DEADPOOL 3 Set Photos Reveal Multiple Variants Of [SPOILER] In Upcoming MCU Threequel

DEADPOOL 3 Set Photos Reveal Multiple Variants Of [SPOILER] In Upcoming MCU Threequel DEADPOOL 3 Set Photos Reveal Multiple Variants Of [SPOILER] In Upcoming MCU Threequel

In case you weren’t already convinced that Deadpool 3 is a Multiversal adventure, new set photos from the movie have found their way online showcasing multiple Variants of one of the titular characters.

By JoshWilding - Jan 19, 2024 04:01 PM EST
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Source: Mail Online

While Deadpool 3 is fast approaching, cameras are still rolling on 2024’s sole MCU movie. Mail Online has shared new photos from the set and, as you can see by heading to their website, Wolverine and the Merc with the Mouth will be crossing paths with some of the latter’s Variants!

Ryan Reynolds was spotted in a glossy new suit, minus Wade Wilson’s usual facial scars and rocking a top knot. He’s also carrying a couple of golden guns, while some fans on social media have pointed out the costume appears to accentuate the character’s, er, groin (that’s the sort of thing we’d expect from a raunchy R-Rated comedy like this).

We don’t believe this Variant is based on anyone from the comics and the photos do little to provide any context. Dogpool was also spotted on set, along with the MCU’s Wade who we believe is being portrayed by a stand-in for Reynolds while he takes on the role of this handsome alternate reality Wade.

If you weren’t already convinced that Deadpool 3 will explore the Multiverse, then these shots should confirm it for you. We’re pretty convinced neither these nor previous set photos that have cropped up even scratch the surface of what Marvel Studios has in store for us this summer; even so, this batch is among the most intriguing yet. 

Check out these newly revealed Deadpool 3 set photos by following the link in the X post below. 

Alongside Ryan Reynolds and Hugh Jackman, Deadpool franchise vets Karan Soni (Dopinder), Leslie Uggams (Blind Al), Morena Baccarin (Vanessa), Stefan Kapicic (Colossus), Brianna Hildebrand (Negasonic Teenage Warhead), Shioli Kutsuna (Yukio), and Rob Delaney (Peter) are all confirmed to return in Deadpool 3.

Emma Corrin is expected to play Cassandra Nova, while Matthew Macfadyen will likely take on the role of a TVA agent named Paradox. The trades have confirmed that Jennifer Garner will reprise her role as Elektra, with Wesley Snipes, James Marsden, Famke Janssen, Patrick Stewart, Ian McKellen, Dafne Keen, and even singer Taylor Swift among those rumoured to make cameo appearances.

Deadpool 3 is set to be released in theaters on July 26, 2024.

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0bstreperous - 1/19/2024, 4:12 PM
Hope movie is good TVA is nonsense btw again hope movie is good
MosquitoFarmer - 1/19/2024, 4:41 PM
@0bstreperous - Punctuation is not nonsense though...
OleBobbyTiger - 1/19/2024, 5:17 PM
@0bstreperous - Repetitive reply unrelated nonsense btw again repetitive reply
Fogs - 1/19/2024, 5:52 PM
@0bstreperous - dragon, is that you?
McMurdo - 1/19/2024, 6:21 PM
@Fogs - it's his first cousin, Wagon.
0bstreperous - 1/19/2024, 6:24 PM
@MosquitoFarmer - punctuation police over here
0bstreperous - 1/19/2024, 6:24 PM
@Fogs - no who's dragon?
santoanderson - 1/19/2024, 4:16 PM
What the hell is this movie?
ProfessorWhy - 1/19/2024, 4:16 PM
TVA is classic Marvel comics. IDK WTF you're taking about
RedFury - 1/19/2024, 4:25 PM
I don't think the scarred unmasked Deadpool there is our Wade either. Maybe it's the camera angle, but he looks shorter, and distinctly different in the face. This could be the Deadpool we saw Wolvie fighting in those earlier set pics. That Deadpool was also a lot short than Hugh.
CerealKiller1 - 1/19/2024, 4:29 PM
@RedFury - I think it’s angles and the fact that the scarred one is a body double so there’s no getting around him looking different in the face in set photos, it’s literally a different guy
RedFury - 1/19/2024, 4:34 PM
@CerealKiller1 - haha yeah, I probably should have elaborated on what I meant there. But you could very well be right.

It just looks like they put too much work into the makeup for his face to just swap it out in cgi for Ryan's. But it could also be filmed from behind or the side, hence your point about the body double.

I'm probably just overthinking it.
CerealKiller1 - 1/19/2024, 4:59 PM
@RedFury - No I get you! I can’t remember if we’ve seen photos of Reynolds unmasked for the new movie, possibly they’ve just updated the make up? But hey it’s a multiverse movie so there’s just as much chance it is a variant 😊
RedFury - 1/19/2024, 6:50 PM
@CerealKiller1 - I can't remember if they have or not yet either. But that's a good point! They did update his suit, so it wouldn't be a surprise if they tweaked his makeup application a bit too.

All this speculation makes me really excited for this movie haha. Getting glimpses with absolutely zero context just fuels my imagination and gets me pumped for whatever unfolds.
garu - 1/19/2024, 4:28 PM
oh sick that's my hairtstyle
WakandaTech - 1/19/2024, 4:36 PM
This is a massive year for Disney to see if it can save the MCU and if it can bring back both

Alien and Planet of the Apes Franchise

It already has a small win with Percey Jackson Franchise

That show is actually pretty good
Jackraow21 - 1/19/2024, 4:39 PM
I can already tell that this Deadpool variant will be comically insufferable. And I'm here for it. :)
Apophis71 - 1/19/2024, 6:44 PM
@Jackraow21 - I mean, maybe a lot of Deadpool variants in the multiverse that could show up but do we expect any who turn up not to be heavily comedic one way or another, insufferable or not depends on comedic taste but anyone going into this who didn't like his last two (which we did btw) should consider skipping this one or at least wait till they can stream it.
Jackraow21 - 1/19/2024, 6:53 PM
@Apophis71 - Agreed. I loved both Deadpool 1 and 2, and Wolverine is my favorite comic character of all time. Also love Hugh Jackman in the role. So I'll be standing in line opening night for this one.
RolandD - 1/19/2024, 6:58 PM
@Jackraow21 - I think he should be serious and extremely strait-laced, which our Deadpool will mercilessly mock.
Apophis71 - 1/19/2024, 7:04 PM
@RolandD - Hence the one way or another, I mean we should half expect most character will either be at least a bit comedic or will be mercilessly mocked by the main DP. Hopefuly they will get the ballance right however and be more like the first DP than the second, how many cameos (that are likely killed) is kind of a besides the point issue to how much they keep the focus on the main two and ballance the comedy with the action/drama.

Stoked to watch the end result regardless how good or not it is, if it falls below expectations can still appreciate the good and laugh about the bad with a film like this for me :D
Jackraow21 - 1/19/2024, 7:16 PM
@RolandD - That could be fun too. I have a feeling this is going to be a fun film. And, to alleviate the concerns about a R-rated movie being so important to the future of the MCU, I would almost guarantee there will be a PG-13 cut that comes out in the fall or around the holidays... just like they did for Deadpool 2, except this will be an even bigger deal since it is so important to the broader MCU and also because it's the only MCU movie coming out in 2024. I will, of course, see both cuts. :)
KennKathleen - 1/20/2024, 12:24 AM
@Jackraow21 -

TheManWithoutFear - 1/19/2024, 4:48 PM
Will this movie be shooting until the day it releases? Will it then continue to shoot?
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