noahthegreater's idea to introduce Marvels Greatest Monsters into the MCU(and MoonKnight)

Man-Thing! Werewolf by Night! Ghost Rider! Blade! Dracula! MoonKnight! All these and more right here! My ideas for introducing the supernatural(and MoonKnight) to the MCU!

Editorial Opinion
My idea for introducing MONSTERS to the MCU
What if the Marvel Cinematic Universe was not what it appeared? What if in the dark and shadowy corners of the MCU there was a battle raging? A war not of superheroes vs aliens, or vigilante vs criminal, or even sorcerer vs sorcerer. We’ve seen signs at it. Hints throughout the MCU. The immortal Hand ninjas, the ancient interdimensional monsters of Dr. Strange, Ghost Rider and the Darkhold?
 All of these are hints at the mysteries of Marvel, and the first step to throwing the doors to darkness wide open is Blade. 
Once vampires are introduced to the MCU, then the sky's the limit! Werewolf by night! Man-Thing! Frankenstein! Dracula! The Living Mummy! All this and more, and where does it start???
The Darkhold! The Darkhold is the key! It starts and ends there! 
Before we begin you need to understand these facts: 
A secret society of vampires lies hidden from the world. They exist in every major city on earth. They are responsible for about 20 percent of the missing persons cases on earth. Vampire society is a hierarchy. The more ancient you are, or the more people you've turned, the more powerful you are in the vampire ruling class. Vampire society is divided into 12 sects, or houses. The most ancient being The House of Chthon. Many of the world's most influential people are in secret, vampires. 
Vampires have existed for thousands of years. The man known as Vlad Dracul, Vlad the impaler, or Vlad Dracula, is one of the oldest known vampires, turned by the sorcerer: Varnae, thought to be the first Vampire, original owner of The Darkhold.  
There exist many dimensions, and within some of these dimensions there exist powerful entities. Dormammu, Zarathos, Chthon, Mephisto and many others. 
Ghost Riders exist around the world. Robbie Reyes was just one of them, Johnny Blaze was another.Mephisto separated the being Zarathos’ soul into many pieces and bonded them to mortals so that the Spirit of Vengeance  would never become powerful enough to kill him
As implied by agents of shield, those who become possessed by a rider become able to sense evil, and are urged to hunt evil and seek Vengeance. 
Werewolves exist. The first werewolf was most likely victim of an ancient curse. An alchemic formula in the Darkhold that transformed man into something more primal. Werewolf society is not as complex as vampires.  They exist in family units, or packs. When one born to a werewolf  turns 21 they become a werewolf too. On the full moon you will transform into a werewolf and feel an uncontrollable urge to hunt. With training you may be able to turn at other times, and control the curse, keeping your human mind while transformed. 
The Darkhold is an ancient book of evil created by the interdimensional entity: Chthon.
The book, Dracula, is based on fact. It is the story of how several friends of Bram Stoker encountered and tried to kill Dracula. Years after the book was written, they learned they had failed and Dracula killed them. Fortunately, their children survived, beginning a long generation spanning war with Dracula. 
Ghost Rider, Blade, WereWolf by night, and Moon Knight are characters that I feel could kick start the supernatural side of the MCU.  As I said earlier though, it starts with Blade. These characters would work best in Marvel Netflix, leading up to the Midnight Sons. These are my ideas for each TV show, following the format of Marvel Netflix phase one: 
Blade S1: 
This show will be about a Black, British, Vampire hunter: Blade, who hunts to avenge his mother, who was killed by vampires during pregnancy with him, giving him all the strengths of a vampire, but none of the weaknesses. He was raised by an elderly Saxophone player/ Vampire hunter named Jamal Afari, who taught him to hunt.  Blade is younger in this version and more rash but will evolve into the Wesley Snipes version. 
The plot of the series will involve Blade and Afari discovering a human trafficking ring run by vampires in London, and following it to Las Vegas, where prostitutes have begun to go missing. Blade soon discovers that criminal kingpin and vampire Elder:  Baron John Falsworth is to blame, and that a meeting of House Elders: Including the man who killed Blade’s mother  in Vegas, is imminent. 
 Baron John Falsworth: A crime lord in Las Vegas.  Head of the vampire house of Adze. His vampirism is a popular rumor among Vegas prostitutes and he has been nicknamed by them: Baron Blood. His brother was the true house Elder but was killed by John who believed he deserved the title.  
Blade will deal with themes involving Justice vs Vengeance and the bond between a parent and a child. 
Next up,
Moon Knight S1: 
This show is about Marc Spector, A mercenary in Egypt who after fighting back against his commander, Roald Bushman, for his unnecessary murder of an Archeological team, was left for dead in the desert, until he was saved by Khonshu, God of the Moon. He became the fist of Khonshu , and returned to save the surviving daughter of an archeologist from Bushman, Or is he New York taxi driver, Jake Lockley, secretly a vigilante, fighting a one man war on crime as the brutal Moon Knight? Or maybe he's Millionaire Entrepreneur Stephen Grant, filming the new Marvel Netflix Show: Moon Knight? Or maybe he's really Moon Knight one, the leader of an elite fighting force defending the last of humanity from Space Werewolves? All he knows is that he's just woken up in a mental asylum in LA with no memory of how he got there, and is being told everything he knows is a lie. Now, he must escape the asylum and learn the truth about who he is before it's too late. 
Villains:  The f*** if I know. 
Moon Knight will deal with themes involving  mental illness and the different aspects of people's lives and personalities
Next up; 
Blade S2:
 After the events of season one, Blade is on the hunt for Deacon Frost, the vampire who killed his mother, and the head of the House of Erebus, taking him to New York City. When he learns Deacon Frost is attempting to create a new breed of genetically enhanced  super vampires,  Blade must team up with a team of vampire hunters called the Nightstalkers and private investigator Hannibal King to defeat him. 
Halfway through the season Blades final battle with Frost will commence and the latter half of the season will involve Blade and the Nightstalkers vs Dracula. 
Deacon Frost: A vampire who murdered Blade’s pregnant mother, and in season 1,Jamal Afari. He sees Blade and all vampires he has turned as his children. He wants to rule over the vampire houses as the king of all vampires. He plans to use the Darkhold to enhance his own vampires and wage war on Dracula, taking the throne in the most powerful vampire house. 
The priests of the house of Chthon. The house of Chthon is ruled by a group of vampire monks who obey Dracula and worship Cython, creator of the Darkhold and of the first vampires. Through centuries of selective breeding, they retain the nosferatu like appearances of the original vampires. They have recently stolen the Darkhold from a government facility. 
Dracula: In his years as king of the vampires he was bored and listless. He remained in his tomb only awakening to be fed blood by his servants or partake in a meeting of the Vampire Houses. Now that vampire government is in shambles  and his castle is destroyed(after the first half of the season) he has come to New York for a new life. He is on his own, killing everyone who stands in his way, and he's never felt more alive. He’s searching for blood, power, and thrills. 
Blade season 2 will continue to deal with themes involving Justice vs Vengeance and the bond between a parent and a child. Also, midlife crisis’s and a lack of purpose on Dracula's part. 
Next up is: 
Werewolf by night S1: 
Jack Russell is a recently turned 21 college student in LA who must return home to attend the funeral of his father, where he learns that he is part of a lineage of werewolves going back to ancient times. Now, he must find the diary of his ancestor, the first werewolf, recording passages from the Darkhold to find a cure for himself and his younger  msister, who will also transform into a werewolf on her 21st birthday.  At the same time he is being hunted by monster hunter: Elsa Bloodstone and the LAPD who believe he may be the serial killer stalking the city. 
Elsa Bloodstone: The latest in a long line of monster hunters. Elsa was born into monster hunting just as Jack was born into being a monster. Elsa was raised from birth to hunt and kill the unholy creatures of the night wherever they may be. 
Phillip Russell: Jack's dead father's brother. Jack’s mother's secret lover she was seeing while married. She plans to marry him soon after her husband's death But, is he the one who killed Jack’s father, and is his seduction of Jack’s mother part of a shadowy conspiracy created by a mysterious Committee?
Raymond Coker: Jacks autistic Jamaican neighbor he accidentally passes the curse of the werewolf on to. 
Moon Knight: A crossover where he battles the Werewolf by night in LA. 
The show will deal with themes of man vs beast, discovering your heritage, rural life vs urban life, and growing into adulthood. 
Ghost Rider S1: 
I wrote my ideas for a ghost rider show in a previous post but here’s a condensed version:
Johnny Blaze is a Ghost Rider, he travels the back roads of America fighting evil and seeking Vengeance. He was bonded to the rider when he made a deal with Mephisto to save his cancer ridden father's life. He was saved from Mephisto by his girlfriend but was cursed to be a vessel for a spirit of vengeance by Mephisto. For many years he guarded the evil book called the Darkhold before it was stolen. Guest starring other Riders such as Danny Ketch and Robbie Reyes(who will come to Blaze searching for help on controlling the rider) 
Johnny Blaze’s searches for vengeance and forgiveness as the demonic Ghost Rider. His battles against supernatural threats will lead him to the next generation of ghost rider, his unsettled past in the circus, and the history of the creatures  that possess him and others around the world. A prophecy is unfolding as Blackheart seeks to return the entity Zarathos to his full form and kill his father, bringing about the end of the world.
Blackheart: Blackheart has been trapped in the Pine Barrens since the 1800s when he got into an argument with his father, Mephisto about how tempting people to the dark side doesn't work and they should just kill them and take the souls. He hates his father and seeks to rebuild Zarathos to kill his father. 
Mephisto: A powerful being that appears to only the most desperate, promising what they desire most at the time in exchange for their soul. He destroyed Zarathos, an entity that sought to destroy all who sin and separated him into hundreds of pieces, tying him to human form to keep him from reforming. Mephisto created Blackheart as his son. He believes by taking souls he can corrupt all humanity to spite the creator of humanity and amass power. 
Zarathos:He came to earth demanding the souls of sinners be sacrificed to him, he was destroyed by Mephisto who feared him. He is bonded to people of Mephisto's choosing.
Various minor villains shall appear hunted by Ghost Rider including a vampire, the Orb, satanists, and Scarecrow. 
The show will deal with themes of vengeance, forgiveness, is there absolute evil, and responsibility. 
And finally: 
The Midnight Sons:
Blade is a half human vampire hunter. Moon Knight is an escaped mental patient/ superhero.  Jack Russell is a werewolf. Johnny Blaze is a stuntman possessed by the spirit of Vengeance. Elsa Bloodstone is a monster hunter. Quincy Harker and Rachel van Helsing are descendants of the first group to attempt to kill Dracula. Frank Drake is a human descendant  of Dracula. Hannibal King is a cop who recently stumbled upon the world of vampires. They are brought together by events related to the Darkhold, which has been excavated from the ruins of Dracula's castle by minions of Chthon. 
Morgan Le Fay: An immortal witch who has spent centuries disguised as various important women throughout history. She has been searching for the Darkhold to bring her master, Chthon into our world. He needs her to use the Darkhold in a ritual to bring him into our world. She has been promised a place in the new world as his queen. 
Chthon: Demon of the Darkhold, the Great Shadow,the other. He is an elder being. An entity from ancient times who introduced dark magic to earth millennia ago in the form of the Darkhold. Deep within mount Wundagore lies his temple, guarded by his demonic brood. When he is summoned in a blood ritual activated with the spells of the Darkhold he shall enter our world in human form and bring about the end of the world!!!!!! 
Cameo by Wong in final episode as he comes to take the Darkhold back post final battle ala Mr. Wing in Gremlins, thanks the Midnight sons for defeating Chthon, and walks off into the night.
One final thing:
One final ….MAN-THING! ….that is! (Wink wink nudge nudge) 
We need Man-Thing in the MCU. How to do this? I have two ways.
A TV show:
A tales from the crypt style tv show starring Man-Thing. You get his origin in the first episode and every episode after involves him wandering into dangerous or supernatural situations with dark and ironic endings. How to explain this? His swamp is the nexus of all realities and attracts the supernatural, that's how! Occasional superhero cameos. 
A movie: Set directly before the Avengers, Hawkeye and Blackwidow travel to Louisiana to investigate the mysterious death of shield scientist Ted Sallis, who was working on a super soldier serum using plant life only found in the swamp. They meet Sallis’s distraught wife and begin to uncover the truth about what happened(agents of the ten rings attempted to steal the formula and caused Sallis’s car to crash into the swamp. His body was missing though) Hawkeye and Blackwidow search for the ten rings agents. Meanwhile a swamp monster begins killing the 10 rings agents trying to flee the town, but also teds lab assistant and attempts to kill Sallis’s wife. They learn the assistant and Sallis’s wife were secret ten rings agents and the monster is Sallis. Sallis’s wife is left scarred on her face and the Man-Thing willingly gives himself to Shield, his vengeance complete. Opportunity for sequel with prison escape post Captain America The Winter soldier. 
(Don’t worry, at this point there's already been a black widow movie with political intrigue and espionage. I just needed some well known shield agents for this)
Those are my ideas. Tell me what you think!

p.s. Moon knight is not a supernatural character(most of the time, it's vague)  but he fits the tone and story. 
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