A few years ago I was all about the X-men and didn't really care about any of the Avengers. Now this has changed, thanks to many great decisions by Marvel studios and some poor choices by Fox.

Editorial Opinion

If someone had told me six years ago that I’ll be looking forward to Captain America 2 a lot more than to a new X-men movie directed by Bryan Singer I would have laughed in their face.

But I’m suddenly finding myself deeply invested in Captain America: Winter Soldier and not that much interested in X-men: Days of the Future Past. It’s so astonishing how Marvel and Fox managed to create great adaptations of the Captain America comics while completely ruining the X-men movies.

So here are some of my arguments:

1. Captain America: the Winter Soldier brings more and more of my favorite characters. Black Widow is easily my most favorite character in the Marvel cinematic universe and I’ll love every scene she’s in. The Winters Soldier is also an incredibly complex character and a favorite of mine and I never imagined I’ll be seeing him in a movie. Plus, Hayley Atwell will return, even if it’s only a cameo. The movie will also introduce the Falcon and Agent 13 and they are a welcomed addition to the cast.

2. At the same time X-men: Days of the Future Past just looses more and more of my favorites . Cyclops and Jean are my most favorite X-men and they are not returning at all. Nightcrawler has teleported far away from the series. Emma Frost and Moira were nice additions to the new movies, now both of them are completely forgotten. I liked the idea of seeing Anna Paquin as Rogue again, now Singer says she only had one scene in the movie and it was cut during editing process. What a shame!

3. While Marvel is trying to improve its diversity, Fox is just sinking deeper and deeper. Singer is turning the X-men series into a show-off of his favorite boys. Xavier past, Xavier future, Magneto past, Magneto future, Wolverine and Beast are gonna be the most central characters in the film, alongside Mystique, who is the only important female part. Everyone else, including Storm, will be having a little more than a cameo. And this is happening in a series that once had a half-female cast. Even Quicksilver is being introduced in the movie as a single child.

4. The Winter Soldier is one of the most beloved arcs in marvel comics in the past decade and everyone says that the upcoming movie is truly faithful to the atmosphere of the story. Even if you just look at the cast, you’ll notice all the characters that had an important role in Brubaker’s Captain America run are in the movie (Steve, Bucky, Natasha, Sharon, Sam). And X-men: DoFP also comes from a famous and beloved arc, but it looks like it’s going to be completely unrelated to the source material.

5. I’m tired of seeing Hugh Jackman as Wolverine. I love Hugh, he’s fantastic, but seriously, I’m just sick of Wolverine. There are so many characters in the X-men comics beside Wolverine, rich characters with tons of potential. Wolverine’s absence from X-men: First Class was one of the reasons the movie felt so fresh. Now we’ve lost that again and we’ll have Jackman as the main character for a sixth time. Enough already.

Bonus! James McAvoy and Michael Fassbender are easy on the eyes, but Chris Evans and Sebastian Stan are even prettier. And even though Jennifer Lawrence is hot, Scarlett Johansson is the fairest of them all. Add Emily VanCamp and Cobie Smulders and you'll see that Captain America: The Winter Solider cast is more attractive by far.

So, these are my reasons. What do you guys think? Which movie are you looking forward to?

BLACK WIDOW Star Scarlett Johansson Reveals Sexy Costume She Refused To Wear In THE WINTER SOLDIER

BLACK WIDOW Star Scarlett Johansson Reveals Sexy Costume She Refused To Wear In THE WINTER SOLDIER

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