WONDER WOMAN 1984 Has Now Earned ROTTEN Status On Rotten Tomatoes

WONDER WOMAN 1984 Has Now Earned ROTTEN Status On Rotten Tomatoes

We wondered if this might happen, and with more reviews in for Wonder Woman 1984, the DC Comics sequel has become the latest DC Extended Universe movie to earn a "Rotten" score on Rotten Tomatoes...

By JoshWilding - Jan 08, 2021 03:01 PM EST
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The saga of Wonder Woman 1984 on Rotten Tomatoes has been an undeniably odd one.

Debuting to an impressive 88%, it didn't take long until the DC Comics sequel was "Certified Fresh." However, as more critics were given the opportunity to watch the movie, there was a noteworthy change in how the sequel was being received. That score quickly started to drop, the "Certified Fresh" tag was removed, and even the Critics Consensus ended up being changed by the review aggregator.

That's not something we often see, and while it's hard to say why the later reviews were so negative (could it have something to do with the way it was released?), they've had quite the impact on Rotten Tomatoes as Wonder Woman 1984 now sits at 59%, a "Rotten" score.

This is a far cry from the first Wonder Woman's 93%, and means the follow-up now joins fellow Rotten DCEU movies Man of Steel (56%), Justice League (40%), Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice (28%), and Suicide Squad (26%).

At this point, the score really doesn't matter, because it's not like it will have any sort of impact in terms of box office revenue! However, it's bound to be seen as another blow to the struggling DCEU, a shared world that now has more Rotten movies than Fresh.

Do you think Wonder Woman 1984 is a Fresh or Rotten movie?

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8. Suicide Squad


Score: 26%

Rotten or Fresh? Rotten

Critics Consensus: Suicide Squad boasts a talented cast and a little more humor than previous DCEU efforts, but they aren't enough to save the disappointing end result from a muddled plot, thinly written characters, and choppy directing.

Task Force X's debut was a box office hit, but issues behind the scenes meant that the finished product was something of a mess. There was a lot here that worked, and it's a shame critics mostly focused on what didn't, especially as the dynamic between these villains was a blast to follow. Ultimately, it was Harley Quinn and Deadshot who stole the show thanks to Margot Robbie and Will Smith.

7. Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice


Score: 28%

Rotten or Fresh? Rotten

Critics Consensus: Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice smothers a potentially powerful story -- and some of America's most iconic superheroes -- in a grim whirlwind of effects-driven action.

It may have been vastly different from what Marvel Studios delivered in terms of tone, but Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice didn't deserve the negative reviews it received, even if there were some questionable creative decisions (Batman should never kill). Seeing the Man of Steel go to war with the Dark Knight was a blast, and from a visual standpoint, Zack Snyder delivered a stunning, must-see epic movie. 

6. Justice League


Score: 40%

Rotten or Fresh? Rotten

Critics Consensus: Justice League leaps over a number of DC movies, but its single bound isn't enough to shed the murky aesthetic, thin characters, and chaotic action that continue to dog the franchise.

Justice League was a mixture of two competing visions (Zack Snyder's original movie and Joss Whedon's extensive reshoots), but it certainly wasn't the worst superhero movie ever released! Whedon's hopeful take on Superman was welcomed, but the cheesy humour was not, and Steppenwolf proved to be a major disappointment. It will be interesting seeing how "The Snyder Cut" fares when it hits HBO Max next year.

5. Man of Steel


Score: 56%

Rotten or Fresh? Rotten

Critics Consensus: Man of Steel's exhilarating action and spectacle can't fully overcome its detours into generic blockbuster territory.

Considered the best big screen take on Superman by many fans, critics weren't quite what to make of a darker take on this character in Man of Steel (General Zod's death remains a huge talking point even seven years later). There were a tonne of iconic moments, though, including Superman taking flight for the first time and that memorable final reveal that he'd donned a pair of glasses to work at The Daily Planet.

4. Wonder Woman 1984


Score: 60%

Rotten or Fresh? Fresh

Critics Consensus: Wonder Woman 1984 struggles with sequel overload, but still offers enough vibrant escapism to satisfy fans of the franchise and its classic central character.

A couple of weeks ago, Wonder Woman 1984 had a score in the high 80s and a completely different Critics Consensus to the one you've read about...oh, and it was "Certified Fresh" as well! That's all changed in the past couple of weeks, hence why this sequel is tied with Aquaman. That's not a bad place to be, but it's clearly not been as well-received as its predecessor based on this rating for the movie.

4. Aquaman 


Score: 65%

Rotten or Fresh? Fresh

Critics Consensus: Aquaman swims with its entertainingly ludicrous tide, offering up CGI superhero spectacle that delivers energetic action with an emphasis on good old-fashioned fun.

Aquaman was definitely a step in the right direction for the DC Extended Universe, but not even that made many critics happy! There were heaps of incredible visuals, lots of groundbreaking technology, and some legitimately funny jokes, and the action was definitely strong. It sometimes tried a little too hard to be a Marvel movie, though, so that could explain why it wasn't ultimately "Certified Fresh."

3. Birds of Prey (and the Fantabulous Emancipation of One Harley Quinn)


Score: 78%

Rotten or Fresh? Certified Fresh

Critics Consensus: With a fresh perspective, some new friends, and loads of fast-paced action, Birds of Prey captures the colorfully anarchic spirit of Margot Robbie's Harley Quinn.

Birds of Prey flopped at the box office, but was exactly the movie critics were looking for...well, mostly! While not quite a critical darling, Cathy Yan's unique take on the vibrant world of Harley Quinn was positively received, even if comic book fans were disappointed. After all, the Birds of Prey were an afterthought, and it's clear reshoots made some big changes to the tone of this adventure and how the story played out.

2. Shazam!


Score: 90%

Rotten or Fresh? Certified Fresh

Critics Consensus: An effortlessly entertaining blend of humor and heart, Shazam! is a superhero movie that never forgets the genre's real power: joyous wish fulfillment.

The most Marvel-style DCEU movie to date, Shazam! was a legitimately very funny origin story for this character, but also one that featured a lot of heart. Given how weak the Seven Deadly Sins were as villains - and how rushed the introduction of the Shazam Family was - this score seems a little too high, but there's no getting around the fact that David F. Sandberg delivered an awesome take on this fan-favourite superhero.

1. Wonder Woman


Score: 93%

Rotten or Fresh? Certified Fresh

Critics Consensus: Thrilling, earnest, and buoyed by Gal Gadot's charismatic performance, Wonder Woman succeeds in spectacular fashion.

Still considered the best DCEU movie by many, Patty Jenkins definitely exceeded expectations with Wonder Woman and will hopefully do the same again with Wonder Woman 1984. Making it clear that female-led superhero blockbusters can work, the 2017 release was a lot of fun, features a great cast, and an unforgettable - and now iconic scene courtesy of that "No Man's Land" sequence set during WWI. 

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Highflyer - 1/8/2021, 3:11 PM
Well that flipped.
Cbmfilmjunkie - 1/8/2021, 4:32 PM
@Highflyer -

Unfortunately it’s deserved.

How do you make a great film like WW and then turn around and make something like WW84 and think, ya this is it.

No reason for that massacre of a CBM in this day and age.
MrShow - 1/8/2021, 5:11 PM
@Cbmfilmjunkie - WW was hardly a "great film"
Cbmfilmjunkie - 1/8/2021, 5:50 PM
@MrShow - Stop it. It was a great film.
Carnage1991 - 1/8/2021, 3:11 PM
I'll wait to rent it here in the UK, as we're currently in a national lockdown.
Ha1frican - 1/8/2021, 6:35 PM
@Carnage1991 - Wait there’s no alternative to watching it home like HBO Max here?
marvel72 - 1/9/2021, 6:09 AM
@Ha1frican - There will be next week I think.
Matador - 1/9/2021, 7:47 AM
@Carnage1991 - Just get a VPN and setup you HBO Max on your computer watch for free in a sense.
ScreenTime - 1/9/2021, 10:04 AM
@Ha1frican - See if Apple offers it VOD
Cap1 - 1/8/2021, 3:13 PM
It's lucky to be that high
Himura - 1/8/2021, 3:13 PM
MoS wasnt THAT bad...
aresww3 - 1/8/2021, 3:22 PM
@Himura - You mean as bad as WW84? Apart from the action being better, I would put it on about pah! they both had loads of potential, good ideas, awful execution.

But in terms of plotholes, the villains, cinematography, score, characterization, dialogue (I'll give Man Of Steel a marginal advantage on this) and plot (again Man of steel is a little better here as well)

Wonder Woman 1984 3 out of 10, Man of Steel, same.
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