ALIENS VS. AVENGERS Comic Book Variant Covers Pit The Xenomorphs Against Marvel's Mightiest Heroes

ALIENS VS. AVENGERS Comic Book Variant Covers Pit The Xenomorphs Against Marvel's Mightiest Heroes

Ahead of Aliens vs. Avengers' launch in comic book stores next month, Marvel Comics has unveiled a slew of badass variant covers featuring heroes like Spider-Man and She-Hulk battling the Xenomorphs...

By JoshWilding - Jun 12, 2024 04:06 AM EST
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Ever since Disney acquired 20th Century Fox, Marvel Comics has been producing new comics set in both the Alien and Predator Universes. Wolverine has already clashed with the latter, but next up is a crossover we could once only ever dream of: Aliens vs. Avengers.

Written by Jonathan Hickman and illustrated by Esad Ribić, the four-issue limited series takes place in a new Marvel timeline and pits older, grittier versions of Earth's Mightiest heroes against an invasion of Xenomorphs.

It also will be the first time readers will see certain parts of Alien lore in the Marvel Universe, such as the home of the Engineers. In what sounds like an unmissable series, Xenomorphs reach Earth, and the perfect organism meets a planet of superhumans. But who will be first to fall?

To celebrate this monumental moment in pop culture history, you'll be able to pick up five "Marvel vs. Alien" Variant Covers starting in July.

Featured on some of Marvel’s hottest upcoming titles, these new pieces of artwork come from superstar artists including Greg Land, Tony Daniel, Erica D’Urso, Stephen Segovia, and Joshua Cassara.

The "Marvel vs. Alien" Variant Covers depict breathtaking battles between some of Marvel's greatest icons and the deadly Xenomorphs. Are Phoenix, Spider-Man, Moon Knight, Deadpool, and She-Hulk powerful enough to take on hordes of the galaxy’s perfect organism singlehandedly?

"Probably one of the coolest things about the project is how we've found really fun ways to 'Avengerize' Aliens and 'alien-up' Avengers," Hickman previously said. "I think fans will be surprised at how elegantly some of those things fit together. It really turned out to be a chocolate-and-peanut-butter situation."

Marvel editor Sarah Brunstad added, "Hickman and Ribić are storytelling masters, and they bring a cinematic quality to this that seamlessly merges the high action and soap opera that Marvel fans expect with the deep terror and cosmic awe that the Alien universe so inspires. Watching them cut loose across the entire lexicon of these two great franchises is jaw-dropping."

Hickman's masterful storytelling combined with Ribić’s breathtaking artwork will deliver an unforgettable reading experience for fans when it hits stands on July 24, just ahead of the premiere of 20th Century Studios' highly anticipated Alien: Romulus movie.

Check out these new variant covers below and stay tuned for updates on Aliens vs. Avengers as we have them.


Art and Cover by ESAD RIBIĆ
On Sale 7/24

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ObserverIO - 6/12/2024, 4:55 AM
Jacory - 6/12/2024, 5:42 AM
This would've been the perfect time to have Xenomorphs vs The Brood.
Batmangina - 6/12/2024, 7:19 AM
This will likely make for a run of badass covers and shitty comics - just like when I was a kid!

I was duped as a lad SO MANY times by killer covers only to have a sad trumpet reading experience...
dragon316 - 6/12/2024, 8:30 AM
Glad X-men and Deadpool are in this ate in this most team can fight them with out having get close cyclops wonder villian will show up in this series let venom be in this it be great venom or symbiote
kg8817 - 6/12/2024, 8:57 AM
This type of event and written by Hickman is like kid dream level stuff. I’m easily swayed so I’m all in for this.

I’m guessing this will be multiverse though because they’re not going to pass up the opportunity to have a splash panel page of a Xenomorph popping out of Peter Parker’s chest and killing him. And they won’t pass up an opportunity to have a Hulk/Xenomorph hybrid.
marvel72 - 6/12/2024, 9:07 AM
Xenomorphs wouldn't stand a chance against The Phoenix.
SwampThing - 6/12/2024, 9:58 AM
Alien should only crossover with the Predator franchise. The Xenomorphs are creatures that belong to horror and gore; they need to kill or critically injure main characters in the stories they take part in. There's little to no point in making them more kid-friendly, have them kill some randoms slightly off-panel and have the superheroes kick their asses. It's just pointless. Now, something like Predator vs Punisher, THAT would make more sense.
kg8817 - 6/12/2024, 11:42 AM
@SwampThing - Does it? Punisher v Predator just sounds like a cool concept but doesn’t make much sense either. Frank is a vigilante and wants to end the worst of the worst. But he welcomes death and wouldn’t necessarily put up much of a fight with Predator unless it killed kids or something.

Now Predator v Kraven would be VERY interesting but, probably not a great story.
MarvelZombie616 - 6/12/2024, 12:13 PM
Every Alien Crossover with superheroes so far was great.

Superman vs. ALIEN, Stormwatch vs. ALIEN etc.

Jonathan Hickman will hopefully make another classic.

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