LOKI Season 2 Review; "Mind-Bending, Monumental, And Utterly Marvellous"

LOKI Season 2 Review; "Mind-Bending, Monumental, And Utterly Marvellous"

We recently got to watch the first four episodes of Loki season 2 but do they live up to its phenomenal predecessor? Here's our spoiler-free verdict on this epic new addition to the Multiverse Saga...

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By JoshWilding - Oct 03, 2023 12:10 PM EST
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Alongside WandaVision, Loki remains the best TV series produced by Marvel Studios for Disney+. As a result, while plans for a second season were welcomed, it felt like the only place for the God of Mischief’s story to go was downhill; after all, surely the show would never be able to maintain its magic, particularly in the midst of a change in both Head Writer and director? With Eric Martin now calling the shots, not only is Loki season 2 just as good as its predecessor, it’s better. Having seen four of six episodes, it’s much easier to get a read on the series than, say, Secret Invasion (which rapidly declined in quality after two stellar opening chapters). As a result, while there’s always a risk the show won’t stick the landing, what we’ve seen so far suggests this will be the Multiverse Saga’s greatest entry to date. 

Martin, who penned season 1’s "The Nexus Event" and co-wrote "For All Time. Always,” sharpens the show’s writing and dials back some of the silliness for a clever and compelling approach to time travel which both satisfies and impresses in equal measure. Thus far, there’s no weak link episode (unlike "Lamentis") and with a strong premise and surprises aplenty, Loki is back and better than ever. Making sense of the Multiverse and the TVA’s place in it, there are still heaps of unanswered questions and much about this Saga still needs to gel a little better. Even so, when it comes to this show’s place in the wider MCU, it’s laying the groundwork more effectively for what’s on the horizon than both Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness and Ant-Man and The Wasp: Quantumania combined. It also feels like the God of Mischief will remain a key part of Marvel Studios' grand plan as those new Avengers movies draw closer, and that’s an exciting prospect after delving into this stellar second season. 

While Loki may be a little more consistent from a storytelling perspective, rest assured there are still heaps of nutty ideas to be found, from the threat of spaghettification to simply seeing what happens when the TVA falls into disarray. Addressing season 1’s biggest mysteries early on, the show is freed to introduce many of its own, including the threat of another Kang Variant and an impending disaster which promises to keep you coming back every week yearning for more. Justin Benson & Aaron Moorhead, Dan Deleeuw, and Kasra Farahani are on directing duties and keep the tone and feel of the show consistent, while also never shying away from exploring new and unexpected avenues that enrich this corner of the ever-expanding franchise. With Natalie Holt back on composing duties, this deliriously weird part of the MCU is a joy to continue spending time in, and there’s really nothing else in the MCU like Loki

Tom Hiddleston and Owen Wilson remain a dream team as Loki and Mobius and are, without a doubt, the MCU’s best double-act. They’re both absolutely sublime in their respective roles, bouncing back and forth and leaving us to fall in love with their friendship all over again. With Loki aware of the threat He Who Remains poses, Hiddleston is given the chance to play a version of this character who is on the ropes and not one step ahead for once. Wilson, meanwhile, delves deeper into Mobius’ psyche as we see him mask the pain of being a Variant behind humour. The show does appear to have somewhat moved on from the romance between Loki and Sylvie, for better or worse, but their dynamic remains a fun one. Much of the credit for that must go to Sophia DiMartino and her arc and performance are just as captivating as last year. 

Similar to his take on those other Kang Variants in Ant-Man and The Wasp: Quantumania’s mid-credits scene, Jonathan Majors hams it up perhaps a little too much as Victor Timely. However, the character is anything other than predictable and becomes increasingly more enjoyable to spend time with as the series progresses. The rest of season 1's returning supporting cast impresses, with Rafael Casal a standout as new addition Hunter X-5. Unfortunately, Kate Dickie isn’t given a huge amount to sink her teeth into (a shame after rumours she’d have a much larger role to play) but we’re sure many of you will be pleased to know that Ke Huy Quan is an utter delight as OB. In lesser hands, the character might have run the risk of being an irritating distraction, but the actor brings a sense of charm and humour to the role that delivers one of the MCU’s greatest creations. Quan is a highlight in each and every scene, with only Tara Strong’s brilliant evolution of Miss Minutes coming close in overshadowing the show’s leads. What perfect casting. 

Are there any weaknesses? Not really, no. Some will inevitably roll their eyes at another Multiverse story, while others will be anxious for answers that help this Saga make sense which aren’t necessarily down to Loki to answer. What’s important is this story works and the trickster’s continued evolution remains as absorbing as ever. Very much a continuation while also forging a new path, the series is enthralling both in the big moments and the scenes where characters just sit and converse over a slice of key lime pie. Marvel Studios has always been at its best while trying something new and, just as they took a gamble on Guardians of the Galaxy and delved into horror with Werewolf by Night, Loki embraces the unknown and feels like one of those comic books you pick up and never want to put down, as a result. 

While these first four episodes aren’t crammed with Variants and cameos, they still hold a sense of awe which has been lacking from many recent MCU stories and it’s fun to be so invested again. This gloriously bonkers series is a contender for TV show of the year, and a return to form which serves as a reminder of just how well-suited the MCU is to the small screen when the right creative team is in charge. Martin is one to watch and has a grasp on Multiverse which could make him the right person to trust with the reigns of the aforementioned Avengers movies. With dazzling special effects, an engrossing, energetic approach to storytelling, and a powerhouse cast of actors and characters, Loki proves itself a tale to astonish and a mighty Marvel masterwork that’s destined to go down as a classic. The Multiverse Saga’s saviour is here!

A masterclass in imaginative storytelling, Loki season 2 is the MCU at its best and a riveting new chapter in the Multiverse Saga that’s mind-bending, monumental, and utterly marvellous. And as a bonus, Ke Huy Quan is a scene-stealing delight! [⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐]

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HashTagSwagg - 10/3/2023, 9:03 AM
That's some lovely buzz words but is the show actually good or do I have to wait for human reviews?
UniqNo - 10/3/2023, 9:08 AM
@HashTagSwagg - Ign's is up.


I think im going to just eait for this one to finish and binge at the end.
HashTagSwagg - 10/3/2023, 9:13 AM
@UniqNo - Lol, I guess they stopped sending them checks.
bobevanz - 10/3/2023, 9:13 AM
@UniqNo - imagine sharing IGN'S opinion on anything lol especially video games..
UniqNo - 10/3/2023, 9:15 AM
@bobevanz - I still check em out every now and again...their game reviews are usually better than gamespot's (imo)
lvcl - 10/3/2023, 9:27 AM
Secret Invasion, Ms Marvel and Hawkeye were also just as good before we got to see it.
Variant - 10/3/2023, 9:30 AM
@HashTagSwagg - You rely on neither and watch it yourself to form your own opinions.
HashTagSwagg - 10/3/2023, 9:34 AM
@Variant - Nah I sat through some bad stuff to find out for myself before and just regretted the time lost. If something looks good enough, I'll take a chance. If I'm iffy on it, I'll wait for reviews or just binge watch the highlights on youtube so I don't have to deal with the negatives.
EZBeast - 10/3/2023, 10:30 AM
@HashTagSwagg - your last comment could not be more true! I’m a Godzilla fan and I’m seeing any movie regardless of reviews but another monster film that looks good but questionable I’ll wait for a reviews to help persuade me. People who say “ignore the reviews and decide for yourself” forget how we don’t want to waste our time with something that may not be worth it and a general consensus can help us avoid that issue. Maybe you’d like the project or maybe you wouldn't but why waste the time when you weren’t sold enough to see it based on the promotions you’d seen for it before it’s release!
Variant - 10/3/2023, 9:23 PM
@HashTagSwagg - Well then you don't sit thru it if you don't like it. Duh.
EZBeast - 10/3/2023, 9:09 AM
What was the last marvel related property Josh didn’t wet himself over?
HashTagSwagg - 10/3/2023, 9:15 AM
@EZBeast - This is the dude who said the force awakens was better than empire strikes back.
EZBeast - 10/3/2023, 9:20 AM
@HashTagSwagg - didn’t he give the secret invasion show a 5/5? The dude is nuts…
HashTagSwagg - 10/3/2023, 9:24 AM
@EZBeast - It's not nuts, it's money. If he had nuts, he'd be honest but there's no money in having a pair.
nibs - 10/3/2023, 10:32 AM
@EZBeast - lol i cant think of one negative MCU review on this site. josh gave she-hulk 5/5
EZBeast - 10/3/2023, 10:35 AM
@nibs - no [frick]ing way!? I figured even that one he would’ve done like a 4/5 lmfao wow
Izaizaiza - 10/3/2023, 9:09 AM
The first season of Loki is among my least favorite marvel TV shows. I just didn't think it did the character justice. I will definitely give this season a shot, and hope that they bring back the god of mischief.
Variant - 10/3/2023, 9:31 AM
@Izaizaiza - Out of curiosity, what is your favorite MCU show so far?
Izaizaiza - 10/3/2023, 10:05 AM
@Variant - Wandavision. I was expecting it to be a fun, quirky show... But the way it dealt with grief floored me. It ended up being so much more than I expected. I also thought Ms. Marvel was very good because of the family dynamic, and the history parts. I didn't find the villains very compelling in that one though, and I didn't like that they changed her powers.... Although it's clear why they did now.
Variant - 10/3/2023, 6:00 PM
@Izaizaiza - Interesting. I find WandaVision and Loki to be my top 2. And VERY close to each other.

And I definitely agree with you about how WandaVision explored grief. Man, those writers really did something special with this show. And the characters executed to perfection.

Loki actually blew me away too tho. I didn't know what to expect. But I was really impressed with so much of what they did in that show. And the finale with He Who Remains is one of my favorite MCU scenes of all time. Just brilliant!

This is my ranking:

1 Loki
2 WandaVision
4 Moon Knight
5 Werewolf by Night
6 Hawkeye
7 The Falcon and the Winter Soldier
8 She-Hulk
9 Guardians of the Galaxy: Holiday Special
10 Ms. Marvel
11 What If...
12 Secret Invasion

For context, I didn't hate Secret Invasion but it certainly fell very short of my expectations. And that last episode fight scene was just awful. Which as much of a fan as I am I hate to admit.

I also really enjoyed Ms. Marvel. The villain situation, much like you expressed, was pretty bad tho. But I absolutely adored Iman's portrayal. She did incredible.
Fogs - 10/3/2023, 9:13 AM
S1 was the best TV MCU so far, easy. Hope they don't drop it now.
Variant - 10/3/2023, 9:34 AM
@Fogs - The whole show was incredible and one of the best finales I've ever seen. WandaVision is up there with it for me. I just give the slight nod to Loki.
Fogs - 10/3/2023, 9:50 AM
@Variant - What I really like about it is how it kind of breaks the mold. Doesn't have the big battle finale. Not a happy ending, actually it's basically an apocalypse caused by the main characters. Ended up with the promise of weirder stuff coming up.

Gotta say when it was announced I really thought a Loki series would make zero sense (pretty much what I think Agatha will be, hope I'm wrong once more).
Izaizaiza - 10/3/2023, 10:08 AM
@Fogs - I didn't like the first season of Loki much, but I like your justification for it. Makes a lot of sense!
SheepishOne - 10/3/2023, 10:10 AM
@Fogs - I'd go as far as saying it's one of the best things the MCU has produced, movies and all. Great soundtrack, great set pieces, intriguing and unique plot, great performances, and simultaneously low and high stakes.

Also, I just loved the Classic Loki scenes. Miles above any of the other Marvel shows.
Fogs - 10/3/2023, 10:14 AM
@Izaizaiza - An example: I also liked Wandavision very much, but it would've benefitted with a different, more cerebral ending. I was kinda burnt out of grand battle finales with people flying and shooting bright rays after Endgame.

Her leaving all bitter and ashamed after releasing everybody, with construct Vision's speech to white Vision would be much better, IMO (and would justify her being a villain afterwards, they tried the redemption just to rollback in MoM, that was such a mess).
Fogs - 10/3/2023, 10:16 AM
@SheepishOne - It's one of those good things that look like anything that came before in the MCU - like IM1 (obviously), Avengers, GoTG, WS and others.
Izaizaiza - 10/3/2023, 10:21 AM
@Fogs - agreed. For his fantastic as Wandavision was, it certainly did not stick the landing. The final battle was a bore. I didn't mind the "redemption", because while I didn't buy it, I wasn't sure that I was supposed to. Her behavior and mental instability was beyond redeemable. Paired with her power level, She was terrifying. I don't think they can ever make her a good guy again
Fogs - 10/3/2023, 10:53 AM
@Izaizaiza - I didn't buy it either. But they tried with that ridiculous Rambeau "sacrifice" speech.
Izaizaiza - 10/3/2023, 1:10 PM
@Fogs - Agreed. She gave that speech and I was like "Nope, she's still a villain". In a lot of ways, I think Wanda is Marvels greatest villain. They built her arc over multiple movies, so although she is an absolute monster now, I understand her motivation.
Fogs - 10/3/2023, 2:11 PM
@Izaizaiza - Yeah, agreed. It's a tragic story. The fuss is because she had her moments in the comics but in the end she was a hero. My guess is that rumor is true: MCU Wanda is dead and the Illuminatti's universe one takes her place.
Variant - 10/3/2023, 9:19 PM
@SheepishOne - Speaking of the soundtrack. I got the Mondo vinyl a while back and it's an incredible product all around!

bobevanz - 10/3/2023, 9:14 AM
Josh should go work for IGN, he'd fit in perfectly 🤡
UniqNo - 10/3/2023, 9:18 AM
@bobevanz - Funny, as their review is quite the opposite of Josh's 5 stars.
EZBeast - 10/3/2023, 9:27 AM
@UniqNo - I find I align with ign’s reviews fairly often so I usually enjoy their content. I know this site isn’t a big fan but at least their thoughts are a decent read.
UniqNo - 10/3/2023, 9:30 AM
@EZBeast - Agreed, i also find that's the case with me too. Which is why i mostly try to read them after i've seen/played them myself so as to try and not be influenced by them.

Generally with games i tend to wait until i play them a bit and then go back to Ign or Gamespot sometimes to see if their feedback aligns to my own view and it usually does more with IGN.
EZBeast - 10/3/2023, 10:08 AM
@UniqNo - I do my best to wait but honestly it’s not easy but a lot of times I find myself looking at the overall score and reading the story after I’ve viewed the tv/film project. With games I usually read up everything before committing to the purchase just because I’m not the biggest spender.

Anyways is still solid for me and I enjoy all the different takes from all authors. Beats essentially the 2 on here where I can I basically predict the Josh articles...
UniqNo - 10/3/2023, 9:23 AM
Personally i thought the 1st season was just ok, i don't get all the hype where most are saying it's the best MCU tv show... it had a couple good episodes (mainly the one with Richard e Grant) but i honestly thought Ms Marvel was better as a whole. Eh i guess opinions vary, Their stuff post endgame has been really hit and miss, but i guess that's a result of Covid, over saturation and them competing with themselves having set the bar themselves.
GeneralZod - 10/3/2023, 9:35 AM
This is what happens when the reviewer showers any and every Marvel Studios-produced content with 4-, 4.5- and 5-star ratings: you can't respect the review.
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