BATGIRL Fans Show Support For Directors After Release Of BAD BOYS 4 Trailer

BATGIRL Fans Show Support For Directors After Release Of BAD BOYS 4 Trailer

Scrapping BATGIRL And Other Movies Took Real Courage According To WBD's David Zaslav
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Scrapping BATGIRL And Other Movies Took "Real Courage" According To WBD's David Zaslav

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Blergh - 3/28/2022, 8:37 AM
Man I hope this kicks off a trend for high quality direct-to-streaming movies in existing franchises.
A new home for franchises that isn't television, a step up from direct-to-TV movies and a step down from theatrical releases but still with enough quality to justify being made.

Just imagine some of our favourite franchises that perform badly in theatres to find new life in the streaming market
GhostDog - 3/28/2022, 8:45 AM
@Blergh - same. We need more direct to stream, high quality franchise films.
AmazingFILMporg - 3/28/2022, 10:27 AM
@Blergh -

There has been high quality direct to streaming films already though 💁
Blergh - 3/28/2022, 10:44 AM
@AmazingFILMporg - not as continuations of major franchises though,
I'm thinking about stuff in the line of Rambo, Alien (which is actually happening as a direct to Hulu film) or even Underworld.
Film series with a living fanbase but not enough mass appeal to warrant a theatrical release.

Back in the day these franchises would have either been continued on TV or direct-to-DVD but without a budget to sustain the main casts, here however there's a decent chance to bring back actors like Kate Beckinsale, Sigourney Weaver or Sly Stallone on a streaming budget
bkmeijer1 - 3/28/2022, 10:53 AM
@Blergh - I'm kinda on the fence. Streaming is a perfect opportunity to tell longer stories in mini-series format, but a movie could work to if its right for the story
Blergh - 3/28/2022, 12:13 PM
@bkmeijer1 - this is the great thing about it, in streaming you're free to develop a show or movie.
I'm not a huge anime buff but when the makers of 'Demon Slayer' chose not to make a certain storyline a third season by stretching it out and turning it into a movie instead gave me hope that we'd be on the verge of a true and working series/movie eco system in existing franchises.

The MCU is trying and Star Wars as well, we'll see where this goes.
DoubleD - 3/28/2022, 8:53 AM
After the disappointing The Batman C+, Dark, Long and 3 Hours Boring movie, 700 million worldwide maybe finish. I have lost all confidence in WB/DC movies and shows.

I think that's why they moved Black Atom to the end of October. Red flags everywhere for this movie.

DoubleD - 3/28/2022, 9:05 AM
@Waddles - WB/DC has a long-long history of making poor quality movies and TV shows on their resume to back me up.

WB/DC let's throw Sh!t at the wall and see what sticks approach.
DoubleD - 3/28/2022, 9:16 AM
@Waddles - HBO-Max is the Red Flag for Batgirl. HBO-Max has history of making more Sh!t than Quality products.
TheWalkingCuban - 3/28/2022, 9:49 AM
@Waddles - what’s your opinion on The Batman? I thought it was brainier than usual in a good way of course but I also thought Bruce was a bit emo, dark is one thing but emo, idk, it’s not real Bruce Wayney to me. All 3 colorful villains were great, 🃏👎🏿, don’t wanna gloss over penguin loved him, as well as Falcone. Wish they had Maroni. There never was a Falcone or Maroni I didn’t like
DarkDetective - 3/28/2022, 10:10 AM
@DoubleD - well, thats your opinion, man. It doesnt mean everyone else shares it. You can just skip all the sequels and spin-offs The Batman's gonna get and im all here for them😎
TheWalkingCuban - 3/28/2022, 10:25 AM
@Waddles - I text and binge watch and drive for a living with the occasional portable X-ray but I feel ya, don’t get me wrong I liked the Batman. It’s like you said. Small gripes. Not gripes of writh
McMurdo - 3/28/2022, 11:32 AM
@DoubleD - you're almost as annoying as Badoptics. Key word: almost.
da2213viking - 3/28/2022, 11:32 AM
@DoubleD - You act like you ever had confidence in WB/DC lol. Your act is old and played out homie. Time to get some new material. Spider man homecoming didnt make a billion when it came out without a pandemic and featured the most popular character in the mcu at the time. Tell me, was it a failure? We get it man. All you want is marvel movies and tv shows. Nothing else. I doubt you eveN have good taste in films so your opinion of batman means nothing. Let me guess SM NWH was 10/10 lmfao
McMurdo - 3/28/2022, 11:33 AM
@DoubleD - meanwhile your Hulk is still a bastard child. Authorship mate. We need some of that on "Your side".
da2213viking - 3/28/2022, 11:33 AM
@McMurdo - Oh good i thought it was only me who found this Troll pleb unbearable
McMurdo - 3/28/2022, 11:34 AM
@da2213viking - No Way Home could have the worst comic book film script this year if it weren't for morbius. I mean a magic easy bake oven that solves villainy?!? Who signed off on THAT.
McMurdo - 3/28/2022, 11:35 AM
@da2213viking - he was positive Batman wouldn't make half of what it currently has. He's a Feige Warrior and not a subtle one.
da2213viking - 3/28/2022, 11:40 AM
@McMurdo - Its fine man. Haters gonna hate. I enjoyed NWH and the Batman. I just enjoyed The Batman more. It wasnt perfect but it was a damn good batman movie. NWH was like a nostalgia theme park but pretty weak plot wise. Still had great moments though. I just dont get why this guy feels he has to spewl so much DC hate in the name of Marvel and Disney. Like damn.
McMurdo - 3/28/2022, 11:45 AM
@da2213viking - ya NWH isn't a bad movie it's just not the best Spidey movie by any means. I enjoyed it for Toby and Garfield. Dafoe was great too. Molina kinda got shafted on his part bit still good to see him.
da2213viking - 3/28/2022, 11:52 AM
@McMurdo - Spider-man 2 is still the goat spiderman movie IMO. A big reason i went and saw NWH was because of the inclusion of that universe. Ill be honest. I didnt see FFH because i didnt really like Homecoming too much. Wasnt planning on seeing NWH but man the temptation to see Tobey again was to great to pass up.
DoubleD - 3/28/2022, 12:04 PM
@McMurdo - Last time I looked C+ is a still Fresh Tomato.
McMurdo - 3/28/2022, 12:05 PM
@da2213viking - i also didn't go see FFH cuz of Homecoming so I feel you on this. I don't really like MCU Peter tho he's basically Tony Jr or Iron Lad (not the Kang variant lol)
DoubleD - 3/28/2022, 12:07 PM
@da2213viking - DarkDetective

The Batman C+ grade is still considered a Fresh Tomato.
da2213viking - 3/28/2022, 4:58 PM
@DoubleD - Dude i could care less about the Letter grade you want to give the movie. Its the back handed slights you make towards it. Acting like this movie is just a complete disaster For WB and DC. Your a clown my guy. But again i would like to know do you consider SM Homecoming a failure?
DoubleD - 3/28/2022, 6:34 PM
@da2213viking - Yes, I have a lot of issues with The Batman movie it should be A+ not C+.

Seriously, I'm NOT the only one that had issues with The Batman it has 67 Rotten Tomatoes at Rotten Tomatoes. Here are examples

"Controversial opinion: a Batman movie should not be longer than 'The Godfather.'"

"The underlying plot becomes off-puttingly complicated, the tone remains annoying one-note, and one crucial climactic scene goes on so long you think it’s never going to end."

No, none of the Spider-Man movies had issues 5/5 Stars all of them.
TheHumanSpider2 - 3/28/2022, 8:53 AM
This coming out before The Flash will be really confusing...
DoubleD - 3/28/2022, 9:01 AM
@TheHumanSpider2 - Why? WB/DC movies and shows don't share the same universe. Batgirl and Flash are two very different movies and universes.
UXASIS - 3/28/2022, 9:43 AM

No way they are releasing this before Flash, it just doesn't make any sense.

They still haven't announced a date (only 2022 and this rumored December...), so yeah, they'll move it to 2023.
TheHumanSpider2 - 3/28/2022, 10:43 AM
@DoubleD - This movie takes place in the same continuity as The Flash.
McMurdo - 3/28/2022, 11:36 AM
@DoubleD - wrong again.
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