Geoff Johns black ex-wife slams Ray Fisher's racism allegations, Media Hypocrisy in the age of cancel culture

Media Hypocrisy in the age of cancel culture. In this article I will be discussing the recent statements of Geoff Johns ex-wife, defending her former spouse. Why aren't the media covering it?

As a youtuber and Vlogger I do not usually write articles online, but I felt so strongly about this topic that I had to.
In recent months comic book writer and legend of the Industry Geoff Johns name has been sullied by a smear campaign from various disgruntled ex-employees of Warner Brothers. At many points, the claims seem to have had substance and nobody who claims they have suffered racism in the workplace should be ignored or felt unheard. I stand with all people who have suffered any type of discrimination.

However, when words like racism or sexual misconduct are thrown around I believe it is the duty of the media to report fairly both sides. These are allegations that when hung over someone's head, can literally destroy careers. Like with all things in this age of cancel culture the media will jump on board to publish as many articles outlining and detailing unsubstantiated 'accusations' of guilt, yet any exculpatory evidence pointing to innocence that surfaces doesn't seem to garner the same traction. 

Having read recent headlines you would think that Geoff Johns is an unrepentant racist who does not have any defenders at all, especially those who are people of color. Well, it turns out quite the opposite is true. In an article published by USA Today reporters reached out to Johns' ex-wife Anissa Dorsey who stood by her former spouse, claiming she "will always believe he is innocent of these racist stories and fictitious allegations against him."

She also went on to say that "I am a proud, beautiful, strong and intelligent black woman from Louisiana and I ran to California to escape real racism," she said. "Geoff has enjoyed and been a part of a black family since 2000 and someone’s bad feelings cannot erase that time nor the truth."

This came on the heels of Ray Fisher, once again taking to twitter to state "

think that a room full of executives saying “we can’t an angry Black man at the center of the movie” (and then reducing/removing all Black and POC from that movie) isn’t racist."

Still no word from Ray or Warner Brothers to confirm that the words "We can't have an angry Black man at the center of the movie." were ever spoken by Geoff Johns, as this was all reported to Ray Fisher by a third party. It is also the case that clearly the idea that people were erased from Joss Whedon's Justice League because they were black or Asian is patently false, as it seems now that Joss Whedon actually hired quite a few people of color in speaking roles in his leaner and more "upbeat" version of Justice League, while also cutting many white actors from the final cut as well.

Now, of course an ex-wife is not going to be the finest or most objective judge of character, when it comes to how one behaves in the work place, but what is oddly strange is the media silence around this forthright advocacy of her ex-husband.

The media were happy to publish the thoughts of Joss Whedon's ex-wife when she actively came out and admonished her husband in the face of his allegations. Why is it that when an ex-wife who happens to also be black, the race Geoff Johns is claimed to have discriminated against, no one accept USA Today covers the story or reaches out to his ex-wife for futher clarification? Again, this does not prove innocense, but when you couple this with former federal judge Katherine Forrest's findings (she was the one who conducted the investigation into Warner Media over Ray Fisher's claims and who Fisher recorded and used her voice on the interenet to bulster his credibility with, see video below) which she released in a statement stating she "found no credible support for claims of racial animus or racial or disability insensitivity."

Forrest added that she and her staff reached out twice to everyone Fisher asked them to as well as every cast and crew member on "Justice League" who wanted to speak with them.

Of course Ray Fisher's passionate fans used the words of this former officer of the law to crucify Geoff Johns, John Berg, Walter Hamada and many others online.  In recent times Warner Media has backed away from the Snyderverse, a move that has led many reasonable fans to hashtag and tweet about their love of the director, but it has also birthed a toxic fanbase who have used claims of misconduct to run Geoff Johns and many others out of their jobs. So much so that when Geoff appeared to discuss his new show Superman and Lois, many Snyder fans attacked him for even having the gall to show his face. His twitter has been inactive for near six months now. 

I would conclude this article by saying this, in an age where it is so easy for innocents to be attacked by the media, I think it is the responsibility of reasonable fans to speak out against the hypocrasy when someone who once was a social pariah, is shown to have no credible evidence against them. Many media figures from Geoff Johns to Andy Signore of Popcorned Planet have cleared their names, yet stil the media who were so unrelenting in destroying their names have no interest in rehabilitating them, just because they fear saying those 3 dreaded words that inflicts such pain apon the ego "I was wrong"

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