PREACHER: Seth Rogen Discusses The Changes Being Made To The Source Material

Seth Rogen is developing Garth Ennis and Steve Dillon's insanely brilliant comic series for AMC, and during an interview with CraveOnline the actor/writer explains how the Preacher TV series will differ from the controversial source material. Will hardcore fans be annoyed at the changes?

We've heard a few tidbits about AMC's upcoming adaptation of Preacher in the past, but now Seth Rogen, who is developing the show with writing partners Evan Goldberg and Sam Catlin, goes into some detail on what we can expect to see altered/omitted from the comics. Preacher is a vast, multi-layered story with a LOT of characters and subplots, so it was inevitable that some pretty significant changes would be made - but fans should be able to rest easy in the knowledge that Rogen is adamant that the spirit of the comic will remain intact.

"We are changing the specifics of how the narrative is unfolding. A lot of the building blocks we are not changing, a lot of characters we’re keeping, but we want to make a show that if you’re a fan of the comic, you don’t know what to expect. And we have no interest honestly in just doing a literal page-to-page adaptation. It just seems like the most boring creative endeavor one could go on! I mean there’s some things that even Garth will argue, is quick to admit that we probably should not even attempt to put on television. There’s some characters, we’re talking about maybe we combine these two into one person. But to us the tangential element is one of our favorite things. The fact that it does go off into these other worlds and explore these other characters, I mean that’s something that we wholeheartedly intend on indulging in because it’s one of the best parts about the comic. Just the massive tapestry of f***ing weirdos. [Laughs.]” "

Sounds fair enough, right? Rogen also seemed to confirm that we will see Jesse's spirit guide (who just happens to be the ghost of John Wayne) at some point, though he doesn't mention the Saint of Killers: the fan-favorite character we've all been waiting to hear some news about.

Preacher stars Dominic Cooper as Jesse Custer, Ruth Negga as Tulip O'Hare, Joe Gilgun as Cassidy, Ian Colletti as Arseface, Lucy Griffiths as Emily Woodrow, Elizabeth Perkins as Vyla Quinncannon and Jamie Anne Allman and Derek Wilson as Betsy and Donny Schenck.
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