WOLVERINE: REVENGE Variant Covers Tease Logan's Bloody Mission In New Jonathan Hickman/Greg Capullo Series

WOLVERINE: REVENGE Variant Covers Tease Logan's Bloody Mission In New Jonathan Hickman/Greg Capullo Series

Greg Capullo and Jonathan Hickman's Wolverine: Revenge is a five-issue limited series which slashes its way into comic book stores this August, and we now have a full gallery of awesome variant covers...

By JoshWilding - Jul 06, 2024 03:07 AM EST
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Next month, Jonathan Hickman (Ultimate Spider-Man) and Greg Capullo (Batman) team up for an all-new prestige limited series: Wolverine: Revenge. Arriving just in time for the character's 50th anniversary, it promises to be five issues of pure, unadulterated Wolverine action that's sure to go down as one of Logan's defining tales.

If that’s not enough, Wolverine: Revenge will also be available as a special "Red Band Edition." That's going to be polybagged "for the protection of innocent eyes" according to Marvel Comics as it will include exclusive pages and elevated violence.

Now, ahead of the title's launch, you can check out an assortment of covers for the debut issue including pieces by Artgerm, Mark Brooks, Pablo Villalobos, Leinil Francis Yu, and many more.

The series marks Capullo's first time doing interior artwork since his return to Marvel last year. Together with Hickman, he will pit Wolverine against a cadre of foes who will turn his world upside down, including Sabretooth, Omega Red, Deadpool, and more. He's been beaten! He's been bloodied! And Logan only has one thought on his mind: revenge!

"I’ve finally returned home to Marvel, and I'm ready to raise some Hell. And, who better to do that with than the Hitman Hickman?" Capullo said of Wolverine: Revenge in a recent interview. "To celebrate, Marvel has removed the fences and let us off our leash so that we can bring the most vicious and punishing Wolverine story possible to the fans this summer. I hope they’re prepared."

"Well, obviously it’s such a privilege to get to work with a legend like Greg," Hickman added. "When we first talked about the project, our number one concern was taking the readers on a high-octane, no-hold-barred Wolverine story that was a proper celebration of both the character and Greg returning to Marvel."

"And like he said, the bosses cut us loose and the result is an absolutely wild book. Honestly can’t wait for everyone to get to check it out."

Check out these newly revealed Wolverine: Revenge variant covers below.


Art and Cover by GREG CAPULLO
Variant Cover by STANLEY “ARTGERM” LAU
Foil Variant Cover by DAVID NAKAYAMA
Variant Cover by JOHN GIANG 
Variant Cover by PABLO VILLALOBOS 
Variant Cover by MARK BROOKS 
Variant Cover by TAKASHI OKAZAKI
Saturday Morning Variant Cover by SEAN GALLOWAY
Red Band Homage Variant Cover by LEINIL FRANCIS YU
On Sale 8/21

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ObserverIO - 7/6/2024, 5:08 AM
Yes please, I'll take three copies; One to read, one to bag and board and one to jerk off on.
XtremeXFan - 7/6/2024, 6:16 AM
@ObserverIO - I swear if this is as good as I think it's gonna be, Im buying enough Copies to cover my house and Live in it.
KennKathleen - 7/6/2024, 9:55 AM
Zac Efron is perfect to play the Wolverine. Make it so!
WruceBayne - 7/6/2024, 4:04 PM
@KennKathleen - apparently we’re supposed to find out who the definitive Wolverine is for the MCU in D&W. It possibly may be Efron or the dude from Kingsman, we’ll have to wait and see.
FireandBlood - 7/6/2024, 12:03 PM
Hickman and Capullo you kno 😮‍💨
marvel72 - 7/6/2024, 1:15 PM
Great creative team and that E.C Comics homage will increase in value.

Don't believe me checkout the prices of the other variants on Ebay.
dragon316 - 7/6/2024, 10:07 PM
@marvel72 - I check them out fourth dollars and under for most books there pretty cheap it’s virgin covers that expensive I preorder red band only see if there’s difference inside of book or not
dragon316 - 7/6/2024, 10:03 PM
Got my preorder in for covers I like

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