TheNerdGuys Presents: Comic Book Movie Script Writing Contest!

Welcome to the first annual Comic Book Movie Script Writing Contest! A first ever for the site and hopefully won't be the last where I pit users in an exciting tournament to become the winner of a great grand prize, to what that grand prize is? Well click the link to find out more!

Fan Fic Opinion


The event being held here is not affiliated to the website but is funded by me to try to incorporate writing skills in users, users who love film, wish to collaborate with the heavy hitters in Hollywoods to create great fantastic stories based off of comic books or superheroes! This is an 2 MONTH long challenge that will pit user to user in a tournament to see who has the best script for a comic book movie. Every year will have a different rules, different guidelines and different template to draw inspiration from. Without further ado, lets go over how this works shall we?


Simply enter through the comment section or message me signaling that you would love to participate and be apart of the event. Only 12 contestants are only allowed and only one will be the WINNER, once entering through message or via comment section you will pick your superhero or comic to which you would prefer to write a full fledged script on. 


This years template will be the ever growing and expanding giant MARVEL COMICS!


  • GRAND PRIZE WINNER: Grand Prize Winner will recieve two free tickets to go see DOCTOR STRANGE IN IMAX 3D at your local participating theater. Thats right, I will personally pay for your ticket to go see DOCTOR STRANGE and not to mention exclusive bragging rights! There is no 2nd or 3rd prize winner due to the narrowing of contestants, there will be only be one winner towards the end.


  • Must present a script through each designated deadline presented. 
  • Can only be written as an ORIGIN STORY ONLY. Anything not representing the quality of an origin story will be disqualified
  • Pages must be between 15-50 pages, anything over or under will be considererd disqualified upon entering.
  • Contestant will go through 3 rounds
    FIRST DRAFT: (2 Weeks) Everything you think of or want in the movie, it does not have to be perfect, spelling errors are OK, consider this your pitch, your strongest script to be evaluated to the next round.
    2ND DRAFT: (2 Weeks) This is the big editing phase, at this point you will pick out what is your strongest and weakest scenes, moments or characters in the script which you will either delete, or create more scenes. Whether the script calls for more action, dialogue is your call and will be determined if the changes made were actually valuable or time consuming
    SHOOTING DRAFT: (2 WEEKS) This is your final, ready to film draft. This must be finalized and perfected and straightened out. No spelling errors, no hiccups, plot holes, all of it should of been addressed in your 2nd draft. This will be your perfect script to determine who has produced the best script through the contest. 
  • For those not participating, you will be given the lucky chance to read each script presented by each contestant and 3 lucky users will get the chance to judge each script presented to them. They will be given 48 hours to read the script and judge.

    Spider-Man                        Iron Fist
    The Hulk                             Doctor Strange
    Thor                                     Inhumans
    Captain America                Guardians of the Galaxy
    Iron Man                             Ant-Man
    X-Men                                  Blade
    Fantastic Four                     Luke Cage
    Black Panther

    Anyone else will be disqualified upon reading script if comic stories or comic characters from Moon Knight, Jessica Jones, SHIELD, Ghost Rider or none mentioned above. This includes secondary characters such as Amadeus Cho/Hulk, Miles Morales/Spider-Man etc. (maybe next year)
  • You will be judged on the pending of each round, ROUGH DRAFT will be judged upon idea, and compelling story within draft. Errors will be excluded since it is of course a rough draft, but plot points will be taken into account when being judged. 2ND DRAFT will be judged upon fixing errors, recreating or deleting segments within the script or characters. Whether or not you feel it was a good idea will be decided upon the judges. SHOOTING DRAFT, must be perfected. No errors, no plot holes, and must continue to provide a good compelling story. Judged entirely on being a damn good script, must be movie quality almost.
  • Must create an entire story from scratch, existing stories may be used as inspiration but not entirely beat by beat or word for word. For example you may use Civil War, but you may not include the same beats within the story such as Captain America vs. Iron Man or Spider-Man revealing himself, although such beats can be used that are not directly related to the story in general. 

Please write me via messaging or down below in the comments to signify if you would like to be a judge. I am only picking 3 and I will ask you privately one question to see if you are a capable of being a judge. 


Any more questions regarding the contest will be referred to me, this is again not directly affiliated with the website but scripts will be posted here. Any questions regarding signing up, where to post scripts or being a judge please write me personally or in the comment section. Anything pertaining to other misc. questions will be down below in the comment section, messages will be deleted not pertaining to the above. 

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X-MEN And INVINCIBLE IRON MAN Crossover Introduces Stark Sentinels - Could We See Them In The MCU?

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