AVENGERS: INFINITY WAR: Curt Clendenin Addresses Silver Surfer Rumors; Teases Easter Egg

We recently chatted with Curt Clendenin, and when we asked about his rumored role as Silver Surfer in Avengers: Infinity War, he hinted that it might be more than just a rumor! Take a look...

Way back when Avengers: Infinity War and Avengers: Endgame were in production, there were many rumors about characters that may or may not be involved, ranging from Adam Warlock, to Nova, to the Silver Surfer. Nobody really expected the latter to appear, but there were persistent rumors to the contrary.

Many of the Silver Surfer rumors were sparked by what was believed to be a false credit on iMDB and MetaCritic, stating that actor Curt Clendenin had been cast in the role.  These reports  were shot down by the Russo Brothers, and the character obviously never appeared in Avengers: Infinity War.

However, we may now have confirmation that these were more than just rumors after going straight to the source.

To support his newest film, Legend of Fall Creek, Curt Clendenin (Spider-Man) stopped by to chat with us, and confirmed that he was indeed on the movie's set, and that there is a lot of secrecy around it for a reason. He even mentions a potential easter egg along with deleted footage that could eventually see the light of day.

"Yeah. Geez. I... I'm not really allowed to say too much about what any of it's... You know, there's a lot. I don't know if you've seen, like the... the Russo brothers are good at... how do I put it? They're good at leaving Easter Eggs too, and they like to have fun with things, you know? (Laughs) I'm just not; I can't... I can't really say. It's like, you know how George Lucas treats his sets? You go into an audition for a movie called Blue Mountain. And it turns out, he's like, 'no, surprise, it's Star Wars.' So, I have to leave some secrecy. I don't know how else to explain it, but time, ideally, will tell. There's a lot of stuff that's not shown, and we've heard of all these new Marvel shows that are coming out, and we've heard about, let's say, certain side projects that directors may or may not have been rumored to work on. And so... 

But yeah, I thought that was really crazy. And it's like with the Snyder Cut; you're like, 'Oh my God, what, what kind of elements are hiding there?' You know, that he wasn't able to put in there or based on certain entertainment or political things. That's what's so crazy about movies like that. When we were doing Max Neptune, we actually had a real-life robot named Dennis, and we couldn't seem to make him look real. We have the footage. It just didn't look good. And so I'm hoping someday we can, just like with Dennis the robot, we'll be able to stick them in there.

You never know what kind of interesting nuggets may come to the surface. We always hear about how pilots for certain TV shows were shot and stuff, and they never saw the light of day. And then years later, someone ends up uploading something to a YouTube channel or Daily Motion or something like that. That's not as tough on copyright things, you know? So there are those sites out there where stuff finds its way peeking through. So, we'll see what kind of fun things evolve throughout the future."

That's a lot to take in. It was obviously tough for Curt to speak about his involvement without beating around the bush, but was he suggesting that there was some truth to those Silver Surfer rumors?

For the full, unedited chat skip to the 8-minute and 30-second mark to hear Clendenin explain the situation in his own words!

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