DEADPOOL 2 Concept Art Reveals Alternate Designs For Several Members Of X-Force

Yesterday, we brought you concept art which spotlighted alternate character designs for the likes of Domino, Cable and Juggernaut. Today, we have some earlier looks for Shatterstar, Zeitgeist and Bedlam...

A third Deadpool movie will almost certainly happen under the Disney/Marvel banner at some point (Wade Wilson actor Ryan Reynolds all-but confirmed as much last year), but while we await some kind of official announcement, we have more unused (or slightly diffrent) designs for some of Deadpool 2's supporting characters.

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Yesterday's artwork focused on Juggernaut, Cable, Domino and Omega Red, and this batch from concept artist Joseph Cross spotlights the members of the doomed X-Force team assembled by The Merc with a Mouth to take on Cable. Some of the designs are fairly close to what we ended up seeing in the movie, but there are a few subtle - and not so subtle - differences.

Check out the images below, and let us know if you would have preferred any of these looks to the ones we saw in Deadpool 2.

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Shatterstar #1

Actor Lewis Tan had clearly been cast as Shatterstar by the time this design saw the light of day, and his final look in the movie wasn't all that different to what we see here.

Although Tan has expressed interest in reprising the role at some point, the fact that the time-travelling mutant met a messy end with the rest of his X-Force teammates in Deadpool 2 makes that unlikely. Then again, they did revise the timeline at the end of the film, so...

Shatterstar #2

A front-facing look at an earlier design for Shatterstar, proving once again that being slavishly faithful to the comics isn't always a great idea.

The movie would give the character red hair, a darker eye-tattoo, and a jacket that wasn't 10 sizes too big.


Bedlam, played by Terry Crews, was a minor Marvel Comics character utilized for Deadpool 2, and this early version of his costume is quite a bit different to the one Crews donned on the movie. The overall design is similar enough, but they ditched the blue color-scheme completely.

Zeitgeist #1

Another minor mutant from the comics, Zeitgeist (Bill Skarsgård) was actually killed in his debut issue, so his quick demise in Deadpool 2 likely pays homage to that.

Zeitgeist #2

This darker version of the character's costume is practically identical to the one we saw in the film.

Zeitgeist #3

An earlier look for Zeitgeist which was clearly designed before Skarsgård was cast in the role.

This unused design was a lot closer to the character's comic-look, however.

Domino #1

Janelle Monáe was reportedly in line for the role of Domino before Zazie Beetz was cast, and these final two designs would seem to confirm it.

Domino #2

These early Domino designs clearly envisioned the character in far more revealing costumes than the one Beetz ended up donning on screen.
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