Fancast: Green Lantern Trilogy (Part 2)

Fancast: Green Lantern Trilogy (Part 2)

This is a sequel for my original Green Lantern fancast.

By MrBlueSky - Jun 24, 2011 09:06 AM EST
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For starters, this takes place two years after my original Green Lantern fancast and will show Sinestro's downfall. For director, I chose Duncan Jones. He's the perfect guy for the job and his films "Moon" and "Source Code" were marvelous. Plus, he's the son of David Bowie, so he epicness is quadrupled.

Anyway, here's the cast:

Chris Pine as Hal Jordan: The Green Lantern of Sector 2814, who is now more experienced, having defeated the evil dictator Kanjar Ro. When not patrolling his sector, he works as a test pilot for Ferris Aircrafts.

Reason for Casting: Chris is a fantastic actor and showed the right amount of cockiness and bravery in "Star Trek". Ryan Reynolds was okay as Hal.

Gary Oldman as Thaal Sinestro: The Green Lantern of Sector 1417 and Hal's mentor, who believes that to obtain order, you must use fear.

Reason for Casting: Oldman is brilliant and has inspired a generation of actors. He make a superb Sinestro.

Mickey Rourke (voice and motion capture) as Kilowog: The brutish Green Lantern of Sector 674, who serves as a drill sergeant for new recruits. Despite his initial skepticism with Hal, he has now become good friends with him.

Reason for Casting: Mickey is an awesome actor. He is my ideal choice for Kilowog.

David Tennant (voice and motion capture) as Tomar Re: The Green Lantern of 2813, who is now good friends with Hal.

Reason for Casting: I admit that I borrowed this from SuperDude001, but David is great (at least in is role of the Tenth Doctor on "Doctor Who") and would bring something special to Tomar.

John Krasinski (voice and motion capture) as G'nort: An incompetent and generally disliked member of the corps, who resembles a humanoid dog. He was only able to become a Green Lantern due to the influence of a relative, who was a famous member of the corps. He serves as the film's comic relief.

Reason for Casting: Krasinski is plays my favorite character on "The Office", Jim Halper (I haven't watched it since Steve Carrell left). He would be hilarious as G'nort.

Noomi Rapace (voice and motion capture) as Boodikka: A tall, muscular, red skinned Lantern from Bellatrix. She has an aggressive attitude (much to the dismay of Hal), but is a skilled fighter.

Reason for Casting: Rapace is an amazing actress and her character of Lisbeth Salander (from the "Millenium Trilogy") showed the aggressiveness that I was looking for Boodikka.


Mila Kunis as Carol Ferris/Star Sapphire: The vice president of Ferris Aircrafts and Hal's on and off girlfriend. She is taken by the Zamarons, an immortal race of female warriors, to crown her as the Star Sapphire, a mortal woman that serves as the host for their queen. While as the Star Sapphire, her Carol Ferris personality is forgotten and is given similar abilities to the Green Lantern, powered by a Zamoran version of said jewel.

Reason for Casting: Mila is simply fantastic, and has proven herself so in "Black Swan". Plus, she'll be in a skintight outfit. Does that seal the deal?

Jackie Earle Haley as Abel Tarrant/The Tattooed Man: A former sailor turned jewelry thief. After a freak accident involving volatile chemicals, he obtained the ability to create living versions of the tattoos on his arms (including a chinese dragon and a battle axe).

Reason for Casting: Jackie is an overall brilliant actor. I loved him in "Little Children" and "Watchmen". He was okay in the "Nightmare on Elm Street" remake.

Please leave your thoughts and comments below! I hope that you enjoyed this article. Also, check out my other two installments:

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yankeemanf - 6/24/2011, 9:48 AM
great cast but ur carol ferris pic is of wonder woman lol jus lettin u kno
JDUKE25 - 6/24/2011, 10:25 AM
Chris Pine probably would have been better for Hal and Ryan Reynolds for FLash. I think Mark Strong was a perfect fit for Sinestro, they should have just made him more power hungry.
MrBlueSky - 6/24/2011, 12:29 PM

Thanks man!! And I was just trying to show off Kuins's body.


I agree that Mark Strong was brilliant as Sinestro.


I haven't seen any of Jordana Brewster's work, but I am glad that someone agrees that Pine is 100 times better than Reynolds.
Shadow11 - 6/24/2011, 7:49 PM
@ MrBlueSky

If anything this is the best fan cast for Green Lantern that I have seen on this site by far man, I give you your props for this, but the only problem that I have with your fan cast is the casting choice of Mila Kunis as Carol Ferris/Star Sapphire

If anything you should have casted Sophia Bush as Carol Ferris/Star Sapphire, she would definitely own in the role

But I agree about all your other casting choices like Gary Oldman as Sinestro, if anything he would make an epic Sinestro, that is for sure

Especially Tomar Re with David Tennant playing him and Kilowog being Mickey Rourke, love your casting choices there

As well as John Krasinski as G'nort and Noomi Rapace as Boodikka, love those choices

Overall MrBlueSky, you definitely earn props and respect for this fan cast here, really

@ MrBlueSky

MrBlueSky - 6/25/2011, 11:46 AM

Thanks man!! I plan making a Green Lantern trilogy (this fancast is the second in the trilogy).


I deleted your comment along with the others since I didn't want an argument on my article.


Thanks. Captain Kirk easily pwns Va Wildler.


Ironically, you said that Kunis would be a good Ferris in my previous article, but I'm glad that you like the rest.
OptimusPool - 11/14/2011, 4:01 PM
Perfect choice for Tattooed Man! I just cant get used to Oldman as Sinestro, though '-' Either way, the rest = brilliant! YOU = GENIUS!
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