Rickly Reviews: 2 GUNS

...BOOM! Studios is in the limelight as we get 2 GUNS! Denzel and MARKY MARK! Well, did it slaughter The Wolverine?

BOOM! Studios is gonna do big things. Make no mistake. Them, IDW and Dark Horse have some nifty under-the-radar books that really can make that jump to the big-screen or TV someday. However, 2 Guns sets back the movement. It doesn't derail as much but it's very much so, and I won't sugarcoat it, drab and pretty ordinary. It lacks the charisma and energy of the book, but while it struggles to hold its own as a stand-alone film, you can't help but admire the little fits of interaction with Mark Wahlberg and Denzel Washington on-screen.

I find too many 'reviewers' here divulge too much plot so let me be concise. Steven Grant's book and of course, art by the likes of Mat Santolouco and Rafa Albuquerque, does add a lot of weight and esteem to this in my fanboy eyes...but the film misses out on capturing the essence and magic of the book. Seeing the deception and bumbling plot unfold reminds a lot of 'Pain and Gain' which skated around a dodgy plot but still has its fun moments, its action-packed sessions...and overall WTF moments. Twists? Surprises? Well, whatever seems formulaic in Hollywood these days, is rammed into this film.

I feel like Wahlberg doesn't add any dimensions or valuable layers to his character...and Washington, while he brings more evocative a vibe, and he really does have some stellar humor moments, they just seem a bit bland at key intervals. It isn't forced...their interaction and chemistry, but it feels like we've seen this way too many times. 'Out of Time' with Denzel again reiterates this. There are decent spots to laugh your socks off, and yes...a lot of gunplay, double-crossing DEA spiels and whatnot...but again, when the pace of the film tries to pick up...it feels too hustled and arbitrary. But I'd surely like to see these gents team up again, with better direction and a more solid script, or adaptation.

RATING = 2.5/5


2 GUNS Producer Aiming For 3 GUNS

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2 Guns producer Randall Emmett wants a sequel to Boom! Studios comic book movie which starred Mark Wahlberg and Denzel Washington. The film grossed double its production budget but a sequel is far from a foregone conclusion.
Denzel Washington and Mark Wahlberg rightfully received top billing in Universal's adaptation of the Steve Grant comic book 2 Guns; but it was Bill Paxton's gristly "Earl" that stole the show.
Baltasar Kormákur on directing Mark Wahlberg and Denzel Washington in 2 Guns and striking a balance with comic book movies . Baltasar says he and Wahlberg have begun discussions about a sequel.
2 Guns - which starred Mark Wahlberg and Denzel Washington - did better than expected when it was released earlier this year, but if you missed the BOOM! Studios adaptation when it hit the big screen, you'll find all the details about its home release after the jump!
You may be wondering why you should care about a new poster for 2 Guns (especially as it was released in North America a few weeks ago), but it hasn't actually been rolled out in the majority of international territories as of yet and it IS a very cool piece of artwork! Check it out.

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