LITTLE VICTORIES: AUTISM THROUGH A FATHER'S EYES Writer On The True Story Behind Titan's New Graphic Novel

Titan Comics recently released Little Victories: Autism Through a Father's Eyes, a true story about a father learning to cope with his child's disability, and we had the chance to speak with the creator!

Last month saw the release of Titan Comics' Little Victories: Autism Through A Father's Eyes. The 152-page graphic novel chronicles the true-life events of creator Yvon Roy and his relationship with his autistic son.

We got the opportunity to review the book, and it is incredibly touching. Roy champions the comic book medium by penning and illustrating his own tribulations while raising his child and adjusting to the special care those with Autism require.

Speaking exclusively with Yvon, we wanted to know more about the process of adapting reality into the scope of graphic novel storytelling, how his son received the story, and how others with stigmas and misconceptions toward the disability have reacted since reading it.


Literary Joe: When you decided to put this story on paper, were there any other ways you saw it going before you found your groove, or was this always the way you had planned to tell it?

Yvon Roy: At first, I thought I could make a small booklet with stories. Then a good friend of mine suggested making it à graphic novel, and that was it.

Literary Joe: What are some misconceptions or stigmas surrounding autism that the general public has that you felt you couldn't express with this book?

Yvon Roy: I think I said it pretty much all in the book. I find people to be more and more open to this reality and eager to learn.

Literary Joe: Has your child read this work? Did it help him, if so?

Yvon Roy: He did, loved it, somehow, it was like going through a photo album.


Literary Joe: I imagine everyone who reads this story wants to interact with your child. How do they take it, is it too much, or are they happy to receive the attention?

Yvon Roy: Most people are very respectful, they understand, and I make sure they do so that my son can enjoy his private life. Usually, when people send me letters, it is more about giving back love.

Literary Joe: I have epilepsy, and marijuana helps, but it also has helped open my mind to my condition and how to handle it. Without opening your imagination via smoking, do you think you would have approached raising your child differently?

Yvon Roy: I have no idea, but I am sure happy it struck me at that moment because it changed everything. The smoking might have speeded up the process?

Literary Joe: Have you considered writing similar stories about other conditions, or do you prefer to tell stories based on your own reality and your own experiences?

Yvon Roy: I think that one should write a book only when he has a story to tell. It doesn’t matter if it is real or imaginary. I can’t wait to meet my next story.

What do you guys think of these comments from Yvon Roy? Do you think you'll be checking out Little Victories? Be sure to share your thoughts in the usual spot!

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Little Victories: Autism Through A Father's Eyes is on sale now from Titan Comics.

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