BATMAN: Ben Affleck's DCEU Appearances Ranked From Worst To Best According To Rotten Tomatoes

BATMAN: Ben Affleck's DCEU Appearances Ranked From Worst To Best According To Rotten Tomatoes

BATMAN v SUPERMAN: DAWN OF JUSTICE Director Zack Snyder FINALLY Explains The Infamous Martha! Scene
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BATMAN v SUPERMAN: DAWN OF JUSTICE Director Zack Snyder FINALLY Explains The Infamous "Martha!" Scene

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batz11 - 4/6/2016, 7:58 AM
Yeah, figured this would happen...ugh
KikinGonzalez - 4/6/2016, 8:08 AM
@batz11 - oh shut up you...

MarkJulian - 4/6/2016, 8:14 AM
@batz11 - It's not just BvS that led to this. It's Pan, Man for Uncle, Jupiter Ascending, etc. After Suicide Squad and Wonder Woman, WB will be probably looking for more comic book films.
batz11 - 4/6/2016, 8:15 AM
@MarkJulian - Right, I'm hoping they put more attention to the good thing that could come out of this...not sure Snyder is the guy to lead the effort though.
LEVITIKUZ - 4/6/2016, 8:15 AM
@MarkJulian - Don't forget Harry Potter WB is probably going to try to convince JK Rowling to do more Harry Potter books.
SpideySupes94 - 4/6/2016, 8:24 AM
@LEVITIKUZ - I don't think she will, honestly. Because unlike these other garbage YA authors, Rowling is a legitimately great writer who requires real inspiration to write. She might stay on as scrip writer for all the upcoming potterverse movies though.
lolken - 4/6/2016, 9:02 AM
@MarkJulian - I hope WW blows us away. Typically female led Comic films suck... and WB hasn't had great success when it comes to hugely popular male comic charters... soooo I am worried. I just dont want a Catwoman/Electra/Ghost rider/Green lantern/Punisher and thats what I am honestly expecting... I really want WW to be epic and hugely successful.
Brainiac13 - 4/6/2016, 9:03 AM

Exactly....I think Snyder will not direct JL PT2...
lolken - 4/6/2016, 9:03 AM
@batz11 - Snyder is a huge comic fan... I see him as a great leader, but maybe not the best director.. He has the visuals down... he needs help with the story and editing/flow of his films i think.
Brainiac13 - 4/6/2016, 9:04 AM
Glad they're evaluating the wrongs..
Brainiac13 - 4/6/2016, 9:05 AM

Yep...He's dead Jim!...well after JL1...LOL...sad but they need to do this...
huckfinnisher - 4/6/2016, 9:55 AM
@SpideySupes94 - Gotta disagree with ya on Rowling. Hate to burst your bubble but Harry potter is like the least original series of books ever. Seriously Google it, Rowling stole the idea and basic plot structure from various novels.
urnotaslave23 - 4/6/2016, 10:03 AM
@SpideySupes94 - Well we're getting Harry Potter and the Cursed Child part 1 in a couple months so there's that.
Kozmik - 4/6/2016, 12:32 PM
@Brainiac13 - Are they really? It sounds more like they're doubling down once again, despite how well that worked for them this time.
Kozmik - 4/6/2016, 12:35 PM
@lolken - And you know that how? I'd assume by the way he's virtually ass-raping some veritable franchises–and potential franchises–the the love Zach Snyder feels for comics is more of the abusive relationship type.
SpideySupes94 - 4/6/2016, 12:49 PM
@huckfinnisher - I disagree vehemently. Stephen King himself has called Rowling one of the greatest authors of our generation; and since when has googling anything been a bonafide source of confirmation?
She might have had inspiration from other sources (the same way Tarantino does with film) but Harry Potter is a world that's wholly her own.
SpideySupes94 - 4/6/2016, 12:49 PM
@urnotaslave23 - That's a play. Not a real full-length novel.
Oxbow - 4/6/2016, 4:23 PM
@SpideySupes94 - check out the books of magic sometime.
Timmy Miller = Harry Potter
Tomdj04 - 4/6/2016, 5:05 PM
@Oxbow - I find it hard to believe, Rowling ripped off some B list DC comic mini series written in the 90s
SpideySupes94 - 4/6/2016, 11:27 PM
@Oxbow - Dude, I've read those books. They're nothing like the lore of Harry Potter. Just because you have a hero's journey in both books does not make one ripped off from the other.
urnotaslave23 - 4/7/2016, 1:55 AM
@SpideySupes94 - Seriously? Then why are they advertising it as a novel at Barnes and Noble? That's not cool.
SpideySupes94 - 4/7/2016, 2:29 AM
@urnotaslave23 - No they aren't actually. I went to a Virgin Megastore where they were advertising it and I asked them what kind of book it would be. They told me that it was more of a script of the play rather than a novel itself.
DarthNihilus - 4/6/2016, 7:59 AM
Haters are probably happy now
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