Never Before Seen AVENGERS: INFINITY WAR Set Photos And Stills Reveal How Josh Brolin Brought Thanos To Life

An amazing new batch of Avengers: Infinity War stills have been revealed today and as well as offering fresh looks at the likes of Black Panther and Iron Man, we get to see how Thanos was created...

Avengers: Infinity War is now in theaters but regardless of whether or not you've checked it out yet, you're going to want to take a look at these brand new stills from the Marvel Studios movie. As well as providing spoiler-free looks at a variety of characters (including Black Panther, Iron Man, Star-Lord, and more), some even take us behind the scenes to reveal how Thanos was brought to life in the MCU.

The villain looks nothing short of amazing on screen and while it's Marvel's awesome team of VFX artists who are responsible for that, Josh Brolin was there on set playing the Man Titan in a very unique looking mo-cap costume. And yes, the actor did actually wear an Infinity Gauntlet during shooting!

It's an interesting sight, that's for sure, and you can see that and a plethora of other photos in the gallery below. How do you check them out? Well, as you no doubt already know by now, you simply need to click on either one of the buttons to view them one by one or to see the list in its entirety. 

Is this or is this not the coolest shot of Black Panther you've ever seen? Based on this shot from Avengers: Infinity War's final act, it's fair to say that Marvel has really perfected the character.

Iron Man is rocking a very cool new suit of armour in this movie and the fantastic shot above shows the Bleeding Edge suit in all its glory as the Sorcerer Supreme Doctor Strange stands in the background.


While it's been reported that Josh Brolin's Deadpool 2 commitments kept him off the movie's set for a large chunk of the action, here we see him suited up in mo-cap gear to bring the villain to life.

Thanos is obviously quite a bit taller than Josh Brolin, hence why what seems to be a cardboard cutout of the character has been placed on top of his head so the actors know where they should look.

How clever is this? On the one monitor, we have Josh Brolin's mo-cap performance and on the other is a crudely animated version of Thanos which gives the VFX team a good place to start with him.

Captain America's return in Avengers: Infinity War promises to be a lot of fun but Steve Rogers doesn't look particularly happy and there's a very good chance life on the run has taken its toll on him.


Thor is another character whose story arc has a lot of potential in this movie and these shots appear to be from shortly after the Guardians of the Galaxy find the God of Thunder floating in space.


These are a couple of very cool shots of Star-Lord and it appears as if the latter is from the Guardians' visit to Knowhere, something which was confirmed in footage which leaked online last year.


The Vision and Scarlet Witch are looking very loved up here and it's going to be interesting seeing how their relationship develops and how the android has managed to give himself a human form. 


Wakanda forever! The fictional African nation is expected to play a key role in Avengers: Infinity War and these shots show T'Challa and company preparing for the impending battle heading to the country.

Have you seen Avengers: Infinity War yet? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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