FURIOSA: A MAD MAX SAGA - First Reactions Praise George Miller's Prequel As A "Heavy Metal...Visceral Triumph"

FURIOSA: A MAD MAX SAGA - First Reactions Praise George Miller's Prequel As A "Heavy Metal...Visceral Triumph" FURIOSA: A MAD MAX SAGA - First Reactions Praise George Miller's Prequel As A "Heavy Metal...Visceral Triumph"

The first Furiosa: A Mad Max Saga social media reactions have found their way online, and while it doesn't sound as good as Mad Max: Fury Road, it seems we can expect another epic ride from George Miller.

By JoshWilding - May 07, 2024 11:05 AM EST
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Source: SFFGazette.com

The social media embargo just lifted for Furiosa: A Mad Max Saga, and it sounds like filmmaker George Miller has done it again. Given his phenomenal pedigree, we aren't surprised; does the prequel improve on 2015's classic Mad Max: Fury Road, though?

That was always going to be a tall order and, based on what we see below, it doesn't quite match the rights of that gloriously demented ride. In its own right, though, Furiosa's origin story sounds like a worthy addition to the long-running series which kicked off with 1979's Mad Max.

Anya Taylor-Joy and Chris Hemsworth are receiving widespread praise for their work, with the latter's transformation once again making it clear there's more to him than playing the MCU's God of Thunder in the Avengers and Thor franchises. 

Tickets for Furiosa reportedly go on sale later today, so another trailer could be imminent. At the very least, we'd be on the lookout for new posters or a featurette teasing what's to come this Memorial Day weekend. 

For now, you can read through these social media reactions in the X posts below (via SFFGazette.com).

As the world fell, young Furiosa is snatched from the Green Place of Many Mothers and falls into the hands of a great Biker Horde led by the Warlord Dementus. Sweeping through the Wasteland, they come across the Citadel presided over by The Immortan Joe. While the two Tyrants war for dominance, Furiosa must survive many trials as she puts together the means to find her way home.

Anya Taylor-Joy stars in the title role, and along with Chris Hemsworth as Dementus, the film also stars Alyla Browne and Tom Burke.

Miller penned the script with Mad Max: Fury Road co-writer Nico Lathouris. The filmmaker has enlisted an impressive creative team, including several of his longtime collaborators (including costume designer Jenny Beavan and makeup designer Lesley Vanderwalt, both of whom won an Oscar for their work on Fury Road).

Furiosa: A Mad Max Saga arrives in theaters in North America on May 24 and internationally beginning on May 22.

FURIOSA's Box Office Underperformance May Put The Brakes On MAD MAX: THE WASTELAND

FURIOSA's Box Office Underperformance May Put The Brakes On MAD MAX: THE WASTELAND

FURIOSA: A MAD MAX SAGA Actor Tom Burke On Shooting Prequel's Most Brutal Scene - SPOILERS
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FURIOSA: A MAD MAX SAGA Actor Tom Burke On Shooting Prequel's Most Brutal Scene - SPOILERS

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bobevanz - 5/7/2024, 11:07 AM
Tickets on sale tomorrow, 11:10-11:30am est. You're welcome, not a rumor ^_^
Itwasme - 5/7/2024, 11:07 AM
People love it, must be awful then...

In all seriousness, great initial reviews are always a good sign. A grain of salt of course, but it feels like quality is ticking back up post pandemic, hopefully we won't see another dip from the strike. If movies keep delivering audiences will return.
bobevanz - 5/7/2024, 11:12 AM
@Itwasme - if I decide im going to see a movie, I'll avoid all reviews and opinions. That stuff influences what you see and you end up looking for the complaints instead of just watching the movie lol
TheVisionary25 - 5/7/2024, 11:12 AM
@Itwasme - I was surprised recently that The Fall Guy didn’t do well given how heavily marketed it was and had Gosling coming off of Barbie

There is a part of that feels like “I’ll wait for streaming” so that might be the reason?.
Itwasme - 5/7/2024, 11:22 AM
@bobevanz - I totally get what you're saying. When I'm really invested in something, I'll avoid too much info - the next Superman for example.

But I did just go see The Fall Guy because I thought it looked fun and then the positive reviews sold me on it. If it didn't have those reviews I wouldn't have gone.

They have their place and I'd rather lean on them than solely relying on marketing. I'm also happy to have a differing opinion though. Some poorly reviewed movies I've liked and some really positively reviewed movies I've hated. Opinions vary. I don't begrudge reviewers though just because we have a different opinion.
Itwasme - 5/7/2024, 11:24 AM
@TheVisionary25 - I saw The Fall Guy and really liked it. Kind of what you want from a blockbuster, fun, funny, great action...

Idk, BO still hasn't stabilized yet, but I'm hoping it comes back around.
TheVisionary25 - 5/7/2024, 11:32 AM
@Itwasme - I hope so

It’s just been weird man , I still movies need to truly feel like events now to get people out to see the movie in droves and idk if something even Apes or Furiosa feel that way now

Plus making the digital release longer would help
Itwasme - 5/7/2024, 11:41 AM
@TheVisionary25 - idk what the trick will be. I went through music's transition to streaming decades ago and there were several phases. The first was a total destruction of the industry as a whole. Major labels consolidated from 9 down to 3, and eventually it led to a total shift in how the business is run.

We haven't really seen any of that consolidation of the film industry yet, or anywhere near the financial pain the labels felt, so I'm not sure what to make of it yet. Is streaming and the home theater a new paradigm or is there still a chance for the old model to remain?
TheMetaMan - 5/7/2024, 12:03 PM
@Itwasme - I’ve said this before art is subjective and movies are no exception. Yes the landscape of cinema has changed over the decades and in recent times (post pandemic) that change may seem radical.
However I don’t think creative ingenuity is lost art. I think people’s expectations are the issue. The consumer era has never been more prominent then it is now. I feel like we are spoiled for choice, I also feel like people expect so much from something but condemn it when it doesn’t meet their expectations. People make the mistake of comparing one film or tv series to another not judging something on its own merits. Granted, there is a lot of disposable content out there of course but I don’t think cinema or film has lost its touch. There are artists, directors and visionaries out there who are dedicated to making and producing the best stories imaginable. People like Tom cruise, keanu reeves, Chris Nolan, Ridley Scott, George miller, Seth rogan, Jordan peele, Tarantino, Scorsese, James Cameron, A24 films etc. I just think people need to be more grateful for what we get as opposed to what we don’t get.
Itwasme - 5/7/2024, 1:37 PM
@TheMetaMan - couldn't agree more with you on this.

In the end the music industry rebounded, but its structurally very different. It's way more democratic too.

I just don't know if this is temporary or a more permanent shift.

I agree with you about the social reaction. It's so overall toxic and studios have often reacted in some really bad ways. I personally believe Star Wars should have stuck with their previous plan instead of pivoting based on the feedback from fans to RTJ. The final movie was rough to say the least. It's a great case of fans getting what they wanted I suppose.
IAmAHoot - 5/7/2024, 11:08 AM
I'm not as excited by the visuals of this one as I was the Fury Road (it just looks like there's a CGI tint over everything much of the time), but seeing it in theaters was just unbelievably awesome! This one is owed the same theatrical treatment.
GhostDog - 5/7/2024, 11:13 AM
Sad to see the CGI being rough, but overall it sounds like an absolute banger. Miller is one of the most dynamic and imaginative filmmakers.
MotherGooseUPus - 5/7/2024, 11:15 AM
glad the reviews are good. Fury Road is going to be tough to live up to, but glad this is a distinct film. Ill be there in theaters to see it for sure
TheVisionary25 - 5/7/2024, 11:18 AM
Glad to see the positive reactions for the most part!!.

It’s looked good and I’m excited to see it , especially because of Hensworth’s since he always kills it as a villain imo…

User Comment Image

I don’t care as much about the visuals as I do the story & characters so as long as that is compelling as it seems to be, It should be good!!.
marvel72 - 5/7/2024, 11:22 AM
Too much CGI,Fury Road had real stunts.
Itwasme - 5/7/2024, 11:33 AM
@marvel72 - FYI, there was lots of CGI in Fury Road. This might be the same thing where on screen it doesn't feel like there is.
marvel72 - 5/7/2024, 12:27 PM
@Itwasme - It might have had a bit but I believe most if not all of car scenes and stunts were practical.
Shivermetimbers - 5/7/2024, 11:27 AM
Super excited about this. As much as I loved Fury Road, I did not want another sequel that was literally a 2 hour car chase again. Glad he switched it up for this. Cant wait!
YouFlopped - 5/7/2024, 11:38 AM
These must be corporate paid reactions like always 😂
SuperCat - 5/7/2024, 11:40 AM
User Comment Image
MotherGooseUPus - 5/7/2024, 12:03 PM
@SuperCat - User Comment Image

THANK YOU. Dont ever stop. You make me laugh more than i should with the gifs.
SuperCat - 5/7/2024, 12:13 PM
@MotherGooseUPus - User Comment Image
marvel72 - 5/7/2024, 12:28 PM
@SuperCat -

User Comment Image
McMurdo - 5/7/2024, 11:44 AM
We all knew it wouldn't top Fury Road but if it's the 4th best Mad Max film then we are winning.
TheMetaMan - 5/7/2024, 11:51 AM
“Hemsworth delivers the performance of his career.” Im not surprised. 😀😃😁 Looking forward to this.
Feralwookiee - 5/7/2024, 12:27 PM
I've loved all the MM movies, (yes, even Thunderdome to a lesser extent), but nothing I've seen from this movie has me interested.

A prequel to a rather uninteresting side character? No thanks. It looks like standard cgi overkill instead of the overwhelmingly practical effects and stunts of Fury Road.
I'd like to see another movie with Hardy's Max in that crazy wasteland.
Furiosa on the other hand, meh.
TheMetaMan - 5/7/2024, 1:24 PM
@Feralwookiee - Don’t you wanna reserve judgment until you’ve seen the movie? How do you know for sure.…
Feralwookiee - 5/7/2024, 5:16 PM
@TheMetaMan - No.
Like I wrote, I don't find the character interesting and I wasn't impressed by the trailer, so I won't be paying to see it.
BritishMonkey - 5/7/2024, 1:46 PM
The [frick] with that thumbnail with the X mess.
NGFB - 5/7/2024, 11:28 PM
Can't wait to hear what Rotten Tomatoes says!

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