AVENGERS: INFINITY WAR Hi-Res Concept Art Shows Captain America In U.S. Agent And Super Soldier Gear

Avengers: Infinity War gave Chris Evans' Captain America a very different look, but Marvel very nearly decked him out to look like U.S. Agent or the Super Soldier. We also have alternate shield designs...

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Avengers: Infinity War changed the status quos of many characters but it was Captain America who may have had the most surprising journey. Clearly still hurting from the events of Captain America: Civil War, Steve Rogers appeared to be a broken man who no longer had a country to stand for. Despite that, he still did what was right for our planet when Thanos attacked.

Wearing a tattered version of his Captain America costume, Steve was still recognisable but Marvel Studios considered a lot of different designs for the fan-favourite First Avenger.

These included suits which paid homage to both U.S. Agent and the Super Soldier, not to mention those who fight overseas in the Middle East. All of that and more can be seen in the gallery below, so to check out these alternate suit and shield designs, all you guys have to do is click on the "View List" button.

The rolled up sleeves is a very cool look for this rugged Steve Rogers and the camo style pants work really well with the faded Avengers uniform which no longer boasts the star/Avengers logo.

A completely different look for Captain America, this would have seen the hero completely ditch his uniform for something new. The problem is, it's too much of a departure from his classic look. 


Something I would like to know is, what's the deal with that awesome looking spear! Was Steve originally going to be given a Wakandan weapon to fight with rather than that new shield? 

A good look at the back of Captain America's costume in Avengers: Infinity War, it's amazing to see the amount of thought which goes into bringing these characters to life on the silver screen. 

Marvel Studios' concept artists have confirmed that this suit was based on U.S. Agent and it would have been a lot of fun seeing Captain America taken down this direction after the events of Civil War.


Keeping the U.S. Agent theme, these are a little more subtle in terms of colour and would have made more sense for Steve given how he feels about the government and Sokovia Accords. 


The red here works surprisingly well but I can't help but feel that these designs would actually be better suited for a villainous Captain America like the one seen in the Secret Empire storyline.



These versions of Captain America's suit are said to be inspired by the "Super Soldier" uniform he wore when he returned from the dead and Bucky was serving as the current Captain America. 

Due to the way the Secret Avengers were introduced, we didn't get to see anything of them embarking on covert missions under the government's radar but this artwork depicts one of those. 


It looks like Marvel at one point envisioned Captain America heading to the Middle East because these combat fatigues definitely appear to be inspired by mercenaries fighting over there. 



Captain America's new shield was designed while work on Black Panther continued, hence why these early versions are so different to what ended up making it to the big screen in Infinity War
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