FURIOSA's Box Office Underperformance May Put The Brakes On MAD MAX: THE WASTELAND

FURIOSA's Box Office Underperformance May Put The Brakes On MAD MAX: THE WASTELAND

Analysts believe that Furiosa: A Mad Max Saga's box office woes may result in plans for George Miller's Mad Max: The Wasteland being shelved...

By MarkCassidy - May 30, 2024 07:05 AM EST
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George Miller's Mad Max: Fury Road prequel, Furiosa, has not been performing very well in theaters since it went on release last Friday, and unless there's a drastic improvement in box office takings, this could spell doom for the legendary filmmaker's plans for a follow-up.

Furiosa took in a disappointing $35 million domestically for the four-day Memorial Day weekend, and amassed an only slightly better $40 million overseas for a running global total of $75 million. 

The movie opens in Greece and Japan this week, before releasing in China on June 7.

It is worth noting that Fury Road was by no means a box office smash, either, but the movie's popularity and Academy Awards attention is believed to have factored into Warner Bros.' decision to greenlight Miller's prequel - and they may not be quite so quick to do the same if Furiosa doesn't get a high-octane boost of box office guzzoleen over the next few weeks.

Miller and Nico Lathouris have already co-written a script for Mad Max: The Wasteland, which follows the titular anti-hero in the year leading up to Fury Road. However, Miller has previously acknowledged that him getting the opportunity to move forward with this next movie would likely hinge on Furiosa's success.

“I’ll definitely wait to see how this [Furiosa] goes, before we even think about it.”

We're not sounding the death knell for the franchise just yet, but analysts (via THR) do seem to feel that another Max adventure will be a long shot unless Furiosa manages to turn this around at the box office.

Have you been to see Furiosa yet? If so, what did you think? Drop us a comment down below.

"As the world fell, young Furiosa is snatched from the Green Place of Many Mothers and falls into the hands of a great Biker Horde led by the Warlord Dementus," reads the movie's synopsis. "Sweeping through the Wasteland they come across the Citadel presided over by The Immortan Joe. While the two Tyrants war for dominance, Furiosa must survive many trials as she puts together the means to find her way home."

Miller penned the script with Fury Road co-writer Nico Lathouris. The director's behind-the-scenes creative team includes first assistant director PJ Voeten and second unit director and stunt coordinator Guy Norris, director of photography Simon Duggan (Hacksaw Ridge, The Great Gatsby), composer Tom Holkenborg, sound designer Robert Mackenzie, editor Eliot Knapman, visual effects supervisor Andrew Jackson and colorist Eric Whipp.

The team also includes other longtime collaborators: production designer Colin Gibson, editor Margaret Sixel, sound mixer Ben Osmo, costume designer Jenny Beavan and makeup designer Lesley Vanderwalt, each of whom won an Oscar for their work on Mad Max: Fury Road.

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BreakTheCode - 5/30/2024, 7:24 AM
As good as this movie is was it really necessary? May have squandered a chance to see Tom Hardy in the role one more time which I really enjoyed.
RealTurner - 5/30/2024, 7:46 AM
@BreakTheCode - Didn't need a prequel and, as you say, it took them long enough to get this one out; biding their time before getting Tom back in the role seemed like a mistake. I'm in Japan so I haven't had a chance yet, and will see it when it starts here tomorrow. But I can't imagine the trailer had many average movie goers thinking they needed to make an effort to see this--even if they liked FR, this just looks confusingly like the same thing again but without Max or any real hook at all.
TheNewYorker - 5/30/2024, 7:33 AM
Was it really THAT good?
Apophis71 - 5/30/2024, 10:29 AM
@TheNewYorker - Not seen it yet to say but for what it is worth the critic and audience scores are both on 90% on RT, IMDB on 8/10 as is Metacritic all of which suggest it isn't BAD anyways.

RT is a poor guide for anything but the original film only had a 70% audiance score, critics 90% whereas Road Warrior had an audience score of 86%, critics 93%. On critic score Fury Road comes out on top (I don't agree) on 97% but the audience score again was lower at 86% (but then Furiosa obviously could drop once it hits streaming) so this one seems to compares well to all those, certainly in a similar ballpark and far better than Beyond the Thunderdome (critic 79%, audience 49%).
TheMetaMan - 5/30/2024, 12:16 PM
@TheNewYorker - Yes! 7.8/10 for me. Solid entertainment. Had a blast really enjoyed it.
RedFury - 5/30/2024, 7:34 AM
It really goes to show you that people just aren't going out to the movies as much since the pandemic.

Before that I would go to the theater on opening day for almost every movie that I found interesting. Nowadays I barely even get out to the movies I'm super excited to see, and when I do see them it's about 3-4 weeks into their run.

Streaming has really messed up the drive to see a movie. If they were smart they'd do home releases at the exact same time as the theatre release; just so they get those ticket sales and numbers. The whole "it'll be out in 2months on streaming" really kills the need to go see a film. I'd pay the same as a theatre ticket to watch it at home on opening day without a doubt.
Ryguy88 - 5/30/2024, 8:03 AM
@RedFury - if it's the 2 month until streaming that is killing the numbers the studios should just adjust and delay that to maybe 4 months. They are looking at the numbers coming in both forms and I'm sure they will do whatever makes the most sense.
RedFury - 5/30/2024, 8:42 AM
@Ryguy88 - honestly that would be a smart move on their part. I remember the days where it took forever for a movie to be released on video, and it really made you want to jump on the opportunity to see it in theaters before it disappeared for months, or sometimes even a year.
KaptainKhaos - 5/30/2024, 9:36 AM
@RedFury - respectfully disagree, Barbieheimer was the biggest summer event last year, the theatre's were absolutely packed for both showings for two and a half months.

We can't blame the pandemic anymore
RedFury - 5/30/2024, 9:42 AM
@KaptainKhaos - I'd have to say thats the outlier.

Among other things, I think the pandemic changed us all as a society; we don't operate like we used to. We all got used to a different style of living for about 3 years. And that's done a lot to change the habits of individuals. Restaurants, movies, live events, so on and so forth aren't getting the numbers like they used to. Of course inflation and the skyrocketing costs of just existing play into that. But I truly think it massively changed our habits as a whole, and that's being reflected in ticket sales.
Ryguy88 - 5/30/2024, 10:09 AM
@RedFury - @KaptainKhaos
I think it's a combination of habits changing and apathy for what's being released. I used to get pretty hyped for 5 or 6 movies a year, now its maybe 1 or 2 and I dont even go opening weekend. Mind you, I've had kids over the last few years, so that's a factor.

Come to think of it, maybe its demographics too. As the 20 years olds become 30 years olds and settle down with families, the younger generations coming up just dont care about movies the way that we did.
RedFury - 5/30/2024, 10:11 AM
@Ryguy88 - that's a very true statement too. And I think when we had more free flowing money, I'd be less wary about spending $8 to watch a movie that might not be good, vs the $15-20 I spend now. If I'm spending double on a ticket, I want what I'm seeing to be good.
KaptainKhaos - 5/30/2024, 10:11 AM
@RedFury - it could also be different areas. I go to the theater multiple times a month and there's always a decent crowd. The 25th Anniversary of Phantom Menace was a full house
KaptainKhaos - 5/30/2024, 10:14 AM
@Ryguy88 - you actually have a pretty good point, quite a few of my buddies who I used to always go see movies with are all married now and a couple have kids, I think we'll have to see how Moana 2 does
Ryguy88 - 5/30/2024, 10:20 AM
@KaptainKhaos - maybe the future of movies is to sit down in a theatre for 2 hours to watch several dozen mini tiktok style movies 🤷‍♂️
RedFury - 5/30/2024, 10:21 AM
@KaptainKhaos - To your point, I bet the local demographic plays a big part in it. I live in Toronto, and I'm actually surprised by how empty the theatre is when I finally get around to seeing a movie. I don't remember it ever really being like that when I was younger.

Oh how the times are changin'
Taonrey - 5/30/2024, 11:55 AM
@RedFury - well that and I mean it’s not like the last was a hit at the Box office. Critical acclaim and Oscar wins made people think otherwise for some reason
KaptainKhaos - 5/30/2024, 12:06 PM
@RedFury - I'm over here in Victoria BC, it's generally pretty busy depending on what's playing. Safety has also become a huge factor as downtown Victoria has become unsafe because of an increase of crime and drugs (also no free parking), so everyone is going to the theater by me that's on the other side of town
WEAPONXOXOXO - 5/30/2024, 7:35 AM
No one goes to the theater anymore. People wait to rent on their tv.
Origame - 5/30/2024, 7:38 AM
@WEAPONXOXOXO - ...well they'd go to the theaters if they released something worth watching.
GeneralZod - 5/30/2024, 8:10 AM
@WEAPONXOXOXO - They will go if it's fresh and interesting. Barbie $1.4 billion and Oppenheimer an even more surprising $953 million -- both released around the same time last summer. Audiences are hungry for the theater experience but discriminating.
WEAPONXOXOXO - 5/30/2024, 8:26 AM
@GeneralZod - 2-3 movies a year that produce those numbers don't keep the theaters open. Theaters are going to adapted in the coming years. Smaller rooms with reclining seats. I go to this theater where I order a beer from my seat! I saw The Fall Guy weeks back. Place was empty but my wife and I loved it. There really is no reason to think this movie is not doing well but it's not doing well. COVID changed people's habits. There's people that still haven't gone back to the theater, there's people that still walk around in their pajamas and there are people that still where masks in the car when there's no one in the car with them.
dragon316 - 5/30/2024, 8:41 AM
@Origame - ?si=q95KnvMNPXUJry--
Depends on stupid people this video ticked me off and slightly relived I’m. Not only person who deals with this crap
dragon316 - 5/30/2024, 8:52 AM
@WEAPONXOXOXO - people are stupid and lazy if that’s reason person does not go theater any more avengers end game opening night had biggest impact on people lives than anything not go movie stay at home lazy fool stream it when bad weather comes around it interfere with movie , living in apartment they have bad Wi-Fi begin with.,
Who want to go stay home see movie when next movie experience for them could be Godzilla minus one where people clapped in end , avengers end game where everyone cheers and claps screams see something new with audience and other fans never had chance see avengers end game opening night I had work always watching these videos always give me goosebumps and excitement if I was there watching movie for first time ?feature=shared
Origame - 5/30/2024, 8:59 AM
@dragon316 - ...ok? One random guy walked out of a movie to get attention online. Really not speaking for the vast majority who loved it and made it a success.
GeneralZod - 5/30/2024, 9:00 AM
@WEAPONXOXOXO - Oh, i totally agree -- only 2 or 3 box office smashes annually will spell the death of the multiplex. It's a slow death that is happening in real time. But I don't think it's a change in viewing habits; i think it's just a complete abdication of risk-taking and bad story-telling + agenda nonsense that have brought us here.
TheMetaMan - 5/30/2024, 10:11 AM
@WEAPONXOXOXO - Sadly this is true. I said before cinema is a dying industry. People prefer Netflix nowadays then their local auditorium. I’ve been anti-Netflix for years now to the point where I’ve had friends and ex girlfriend’s literally give me their account details for free out of pure generosity and I still rejected it. I’m finally going to have to commit to Netflix next year when the WWE is exclusive on the network. They got me lol.
CyberBishop - 5/30/2024, 10:19 AM
@Origame - I agree totally, like someone else said, did anyone really ask for this movie?
WEAPONXOXOXO - 5/30/2024, 10:57 AM
@dragon316 - Well I don't think people are lazy and stupid for viewing a movie at home instead of going to the theater. I think ordering breakfast, lunch and dinner everyday with UBEREATS is lazy and stupid but that's just me.
I got a 75" tv and a fridge with beer so I enjoy my movies at home. I only go to the theater 4-5 times a year now.
AND that clip was like on opening weekend. Of course it's going to bring out a crowed like that.
WEAPONXOXOXO - 5/30/2024, 11:02 AM
@TheMetaMan - Really? WWE is going to be only on Netflix?!
I'm not into WWE but that is interesting to know. It's amazing how tv has changed. I don't even watch "regular" tv anymore. I haven't in 5 years now. I either pop on Netflix or Amazon or rent/buy a movie. I watch news on my phone and I stopped watching sports. If I have 2 hours two watch a sport then that means I have two hours to go play a sport which is what I do instead.
TheMetaMan - 5/30/2024, 12:42 PM
@WEAPONXOXOXO - Yep it’s official because the WWE is now under the jurisdiction of a parent company named TKO/ Endeavour they also own the UFC. The deal is worth millions and will last for a decade, it will be made effective as of January 2025. Times are changing. TV isn’t what it used to be. Personally i think it’s a great business move because it gives the WWE the platform to expand its landscape, unrestrained by the limitations of TV networks. Streaming is the future, or the present, whichever way you look at it.
Origame - 5/30/2024, 7:37 AM
So let me get this straight, despite fury road being a success, the studio needed to prove people would want to see a mad max movie by showing them a mad max less movie first?

Taonrey - 5/30/2024, 11:58 AM
@Origame - fury road wasn’t exactly successful at the box office. I’m sure it pulled a profit but it still only did 380m on an almost 200m budget. The movie is great but the franchise has never been a heavy hitter. Obviously a spinoff movie would do worse than that, definitely in this climate. This movie was always a bad idea
Batmangina - 5/30/2024, 7:42 AM
Who among us would have ever thought that a Mad Max movie without Mad Max based on a character played by Charlize Theron without Charlize Theron in it would underperform?

Matchesz - 5/30/2024, 7:46 AM
@Batmangina - right 😂
Origame - 5/30/2024, 7:47 AM
@Batmangina - yet apparently the franchise hinged on it 🙄
Batmangina - 5/30/2024, 8:04 AM
@Origame - I let everyone down by keeping my toxic, masculine $25 in my pocket until they make a Mad Max movie with the ACTUAL Mad Max.

What would the reaction be to a Mel Gibson return to Mad Max?

OLD MAN MAX would have been cool as [frick]ing shit but they don't make cool things anymore.
Origame - 5/30/2024, 8:08 AM
@Batmangina - funny thing is even after Mel Gibson was canceled, he never made a movie that wasn't financially successful.
Batmangina - 5/30/2024, 8:10 AM
@Origame - Exactly. How much money have Joe Rogan and Ricky Gervais made...?
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