Deadpool 3

DEADPOOL 3 Star Ryan Reynolds Seemingly Teases The Return Of Leslie Uggams As Blind Al
Though he didn't confirm anything outright, Deadpool star Ryan Reynolds has sent out a Tweet which many have taken as a strong hint that Leslie Uggams will reprise the role of Blind Al for the threequel.
Morena Baccarin Says Marvel Is Being Annoyingly Tight-Lipped About Potential DEADPOOL 3 Return
Morena Baccarin played Vanessa Carlyle in the first two Deadpool movies, but the Firefly alum hasn't heard anything about potentially reprising the role for the Shawn Levy-directed threequel.
Is DEADPOOL 3 Director Shawn Levy Teasing An Appearance From Mark Ruffalo's Hulk?
We recently learned that Free Guy director Shawn Levy would take the helm of Deadpool 3, and the filmmaker has now shared a Tweet which has led to speculation that The Hulk (Mark Ruffalo) could appear.
DEADPOOL 3: Bella Thorne On Why Lady Deadpool Would Be Her Dream Comic Book Movie Role (Exclusive)
Way back in 2016, Bella Thorne expressed an interest in playing Deadpool, and when we caught up with the actress to discuss her role in Measure of Revenge, she explained why the role is so appealing...
FREE GUY Director Shawn Levy Hopes To Reunite Ryan Reynolds And Hugh Jackman - Could It Happen In DEADPOOL 3?
It was recently confirmed that The Adam Project director Shawn Levy will take the helm of Deadpool 3, and the director is clearly keen to reunite Ryan Reynolds and Hugh Jackman on screen again one day...
DEADPOOL Star Ryan Reynolds Promises Threequel Updates Coming Sooner Rather Than Later
Though he didn't reveal anything specific, The Adam Project star Ryan Reynolds has promised that updates regarding Deadpool 3 will be with us "sooner rather than later." Could Shawn Levy direct?
Despite rumours to the contrary, Ryan Reynolds insists we won't see him make his MCU debut as Deadpool in Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness and shares an update on the status of Deadpool 3...
DEADPOOL 3 Star Ryan Reynolds Reveals He's Taking A Little Sabbatical From Making Movies
It's been a busy few years for Ryan Reynolds, but the Free Guy star has now confirmed he's taking some time off from acting. The question is, what does that mean for Deadpool 3? Read on for details...
Marvel Studios Dates FOUR New Untitled Movies For 2024 - Are X-MEN, CAPTAIN AMERICA 4 & DEADPOOL 3 Incoming?
While they have five films scheduled to open in 2023, it looks like Marvel Studios is scaling back a bit and will only be releasing four untitled films in 2024 - all of which have now been dated.
DEADPOOL: Josh Brolin Addresses Possible Cable Return; Reveals He Was Signed Up For Four Movies
Josh Brolin played Cable in Deadpool 2, but with the Merc with the Mouth on his way to the Marvel Cinematic Universe, will the time-travelling mutant join him? Here's what the Avengers: Endgame star says!