Marvel's SECRET INVASION Star Kingsley Ben-Adir Reveals How He Responded To The Show's Negative Reception

Marvel's SECRET INVASION Star Kingsley Ben-Adir Reveals How He Responded To The Show's Negative Reception

SECRET INVASION: New Details Emerge About Issues Behind The Scenes Which May Have Doomed The Series
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SECRET INVASION: New Details Emerge About Issues Behind The Scenes Which May Have Doomed The Series

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EZBeast - 7/28/2023, 1:53 PM
Holy hell just let these types of articles die already…
narrow290 - 7/28/2023, 2:02 PM
These scores are absurd
Usernametaken - 7/28/2023, 3:25 PM
@narrow290 - Rotten tomatoes just count if a critic is positive or not.

Meaning that if every critic gave a show a 2.6 out of 5, it would be 100% fresh. (that's why I prefer metacritic over rotten tomatoes, it's more accurate)

And since critics and the public gave a lot of slack to marvel/Disney we end up with very mediocre shows and movies being fresh.

Also a lot of times these critics review only the first 2 or 3 episodes before the show gets out, and with D+ shows we know they're always the best episodes and then it goes downhill after that (and usually the finale is the worst episode of the bunch, full of campy and badly written crap)
seakhan - 7/28/2023, 2:07 PM
Josh, good time to remind people that AGENTS OF SHIELD has 95% critics & 91% audience on RT, no?
seakhan - 7/28/2023, 2:12 PM
@seakhan - Oh, and the same on Metacritic as LOKI. But I guess we just imagined Coulson was ever in the MCU or that Nick Fury didn't appear on AoS.
ModHaterSLADE - 7/28/2023, 2:08 PM
Sucks seeing Fury being a shell of his former self, like the badass he was in Winter Soldier.
Order66 - 7/28/2023, 2:10 PM

Falcon and Winter Soldier
Moon Knight
Secret Invasion
She Hulk
Ms. Marvel
What If
HulkisHoly - 7/28/2023, 9:47 PM
@Order66 -

For me…

1. Loki

2. Moon Knight

99. Everything else
FireandBlood - 7/28/2023, 2:20 PM
Marvel’s rapid decline is just sad to watch
dragon316 - 7/28/2023, 4:19 PM
@PlusUltra - they where cocky release stuff every month or so now they can learn from mistakes maybe
MaxPaint - 7/28/2023, 2:46 PM
Of all these shows, I only saw Wandavision and Moon Knight, all their episodes. They were solid despite some few issues, overall I did enjoy them.

Gave Loki 3 episodes, then didn't care for the rest. Not planning to watch Hawkeye, She-hulk and Ms. Marvel. I really have no interest.

Saw some of What If, they weren't bad but I wasn't that invested in seeing them all, and I'm undecided to see Secret Invasion, maybe I'll give it try.
Usernametaken - 7/28/2023, 3:17 PM
@MaxPaint - You're not missing out on anything really.

The only one I didn't watch was mrs marvel, and I'm 100% sure I will never watch any of the others a second time.
MaxPaint - 7/28/2023, 3:20 PM
@Usernametaken - Yeah most of these shows are just not engaging or appealing.
Usernametaken - 7/28/2023, 3:32 PM
@MaxPaint - Better watch great TV like The Bear, Chernobyl, Watchmen, House of the Dragon, Andor, Atlanta.

Better spent time.
marvel72 - 7/29/2023, 8:23 AM
@Usernametaken - Watchmen wasn't great, haven't seen The Bear or Alanta so I don't know about them.

But I agree with your other choices.

I'm getting into From, I think that's pretty good.
n1ghtw1ng2832 - 7/28/2023, 2:55 PM
To hell with Rotten Tomatoes. Somebody needs to cancel that stupid ass site.
WhatIfRickJames - 7/28/2023, 3:05 PM
Can we have a top 10 list of top ten lists of Rotten Tomatoes ranking please. I love the shit out of meta articles
DudeGuy - 7/28/2023, 3:12 PM
Depressing conversation
Usernametaken - 7/28/2023, 3:15 PM
Critics have been very kind with these shows
GeneralZod - 7/28/2023, 3:38 PM
Critics are corrupt to the core, and afraid of getting called out by the Marxists on social media.
HulkisHoly - 7/28/2023, 9:48 PM
@GeneralZod -

Batmangina - 7/28/2023, 3:45 PM

The idea that Ms Marvel is 98% ANYTHING other than pandering shite is hilarious.

I guess all three people that watched it gave it a 98!

Wandavision was solid - would have been great if she didn't get away with it all the way until DSMOM needed a bad guy.

Loki was pretty good until Chick Loki and the Sif to the balls routine. TVA add was interesting and I like Owen Wilson.

Hawkeye would have been great if they chopped about 65% out of it.

Falcon and Winter Solider was a colossal let down.

Moon Knight was more hit than miss which sucks because it could have been awesome.

She Hulk, Ms Marvel and Secret Invasion were all total shit - even in recap form on YouTube.

The only things that over delivered were the Special Presentations - maybe it was the time constraint?
LukeCage2155 - 7/28/2023, 6:08 PM
I don't let Rotten Tomatoes determine why I should like and dislike when it comes to the MCU movies and tv shows.
marvel72 - 7/29/2023, 8:20 AM
1.WandaVision (Very Good)
2.What If? (Good)
3.Loki (Average/good)
4.Hawkeye (OK)
5.Moon Knight (OK, Needs More Moon Knight)
6.The Falcon And The Winter Soldier (Whatever)
7.Secret Invasion (3 Episodes And I Had Enough)
8.She-Hulk (1 Episode Utter Crap)
9.Ms.Marvel (Wouldn't Watch Full Stop)

Loki Season 2,Echo and Agatha another 3 shows that potentially could be crap.

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