TheNerdGuy's Latest Thoughts: Daredevil Season 2

Finally. I have seen all of Daredevil Season 2 a month later, and lately all I see from viewers is that this season either sucks, or still remains as the best comic book TV show. Does it still hold that crown though? Does it really fall under the category of disappointing in regards to live-action comic book adaptations? Well, here are my thoughts!

One long month of skipping out on this show, I feel badly because I really do love this show, and neglecting it was a huge sin to my comic book mind & myself. After waiting over & over for my wife finally to sit down and be in the mood to watch the show since we stopped at episode 7, the time had came to say screw it and ended the long wait to watch the show. As I said, I thought the first season was just an absolute game changer on how comic book TV shows should be taken seriously, of coarse this is a rather darker show than what we are accustomed to on TV in regards to Marvel. With Agents of SHIELD, this was just such an unexpected turn but yet refreshing take on not just the character but on another side of Marvel. Season 2, was something I was most anticipated for, and not just because it is continuing the show into a second season, but rather explore the other dark corners of Daredevil's world. So how does it rank up this year?

The show introduces us to where we left off with Daredevil, with him being titling himself "The Devil of Hells Kitchen" or as some would call him. As always the ever growing battle against the criminals are steady, but as a new enemy emerges igniting the same vigilantism that Daredevil has struck into Hells Kitchen, he breaks the one code that Matt never breaks, "KILLING". We are introduced to new character Frank Castle AKA The Punisher (Jon Bernthal) who has taken on his hand to wipe out the crime families responsible for the death of his family. Not only is this on the horizon, but here comes old friend Elektra (Elodie Yung) as she springs back into Matt's life for some help, only not to juggle that but also to juggle his law firm with his best buddy Foggy Nelson & best secretary Karen Page as they to deal with their struggles and emotions. And that is just the first 4 episodes guys!

I want to start off with...what I DON'T like about this season. I do not mean that I hate this season, but there is a lot that could be handled a lot better in terms of character progression and a coherent story. I mention in the last paragraph about how they are juggling with all these problems in just 4 episodes, granted Elektra is a cliffhanger in one, but just in those 4 episodes I feel like almost a lot is going on, when Elektra is introduced it is nice, but then adds in several other plot threads. One sub-plot or character arc that just concerns my dislike for this season is Foggy. Boy did I hate this character this season, and what sucks is how much of a bright character he was in the first season that you feel this was such a backwards character progression. Every episode he shares with Matt, he always criticizes his friend for being a vigilante, and while his thoughts do make sense in friends point of view; but it turns out into something more I feel given the nature of how immense his need is to try to justify how he is right, IN EVERY EPISODE. Every episode he is continually arguing with Matt over the same thing, if not it's arguing his stance in Nelson & Murdock, which again sure I understand his point, but every episode this argument is addressed as if we forgot it somehow.

Of coarse you can argue his point as being a logical progression has given how bright, funny and somewhat enjoyably annoying he was in Season 1, but it seems as if they want to move away from, they just have no idea how to. I get that he has issues with Matt as a vigilante and of course his work ethic, but again that is something that should not be addressed every time they meet, I get their friendship is breaking off, but I think if I was Matt I would of been told him to screw off a while ago. Karen Page is a sort of mixed bag, it is great to see her interact with the Punisher, but her love relationship with Matt Murdock is like having paper being printed. Comes out warm for that split second, then turns up cold. It got me to think why they needed to have this type of relationship, why was that even the thought to move forward on? I get they were together in comics but again with so much going on, why are they even in a relationship? The chemistry needed to be there but not needed in another pointless footnote in the show that they are together. Even to the point where she catches Elektra in Matt's bed only to act in disgust, and for what? You barely hang out with him beside again the first 4 episodes, then after that what relationship is there again? I would of rather see her get with Frank, but then Frank spews this bullshit how she is in love with Matt, are you kidding me writers? Are we that lazy to show actually true character development for an important supporting cast member?

I know it seems I am criticizing her, but I like Karen Page when she is with Frank, the rest of her character just seems like it is forced to happen because of incoherent fan service. How about the story, another major gripe I had with this show. Before I continue, do not for one second believe I hated this season, I for one loved a lot of scenes, and a lot scenes just so happen to be my favorite out of any comic book TV show, but the story is at fault for not doing a better job at giving us a more coherent and plausible evolving life of Matt Murdock. I loved Frank Castle, and he truly stands out as the best part of Season 2, but for some reason the writers believed it was such a fantastic idea to have him near mute for 3-4 episodes until he has this outburst at the courtroom, why? Why do this to such an awesome character? The first four episodes were so great with him, but then fall completely flat once Elektra shows. Elektra, who I thought would be a terrible character and the weakest is obviously not even close to that. The story though, just throws her in the mix, while of course she is a logical character to show up in season 2, but what she brings along is probably the weakest and pointless story.

The Hand. The Hand is the worst villains, or one of the worst villains in MCU adaptations. I say this because they do not fit into this story that is presented what so ever. I loved Wilson Fisk, who appears in this season for 2 episodes but makes a hell of an impression and a hell of a reminder (I'll get to that) of how great a villain could be. Wilson Fisk, is one of the best villains in the MCU, and The Hand is a tremendous step down from such an incredible character. Their motivation for Black Sky makes just as much sense as having Daredevil shit on one of his enemies, because guess what? They do not make sense for this season. So much makes sense for Frank & Elektra to have a huge story with just them causing trouble in Hells Kitchen that the Hand are just a forced after-thought. What is it with these CBM's that have to shove in a villain in a superhero beat down centered season? At least I thought it was that, no, it's about the damn Hand.

Again, I DON'T HATE THIS SEASON. I loved Matt Murdock in this season far more than in season 1. I love how the show gives us a vigilante who is incredibly over worked by the complexities of his double life and the overshadowing supposable impending doom, and yet he deals with it in such a calm and collective manner. I always admired the fact that he is a Catholic, as I am as well. It was such a great moment to see him pray at the besides of someone he thought could die at any moment, it is a highlight of many. Frank Castle as I stated is such a masterpiece in this show that I have no idea how they cannot even consider a Punisher TV show, it screams PILOT the moment he walks off. So many comic book stories are weaved into this story involving him, but they are all done so well that it is hard to just ignore them. He is brutal, dark and honestly the monster that Daredevil hopes he never becomes. He was such an excellent polar opposite to Daredevil that if a Season 3 happens I do not think we will ever get such a fantastic character like that again. Elektra, should of been the main love interest, she is beyond interesting in this show, something that the FOX adaptations failed miserably on her. This show happens to play with her as if she is in the female version of Dexter and her love of killing. Reminded me incredibly of Dexters Dark Passenger, but it fit this character so well it was just a great comparison to a great TV show character. How about that Kingpin though? Was not he awesome? Why was not the show revolved around his arc about his life in jail. It would of been far more interesting to see that develop, especially his scenes with Punisher which I swear was at the edge of my seat of how engrossed I was. This show needed you Vincent, you were the secret hero. 
The action & cinematography are also one of the saviors of this season. I love how the city looks and works in this show, granted sometimes the lighting could be better, but beside that I feel everything was just spot on for such a dark turn on the show. The action is a no doubt more intense and more brutal, especially the recreated Hallway fight where I have to say is a nay & yay for me, did it look cool? Yea, but felt more like a cop out in terms of originality, which is why the first season did it so well, this time it just seems a lot more of a fun reminder but nonetheless whatever moment. Every fight scene feels kinetic and alive, rather than feeling stiff like the comic counterpart, not to mention the bone-crunching and squash sound effects from the brutality that all make it more interesting. So what is my final verdict?

As much as I hate to say this, but this season was a giant DISAPPOINTMENT . Sure it had a lot of great moments that no doubt over shined the bad, but season 1, had NOTHING bad. It was all around incredible, I had to rewatch season 1 before I went back to season 2 just to get a good feel of the show, cause already midway through I was beginning not to like it, not until the final four episodes where it does shine but even that I feel mixed about. I do love the characters and the way the show WANTED to go, cause I felt it did want to go into some sort of direction, but I felt like the writers were just in a bind of figuring that out. Not to mention that dumb ending, but...besides that I did enjoy a lot more than dislike, but I did not want to dislike going into this season. So in my final words I have to say, while worth to watch as a comic book fan & fan of the character, it often stumbles in creating great character arcs with pointless motivations and incoherent plot elements that make this season a "blind hit".


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