DESPICABLE ME 4's Super Bowl LVIII TV Spot Finds The Minions Having Fun With AI-Generated Images

DESPICABLE ME 4's Super Bowl LVIII TV Spot Finds The Minions Having Fun With AI-Generated Images DESPICABLE ME 4's Super Bowl LVIII TV Spot Finds The Minions Having Fun With AI-Generated Images

In Illumination's Despicable Me 4 TV Spot, which will be broadcast during tonight's Super Bowl LVIII game, the Minions have some fun highlighting the shortcomings of AI-generated visuals.

By MarkJulian - Feb 11, 2024 03:02 PM EST
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A growing number of TV commercials and teasers are appearing online in advance of tonight's NFL championship game (stay tuned to CBM for the big Deadpool 3 reveal).

Illumination is jumping on this trend as it has just unveiled the Despicable Me 4 TV spot for Super Bowl LVIII prior to the start of the game.

The video shows the minions having fun producing some error-filled AI-generated pictures that feature things such as extra fingers and limbs. Check it out below.

On the film's plot, Gru voice actor Steve Carrell previously teased, "It's a continuation of the story. Gru and Lucy [voiced by Kristen Wiig] are married; they're a family at this point. It's the next step in their world with the Anti-Villain League and how their kids are included in the whole process. It's the most logical next step in the continuation of their story as a family together."

Universal Pictures and Illumination's Despicable Me 4 is currently set to hit North American theaters on July 3, 2024.  Internationally, the film opens earlier in several territories including Mexico (June 27, 2024), Australia and New Zealand (June 20, 2024).

The film is the sixth installment overall in the Despicable Me franchise, which includes two spinoffs focused on Gru's yellow henchmen, the Minions.

Despicable Me 4 Synopsis:
In the first Despicable Me movie in seven years, Gru, the world’s favorite supervillain-turned-Anti-Villain League-agent, returns for an exciting, bold new era of Minions mayhem in Illumination’s Despicable Me 4.

Following the 2022 summer blockbuster phenomenon of Illumination’s Minions: The Rise of Gru, which earned almost $1 billion worldwide, the biggest global animated franchise in history now begins a new chapter as Gru (Oscar nominee Steve Carrell) and Lucy (Oscar nominee Kristen Wiig) and their girls —Margo (Miranda Cosgrove), Edith (Dana Gaier) and Agnes (Madison Polan)—welcome a new member to the Gru family, Gru Jr., who is intent on tormenting his dad.

Gru faces a new nemesis in Maxime Le Mal (Emmy winner Will Ferrell) and his femme fatale girlfriend Valentina (Emmy nominee Sofia Vergara), and the family is forced to go on the run.

The film features fresh new characters voiced by Joey King (Bullet Train), Emmy winner Stephen Colbert (The Late Show with Stephen Colbert) and Chloe Fineman (Saturday Night Live). Pierre Coffin returns as the iconic voice of the Minions and Oscar nominee Steve Coogan returns as Silas Ramsbottom.

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FlopWatchers5 - 2/11/2024, 4:03 PM
another real hit on tha way 💪🏾
bobevanz - 2/11/2024, 6:40 PM
How long does it take to drop a trailer article lol
MCUKnight11 - 2/11/2024, 4:04 PM
Reminds me of how you can't trust everything that you saw on IG.
Equivocal - 2/11/2024, 6:10 PM
@MCUKnight11 -

or Comic Book Movie

every twitter, youtube, reddit or rumor that spreads wildly here....

harryba11zack - 2/11/2024, 4:05 PM
so is this like a dc or a marvel film?
Apophis71 - 2/11/2024, 4:15 PM
@harryba11zack - No
Origame - 2/11/2024, 4:30 PM
@harryba11zack - this is setting up Dr doom.
Saga - 2/11/2024, 4:50 PM
@harryba11zack - clearly Marvel
AnthonyVonGeek - 2/11/2024, 4:09 PM
AI can not do hands and fingers. Weird.
Origame - 2/11/2024, 4:35 PM
@AnthonyVonGeek - it can. This is making fun of how ai gets obvious details wrong all the time.
AnthonyVonGeek - 2/11/2024, 4:39 PM
@Origame - I’ve seen so many ai images with 6 fingers or short fat stubby sausage fingers and finger knuckles that have a sharp 90 degree angle. It’s hilarious 🤣
mountainman - 2/11/2024, 4:48 PM
Prediction: Another billion dollar Illumination hit. This animation studio has been on 🔥
CoHost - 2/11/2024, 5:06 PM
@mountainman - Their last movie bombed.
Apophis71 - 2/11/2024, 5:35 PM
@CoHost - If you mean Migration it still made 3.3 times it's production budget so...

...the last Minions one made 11.8 times production budget, Despicable Me 3 made 13.8 times production budget if staying franchise specific with Sing 2 bringing in 4.8XPB, The Secret Life of Pets 2 with 5.6PB and The Grinch with 6.9XPB between all of those...

Think the lowest return at WWBO for a film was still three times production budget with Hop back in 2011

Do I think everything they have made is GOOD, nope, been a number of their films I was forced to watch due to the kids I hated but they at worst break even and frequently have a HUGE return on their budget esp with Despicable me and Minions.
EZBeast - 2/11/2024, 5:36 PM
@CoHost - very true but that wasn't in the despicable me franchise. Those dumb films print money somehow...
bobevanz - 2/11/2024, 5:50 PM
@mountainman - a billion if you count merch lol
Apophis71 - 2/11/2024, 5:55 PM
@EZBeast - Yup Migration looks terrible to my eyes so not surprised it hasn't passed 250M yet but only been out just over a month and still in theatres and already passed break even due to how cheap it was to make on a reported budget of only 72M, lol. That is part the thing with kids animated films however, oft a drip drip after initial low looking OW so can start out looking like a huge flop but still turn a profit by standard measures by the end of their run.

Can't lie, find minions addictive so even when a couple of the movies were bad still got a good laugh out of them and as you say they print money with four of the five thus far making over 900M after the first Despicable me made 543M.
mountainman - 2/11/2024, 10:29 PM
@Apophis71 - Yes I’m not a huge fan of most of them, but you can’t deny that they have been a successful studio lately.
bobevanz - 2/11/2024, 5:52 PM
Niners win, think of how many swifties who made their husband's use their free bets for fanduel to bet on the Chiefs, they're underdogs ffs. Niners win, or Kelce sells for a chiefs win. This is how Vegas wins lol, thank me later
Apophis71 - 2/11/2024, 6:04 PM
@bobevanz - I'm mostly an F1 person with a dash of Rugby and occasionaly Soccer so no skin in the game on Superb Owl however I guess I'd prefer, just to shut up darn conspiracy theorists for five minutes, if the Chiefties lost, lol.
AmazingFILMporg - 2/11/2024, 6:19 PM
49ners will win💪🔥

San Francisco is back🔥🔥🔥🔥
DarthAlgar - 2/12/2024, 1:09 AM
@AmazingFILMporg - This didn't age well.

From politics to education and sports, California continues to fail.
AmazingFILMporg - 2/12/2024, 1:15 AM
@DarthAlgar -

We'll settle for having the biggest economy and best weather💁
RegularPoochie - 2/11/2024, 6:42 PM
@TheRationalNerd - THANKS! saw the tease and didn't hear him say to go X lol
MyCoolYoung - 2/11/2024, 6:45 PM
@RegularPoochie - Disney went cheap and said full trailer online lol
RegularPoochie - 2/11/2024, 6:54 PM
@MyCoolYoung - LMFAO! But it'a's smart, because they knew people have been waiting and drooling this ad watches the game just for this, so this is the best way not to force the to wait like half time and the younger people.
MyCoolYoung - 2/11/2024, 7:03 PM
@RegularPoochie - no doubt lol online views for it is going to be crazy
RegularPoochie - 2/11/2024, 6:41 PM
WhatIfRickJames - 2/11/2024, 6:41 PM
Deadpool and Friend, lol
McMurdo - 2/11/2024, 6:44 PM
incredibleTalk - 2/11/2024, 6:48 PM
Gang green forget the rest....

AmazingFILMporg - 2/11/2024, 6:52 PM
That Deadpool trailer looks incredible 🖖

Marvel rules!
Kadara - 2/11/2024, 8:55 PM
@AmazingFILMporg - It's been a while since I got excited by a Marvel trailer, Deadpool may just be the Marvel Messiah 😂
malschla - 2/12/2024, 9:17 AM
The funny thing is that this actually supports the position that you need skill to use AI image generators.

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