ANIL RICKLY's Young Justice Review - Episodes 4, 5 and 6...

...Sidekicks are what they refuse to be condemned to...but are they worthy of being something more?...

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After an impressive pilot and a decent follow-up where the team barely managed to evade a loss to Mister Twister after he collared them by their caped lapels, the team trudged on with Miss Martian added to the mix and now seemingly ready to be a part of the team, whether it be success...or sanction! The team lost Speedy but with Aqualad, Robin, Kid-Flash and Superboy leading the testosterone parade, and an annoying chauvinistic feel blended into some macho shortcomings, we kick off a round of much obliged action in this episode with Bane indulging in sinister plots hidden in sanctums of solace that beckons nothing more than duplicitous schemes.

That's the tone for this episode as we see DC obscurity once again spotlighted with the likes of Kobra, Mammoth, and the ever-effective Sportsmaster all rear heads in a well-conceived plot with the Venom Serum. It's Batman giving them an official mission but they fall into much more plight than they bargained for, and what makes this episode much more enjoyable is the powerhouse villains that are depicted, and no...I'm not talking about Bane...whose tactical approach is much more explored here than his brawny endeavors, and I enjoyed it...Knightfall much? Danny Trejo voicing Bane is reason enough to take a peek here!.

The nature of the teeny-balance is still something I feel needs to be worked on as I was not a fan of the too-kiddy Teen Titans, as the infantile juxtapositions on that book amidst Deathstroke...I mean...SLADE...really made me shy away and wonder if they could make amends with the 'Judas Contract' movie...but those dreams are gone, and I think that WB Animation is better off sticking to the serious tone a la Justice League Unlimited...and seeing the team in stealth mode was quite a pleasure! I do get that they need an adolescent interjection every now and then, but while I have no problem with the teeny-bopper dialogue, Miss Martian's swooning and crooning is a bit too Bieber-ish at times, and could turn away potential show suitors.

The end of this episode regarding a certain formula is quite progressive and does leave footnotes and a cliffhanger that should bear fruit later on. Not a bad episode at all on a chilly Friday night! Seeing the team anoint a leader also made a fun, if not unpredictable, gander!

The team is not in the state of disarray that one could fathom a bunch of disorganized junior capes to be, but Black Canary steps in to assist tutelage under Red Tornado. I admit...she looked smoking fine...and were I Oliver Queen...WHOA...I DIGRESS...

Canary focuses on combat training as leader Aqualad gauges his unit, especially the woeful yet humorous Kid-Flash! That's a bright yet annoying spot for me but not as griping as Superboy's petulance and irrational spoilt-brat behavior!
It intrigues me why the went this route with him, but while we see him make progress and gain understanding at times, any empathy or dare I say - sympathy - for him is lost when he just selfishly discredits the team's work rate and ethic.

The direction with Superman as a 'deadbeat dad' also rings of Bryan Singer for some strange reason to me, and I COULD DO WITHOUT THAT FEELING AT THE MOMENT. Batman takes up a role that's a bit too responsible for me and I still think we have not adequate episodes under our belt to utilize and make judgement on the direction they're taking with the JLA...but I'm a bit puzzled at times I admit. Again, I can't help but be triggered itchy and annoyed with Miss Martian, but it's nice to see the team go up against Amazo!

After his 'Under the Red Hood' cameo, his reprisal here seems to set the team on a cataclysmic path as he simply defeats them time after time, raid after raid, and evades any attempt of teamwork or collusion. Any solo efforts are also struck to the fence with Amazo's epic repertoire of powers here, and I admit that seeing this version of Amazo go up against the JLA would have been epic! Still, it is strange that for such a strong powered villain, the JLA allows the YJ team to chaperone? Oh Well...more fun for me and my popcorn. Again, the team dynamic is built well to the end, and we see them dust off bruises and threadbare spots of plotting, to emerge barely victorious. It ends with lessons learnt the hard way as Amazo proved their strongest foil to date...and one thing this series has on its plus spectrum is that it ends an episode well with...a constant seed of mystery! Again, this had more positives than shortcomings yet still isn't the level I yearn...but I'm a DC fanboy also...and require perfection too much! :)
Loving the plot of 'The Light' and I won't spoil or hypothesize theories just yet! A mysterious crime syndicate is never a bad thing!


This episode starts off thrillingly with Roy Harper under the moniker 'Red Arrow' but o's the scintillating vibe of 'Arsenal' that captivates me. He captures an attitude akin to a freshly brewed Nightwing, and I endorse the path they've taken with his character...he's bad-ass to say the least as he shows maturity, poise, dark charisma and wallops whatever's thrown his way. His endearment for his ex-teammates and friends come abound later but he sets the pace with a rescue mission that brings forth some of my favorite DC Characters in the villainous Sensei (whose allegiance with a certain League can spell nothing but trouble) as well as bounty hunters, so to speak, in the forms of Professor Ojo and Black Spider.

Modern DC comic-fans would have enjoyed this episode as it was chock full of recent characters & action as the YJ team had to protect a young doctor as she tried to amend a threat she put out (a la GI JOE: RISE OF COBRA with a nice tweak!). Serve and Protect they do, and annoying as Miss Martian remains, it's candid how pivotal she is to the team! Superboy's integral role still is yet to come full-circle but it doesn't baffle me why Aqualad continues to shine as leader as they've done an exquisite job on his character. Kid-Flash continues to be somewhat a let-down in battle but it's spritely to see the team preyed upon by Chesire as well...Roy Harper took notice of her maybe? Kelly Hu voicing her and seeing her with mask, proved a trump! It was a nice combination of villains going after the YJ team, which again seemed to misconceive how to use their powers...but Robin did manage to conceptualize what Batman's grooming him to for every short-fall in this series, a plus is continually gained. A nice equilibrium indeed. The subterfuge of the team's newest member is what I end on...Artemis joins rank, and Roy is wary...and facades are exposed in secret...and masquerades continue in the steepest, most titillating conclusion yet! I say Mia Dearden...Cassie the Wonder-Girl?...Okay...I give up the's Diana Agron!!

All in all...the fight sequences never falter...and I was less annoyed by Miss Martian...weird seeing as I got a head full of telepathy (no pun intended)...and the promising vision of seeing 'The Light' keeps the fans reeled in...I can't help but commend on yet another episode well done...and a step-up from past ones. Cheers for now!
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