Rorschach Fan Fic

Rorschach Fan Fic

OK so I have no idea if this counts as a fan fic or not, and if it doesn't I apologize. First time doing this. Rorschach is one of my favorite darker characters. Oh and I can't think of a title for this, so if you want to contribute one, that'd be cool!

By TheAwesome - Feb 26, 2011 08:02 PM EST
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So I got bored and wrote a comic (I have no idea what to call it besides that) And I was thinking of continuing it but I guess it depends on the reviews this gets! So yeah, I was thinking this takes place right after the incident with the Blaire girl. Enjoy...

--- PAGE 1 ---

---- PANEL 1 (Half page size) ----

Wide shot on a lone house, at night, showing the street in front of it. The streetlights are on, with an orange glow. House is two stories high, four shutter windows facing the front, and a porch.

--- PANEL 2 (Half page size) ---

Show the same thing as Panel 1, with three men walking into the house. All clothed in dark clothes, with several bags of money, and a female hostage. A rag shoved in her mouth.

Woman: Mmph!!!! Mmmph!!!


Show the view of the living room from the now open front door. Couch on the far left wall, a chair against the stairs leading to the second floor. A small TV in the corner, turned off. Old style, antenna and all. The woman is thrown on the couch face first.

#1st Thug: Shuddup.

The first thug is rather bulky, showing signs of aging and a need-to-shave-badly kinda thing. Handlebar moustace. In the background of this panel, show view of the kitchen and the second thug counting the money.

#2nd Thug: (small lettering, to show that he's murmuring) Hundred. Two hundred. Three hundred....

Show part of the staircase also, showing the 3rd thug going upstairs, but only showing his legs.

#3rd Thug: Gotta take a piss.

---- PAGE 3 ---

---- PANEL 1 ---

Show the bathroom, through a window view, but between someones legs. Brown pants and boots. The man is in the corner, peeing. Sink is on the wall opposite of him.

SFX: Whistling from the thug.

--- PANEL 2 ---

Show it as a reflection from the mirror this time, the thug still in front of the toilet. Show hands from the left, like someone is reaching for him.

--- PANEL 3 ---

Still showing from a mirror view, the hands clamping down on the thugs shoulders. Show a man in a trenchcoat standing beside him and a little behind him. The thugs face is turned to look at him, eyes widened.

3rd Thug: WHAT TH-

Rorschach: No mercy.

--- PANEL 4 ---

Show Rorschach forcing the thug onto his knees, the thug trying to resist, but failing.

--- PANEL 5 ---

Rorschach's hands clamping around the thugs face.

--- PAGE 6 (Full page panel) ---

Close up of Rorschach smashing the Thugs face against the toilet. Mini-panels of Rorschach(Close up on his face, only) doing it over and over again (Show this by adding more blood to each of the panels - until the last panel is almost covered in red.)

CAPTION: (Above first mini-panel) Never again.

--- PAGE 7 ---

--- PANEL 1 ---

The #2nd thug looks up, after hearing muffled thumps for a few minutes.

SFX: The word "THUMP" written in medium sized letters, in blood.

--- PANEL 2 ----

He stands up, confused expression on his face, a few hundred dollar bills in his hand. The SFX still going on.

--- PANEL 3 ---

Close up on Rorschachs face, looking down at a slanted angle.

Rorschach: Ngh!

--- PAGE 8 --

--- PANEL 1 (Full page panel - made to look like half panels to indicate first and second floors) ---

Show both the second and first floors, a thick black line drawn between them to indicate it's two separate floors. Show the mutilated thug smashing through the floor/ceiling in mid fall, wood splinters bursting out of the floor/ceiling right on top of the 2nd thug. Show him fallen back, screaming with his arm in front of his face. Show Rorschach standing up and looking down at the dead #3rd thug, covered in blood.

--- PAGE 9 ---

--- PANEL 1 ---

Show Rorschach now standing in front of the fallen 2nd thug, holding the white slate thing that's on toilets. The 2nd thug is covered in plaster, and splinters of wood lay everywhere.

2nd Thug: Who the hell-

--- PANEL 2 ---

Show Rorschach's arm swung forward, and the white slate thing that is on toilets, smashing into the 2nd thug's jaw. Blood and teeth shooting out of the thugs jaw, and the thugs face showing an expression of pain.

SFX: Gunshot

--- PANEL 3 ---

Show the 1st thug aiming a gun at Rorschach, and the gun is smoking.

--- PANEL 4 ---

Show Rorschach standing near the unconscious thug, with blood now seeping through his undershirt and coat, Rorschach looking down at it.

--- PAGE 10 ---

--- PANEL 1 ---

Show Rorschach halfway to the thug that just shot at him, in a tackling lunge type of motion.

--- PANEL 2 ---

Rorschach tackles into the guy, his fist ramming into the thug's gut. Show the thugs face with his eyes widened and his mouth open, like the air was just knocked out of him.

--- PANEL 3 ---

Show Rorschach on top of the toppled over thug, holding the gun high above his head.

CAPTION: The pain is necessary. Everyone must sacrifice.

--- PANEL 4 ---

Show Rorschach having brought the butt of the gun smashing down onto the thugs forehead, more blood splashed onto his face.

CAPTION: His screams sound like hers. The ones that no one heard. And his blood feels no different than the waste of human filth flooding the streets.

(For the next three panels, show Rorschach repeatedly bashing the thugs skull in with the butt of the gun, same context as last time with the toilet seat.)

--- PAGE 11 ---

Show Rorschach standing up, his front splashed with blood, and looking at the hostage on the couch - she's unconscious from shock and fear. Show the doorway letting light in, in the classical way of it stretch across the floor. Show a shadow in the doorway, thats stretched to Rorschachs feet.

Unknown voice: Rorschach?

--- PANEL 2 ---

Close up of the man in the doorway, Nite Owl II.

Nite Owl II: What have you done?

--- THE END ---

Uh... so what did all of you think? Like I said before, I'm not sure if this counts as a fan fic or not, but if it doesn't, as I said earlier, I apologize.

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soldier1 - 2/26/2011, 9:24 PM
WTH is this???? dude/dudette, other people's posts got kicked down from what seems to be the early makings of a comic. You should have at least included some pictures and definately more story. Sorry dude/dudette, not cool
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