MS. MARVEL Reveals The Truth About About Kamala's Ancestors And A Possible Inhumans Tease - SPOILERS

Today's episode of Ms. Marvel featured more major revelations, including the truth about Kamala Khan's family and a moment that many fans believe could be teasing a future appearance from the Inhumans.

Today's episode of Ms. Marvel finally shed some light on Kamala Khan's family history, revealing that her great-grandmother, Aisha, left her fellow ClanDestines after falling in love with a human man called Hasan.

We follow them, and their child Sana (Kamala's grandmother), right up until the Partition in India, and after the villainous Najma tracks Aisha down and demands the bangle, they flee towards one of the many trains heading to Pakistan. Unfortunately, Najma follows them to the station and mortally wounds Aisha after she's separated from her husband and child. 

Sana, terrified, also becomes lost in the crowd and it's at this point that Kamala finds her. Aisha used the bangle to bring her descendant into the past, and the stars Sana believes led her back to her father are actually the energy constructs created by the teenager. 

We're not sure how this all factors into the MCU's time-travel rules, but it appears to be something of a closed-loop rather than a branching timeline. Regardless, in the present day, Kamala returns only to find that the blow delivered to the bangle by Najma has opened the "Veil" and, presumably, the door to the Noor Dimension. However, when one of the ClanDestine touches it, she's covered in a black rock-like substance before disintegrating into dust. 

Many fans believe this is a nod to the process of Terrigenesis, especially as what happens to those who aren't "Inhuman" was portrayed in a similar fashion in Agents of S.H.I.L.E.D. after they were exposed to those mists. Regardless, Najma sees the error of her ways and sacrifices herself to close the doorway, somehow transferring powers to her son, Kamran, in the process.

He seeks out Bruno's help, but a Department of Damage Control drone tracks Kamran down, and both teens are caught in an explosion thanks to a misfire (a result of Kamran inadvertently letting off an energy blast). 

We're guessing this is leading to a clash between Ms. Marvel and Kamran as the character heads down a villainous route in the comics. Kamala's mom also learns about her daughter's newfound abilities in this episode, and seems to approve. In fact, we're guessing she creates Ms. Marvel's costume as the logo is revealed for the first time when Muneeba finds Kamala's necklace damaged and bent into that familiar lightning bolt shape. 

Will we finally get some sort of Inhuman reveal in the Ms. Marvel finale? That remains to be seen, but it feels like Marvel Studios might be at least laying the groundwork for those characters to one day appear...

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