Synopsis: In this comic book film spin-off of the blockbuster Daredevil movie, Alias star Jennifer Garner stars as Elektra Natchios, a beautiful and deadly assassin who finds herself at odds with "The Hand," the clan of mystical ninjas who trained - and then abandoned her. At the request of the villain Kirigi, she is assigned to target a Harbor Island man named Mark Miller because, she is told, of an act his grandfather had performed. A widower, Miller is a likeable man with a charming 13-year-old daughter Abby. After falling for him, Elektra becomes his protector and has to fend off four ninja assassins dispatched by Kirigi. But there is more to Mark Miller than Elektra knows, as he has aligned himself with "Stick," Elektra's former mentor, and both Miller and his daughter are quite able to defend themselves. In the end, Elektra must face off with Kirigi himself.

Release Date: January 14, 2005
Director: Rob Bowman
Cast: Jennifer Garner, Goran Visnjic, Will Yun Lee, Cary-Hiroyuki Tagawa, Terence Stamp

JUSTICE LEAGUE Director Zack Snyder Reveals Which Marvel Character Would Bring Him Into The MCU
Justice League director Zack Snyder has revealed which character from the Marvel Universe he would want to bring to the screen if the opportunity to work with Marvel Studios were to present itself...
DAREDEVIL's Lie Detector Ability Works On Everyone But Elektra
Daredevil will have a very 'interesting' relationship with Elektra in season 2 of the superhero drama. "Matt, who has this sort of ability to be a human lie detector, because he’s emotionally attached to [Elektra], it skews his ability to be able to know whether or not she’s telling the truth.."
Charlie Cox Says DAREDEVIL's Relationship With Elektra Is Fiery And Lustful
Daredevil actor Charlie Cox discusses Matt Murdock's relationship with Elodie Yung's Elektra Natchios in season 2 of the Marvel's collaboration with Netflix. Comic-book-Daredevil has an extremely complicated love life and it appears that the show is heading in the same direction.
Believe it or not, there was a time where FOX actually gave back the rights for a CBM back to Marvel because they knew they couldn't do the property right.
What do you get when you combine comics, body paint and fitness, figure and bikini WBFF pro divas? Some amazing women that can pull off the female superhero figure without the actual costume! Get a sneak peek at the upcoming superhero photography project after the jump!
Marvel CCO Teases Plans For 'Elektra' And 'The Punisher' In DAREDEVIL Season Two
Marvel Chief Creative Officer Joe Quesada talks here about bringing Jon Bernthal and Elodie Yung to season two of Daredevil as The Punisher and Elektra, dropping some hints in the process about the kind of impact they'll have on season two of the Netflix series. Hit the jump for details...
I Got 99 Problems w/ MARVEL MOVIES - Part 1
Most of us on this website love Marvel movies. However we are all aware that they aren’t perfect. Therefore here is a five part miniseries of a comedic look on the many problems of the marvel movies.
Zicherman doesn't mince words on how Elektra turned out less than stellar. "I spent a year writing the movie, and it was supposed to be this gigantic movie and then they decide they're not going to make an $80M movie they're going to make a $30M movie, they bring in a director we didn't know..."
Variety reports that Elektra will still be in the hands of Fox even though the Daredevil film rights are set to revert back to Marvel if a film isn't in production by October.
Continuing with the more maligned batch of CBMs out there we have the 2005 Daredevil spinoff featuring the ruthless sai wielding assasin. Is Elektra as bad as you remember? Click for my take..

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