqlnp3qo o

Things are definitely going to get weird in WandaVision and in this shot, we get to see the resurrected Vision. However, how does the android have the destroyed Mind Stone back in his head?
6f4dm3pm o

Elizabeth Olsen certainly matches this sitcom setting and it is, of course, her powers which are seemingly making all of this possible as she creates a world for both her and the Vision to live in. 
Iqn2au3g o

It's previously been claimed that this "sitcom" will take place in different eras and it looks like we may have jumped to the 1970s if this shot of Wanda is any sort of indication. 
R8nrmizp o

Yes, Wanda really is rocking her classic costume from the comic books but it appears to be a Halloween outfit of some sort rather than something she'll permanent wear moving forward. 
Oby1a6q1 o

It looks like the present-day Wanda has somehow found her way into this black and white reality and she seems pretty shocked to be there...does that mean she's unaware of what's happening? 
Uraylaoc o

This has to be the 1980s, right? It's unclear whether each episode will basically be like a classic sitcom only for things to change in the second half of the season but that seems possible. 
Rejghvxe o

Just like in the comics, Wanda and the Vision will be tying the knot and this key moment seemingly comes very early on in this small screen adventure as they begin their happily ever after. 
Unnvujhc o

Yes, Wanda is indeed pregnant! Like the comic books, chances are her powers will be responsible for this and her children will actually be a product of her "imagination" brought to life. 
Nhwcwzsx o

WandaVision looks seriously trippy and it looks like Wanda may be watching herself on television...in the television setting she's created! Kevin Feige did say it would be unique, though. 
Qzjj3kfb o

Based on various set photos, it looks like Agatha Harkness will play a role in proceedings so perhaps she's the one pulling Wanda's strings and helping her create this strange new world. 
It6kj901 o

Either way, things look strange here and it's equally as likely that the Scarlet Witch is using her abilities to make sure the Vision doesn' break free of the reality she's made for them. 
Puttfqzy o

The world seems very happy to have a new Captain America and John Walker definitely appears to be enjoying the attention that brings as he wields the shield that rightly belongs to Sam Wilson.
Puygeytq o

It's hard to say where this scene is taking place but it could be a prison of some sort. Bucky is certainly looking somewhat intense and you have to wonder whether it might be Zemo-related!
Xoffhlbi o

Yes, there are two cribs there and that means both Speed and Wiccan are coming to the MCU. The Young Avengers members are Wanda and the Vision's twin boys in the comic books. 
Ylmo4edb o

"TVA" stands for Time Variance Authority and Loki has clearly ended up getting on their bad side after using the Tesseract to presumably travel through time and change his final fate. 
Ofuatdty o

Of the three shows teased during the Super Bowl, it really does feel like WandaVision will be something special and the fact its been moved up to 2020 instead of 2021 is great news for fans. 
P9ekqbyr o

Captain America and Bucky might be a better name for this series if it returns for a second season but so far, we don't know whether the plan is for them to be standalone or continue onwards.
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