HARRY POTTER Author J.K. Rowling Calls For Her Own Arrest In Protest Of New Hate Crime Laws

HARRY POTTER Author J.K. Rowling Calls For Her Own Arrest In Protest Of New Hate Crime Laws HARRY POTTER Author J.K. Rowling Calls For Her Own Arrest In Protest Of New Hate Crime Laws

Harry Potter author J.K. Rowling is courting controversy yet again, this time for basically daring the Scottish police to arrest her for protesting the country's new hate crime laws...

By MarkCassidy - Apr 02, 2024 09:04 PM EST
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Controversial Harry Potter author J.K. Rowling is making headlines yet again, this time for a series of social media posts calling for her own arrest in defiance of Scotland's new hate

Last month, broadcaster India Willoughby revealed that she filed a police complaint against Rowling over alleged transphobia, claiming that she reported the writer to Northumbria Police for repeatedly misgendering her online as part of an ongoing feud.

“J.K. Rowling has definitely committed a crime. I’m legally a woman. She knows I’m a woman, and she called me a man,” the former Celebrity Big Brother contestant stated. “It’s a protected characteristic, and that is a breach of both the Equalities Act and the Gender Recognition Act. She’s tweeted that out to 14 million followers.”

Willoughby continued, “I have reported J.K. Rowling to the police for what she said, which I don’t know if that’s going to be treated as a hate crime, malicious communications — but it’s a cut-and-dry offense, as far as I’m concerned.”

A new hate crime act did indeed go into effect on Monday in Scotland (Rowling resides in Edinburgh), and includes an offence for “stirring up hatred” regarding age, disability, religion, sexual orientation, transgender identity and variations in sex characteristics.

It doesn't look like Rowling is going to face any criminal charges, however, despite daring police to arrest her on social media.

Rowling shared the following Tweet after first listing 10 trans women - including Willoughby - who would be protected under the act.

As you'd expect, Rowling's Tweets and views have proved to be highly divisive, but she has a powerful ally in U.K. Prime Minister Rishi Sunak, who released a statement to the Daily Telegraph showing his support.

“People should not be criminalized for stating simple facts on biology,” he said. “We believe in free speech in this country, and Conservatives will always protect it.”

Last year, Warner Bros. Discovery officially announced that a new Harry Potter series is currently being developed for the HBO Max streaming service. The show will fully reboot the popular movies with an entirely new cast, and the plan is to re-adapt the source novels with each season dedicated to one of the seven books.

The news received a somewhat mixed response, and not just because so many fans feel that the films adapted the story perfectly well. The fact that Rowling is involved has come in for a lot of backlash, but HBO Chairman Casey Bloys dismissed concerns as a "very online conversation" at the time.

More recently, WBD boss David Zaslav mentioned that he flew to London to meet with Rowling about the show.

“We spent some real time with J.K. and her team,” Zaslav said. “Both sides are just thrilled to be reigniting this franchise. Our conversations were great, and we couldn’t be more excited about what’s ahead. We can’t wait to share a decade of new stories with fans around the world on Max.”

What do you make of Rowling's stance? Drop us a comment down below.

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HARRY POTTER Author J.K. Rowling Fires Back At Daniel Radcliffe & Emma Watson For Trans-Rights Support

HARRY POTTER Author J.K. Rowling Is Now Facing Legal Action For Alleged Transphobia
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HARRY POTTER Author J.K. Rowling Is Now Facing Legal Action For Alleged Transphobia

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DarthOmega - 4/2/2024, 9:10 PM
User Comment Image

User Comment Image
DarthOmega - 4/2/2024, 9:15 PM
@DarthOmega - The whole thread was pretty awesome actually.

DarthOmega - 4/2/2024, 10:28 PM
@rieldood - I've known a woman for 11 years who might disagree with you.
DarthOmega - 4/2/2024, 10:34 PM
@rieldood - Damn dude you responded in seconds. As a matter of fact, you've responded to everyone in this thread. I would ask WTF is wrong with you? Then I remembered I don't care. Also watch your mouth.
McMurdo - 4/2/2024, 10:45 PM
@rieldood - feminism is transphobic? AHAHAHAHAHAH
McMurdo - 4/2/2024, 10:45 PM
@DarthOmega - Rowling is GIGA based. A true feminist. Not this faux activist, modern narcissism inhaling, misogyny riddled feminism these pathetic men have co opted for whatever power-motivated principles they claim to be so torn over.
McMurdo - 4/2/2024, 10:49 PM
@rieldood - feminism by definition means the advocation of equal rights for BOTH sexes. And you, officer 🤡, are pretending it's a hate group. Go to bed kid LOL
McMurdo - 4/2/2024, 10:51 PM
@rieldood - SHE A TURF GA HUH. A term that literally misunderstands the very definition of feminism. If you are trans you are male or female no? Guess what, feminism means supporting equal rights for both!


Get off Twitter kiddo.
McMurdo - 4/2/2024, 10:55 PM
@rieldood - Feminism literally, and I mean literally means advocating for equality for EVERYONE because EVERYONE on earth is born male or female and whether they medically or surgically transition is irrelevant they still fall under that umbrella. You are a 🤡. I'm going full Porg tonight with the clown emojis. Just shut up you sound like a complete idiot.
DarthOmega - 4/2/2024, 10:56 PM
@McMurdo - It's funny. J.K Rowling has made a fortune. Is recognized and revered the world over. She's inspired a generation of young readers and writers. One of the most powerful and successful women in the field.

But because she refuses to be guilted, shamed, and threatened by lunatics to give into delusion and lies she's "controversial". Nah. She's what we used to call sane.

I can't say I'm a fan of her work. I'm sure we might disagree politically. But what she's saying here is common sense.
McMurdo - 4/2/2024, 10:59 PM
@rieldood - bro, and I mean BRO, you couldnt educate a third grader how to fart. Go stroke your dick to something and let the adults hash this out.
DarthOmega - 4/2/2024, 11:00 PM
@McMurdo - btw...

User Comment Image

It's best to not respond to him. He's in everyone's comments demonstrating why it's a bad idea to skip your meds.
McMurdo - 4/2/2024, 11:08 PM
@DarthOmega - clearly a misogynist whose ex dumped him for probably an extremely valid reason, most likely NPD, and he's been a "term" tear ever sense. Thinks he's a warrior but in reality he's just a sad little man who masturbates profusely
McMurdo - 4/2/2024, 11:09 PM
@rieldood - 🤡 so the detransitioning movement is just a mirage! A blip on YouTube's radar! Those kids are A-OKay. 🤡
Clintthahamster - 4/3/2024, 7:36 AM
@DarthOmega - What a piece of shit.
GameOn - 4/2/2024, 9:15 PM
These threads are perfect for seeing who to block
mountainman - 4/2/2024, 9:30 PM
@GameOn - The people who want to jail someone for speech of course.
dracula - 4/2/2024, 9:34 PM
@rieldood - now you are being racist (hell cant even tell if this guy is white)
mountainman - 4/2/2024, 9:34 PM
@rieldood - If what she has said were illegal in Scotland, then that country has gone far more fascist than I had thought.

Quality countries don’t jail people for hurting feelings of weak humans.
mountainman - 4/2/2024, 9:35 PM
@dracula - I am white, but I also have enough confidence to not get upset when people call me names. Everybody should be like that. Words are not violence.
dracula - 4/2/2024, 9:51 PM
@mountainman - agree

But nothing more pathetic and annoying than a hypocrite

Talking about hate speech and then going straight to a race based comment
dracula - 4/2/2024, 9:56 PM
@rieldood - pathetic
mountainman - 4/2/2024, 9:57 PM
@dracula - To these people, it’s ok to say that type of stuff to certain groups. You can only be bigoted to certain types of people to them.

Luckily, I couldn’t care less of someone dislikes me for my personal attributes. It doesn’t affect me one bit. They have to live with their hatred, not me.
dracula - 4/2/2024, 10:08 PM
@rieldood - if monkey is a slur and are using it because of someone’s race then yes

Truly pathetic

People like you are no different than the bigots you complain about

By the way am mexican

What going to call me a beaner or a taco for disagreeing with you?
dracula - 4/2/2024, 10:16 PM
@rieldood - funny

Doubt you can point to anywhere where i defend her.
Vigor - 4/2/2024, 10:20 PM
@rieldood - listen newcomer. You're fighting the good fight but yet, you're coming off as insufferable! You can argue your point without being rude, racist, and/or derogatory

Calm it down a little
SpiderParker - 4/2/2024, 10:49 PM
@rieldood - Wow, someone needs to report this guy to the Scottish police, seems like this guy should be jailed according to the new law.

As for the "Freedom of speech =/= freedom of consequence", are you stupid? Of course, you are free from consequence in regards to your government (ie: criminal offense). What you are saying only works for private entity, not public.

But of course you don't know that since you don't even know what you are saying in this whole thread qualifies to get you jailed in Scotland 10 times over.
SpiderParker - 4/2/2024, 11:05 PM
@rieldood - Now, use your own words on yourself and you will figure out why people have issues with this law. :)
McMurdo - 4/2/2024, 11:10 PM
@SpiderParker - well said! Parker is based.
McMurdo - 4/2/2024, 11:11 PM
@rieldood - calling Parker fragile after the tirade you just went on over the author of Harry Potter is GOLDEN.
McMurdo - 4/2/2024, 11:14 PM
@rieldood - Go jerk off man. Aren't you bored of everyone telling you how boring you are?
McMurdo - 4/2/2024, 11:19 PM
@rieldood - I can hear you fapping away from here! Don't let it get too dry man! Don't want a rug burn...
SpiderParker - 4/2/2024, 11:22 PM
@rieldood - It's really funny when people bring out the childish insults in a kiddie tone and start mentioning "crying" & "mommy". It shows the lack of maturity and severe neglect from their mother.

It's really sad that you mom didn't give you enough attention that your intellect is stunted but maybe she was busy fighting for her rights. Sadly she failed in her own home, twice.
McMurdo - 4/2/2024, 11:23 PM
@rieldood - ahhh a misogynist AND a homophobe. Typical shitty post- modern male! How many women has this faux warrior mentality gotten you, considering your true motivation for this hack-tivism you champion so egregiously is sexual sadism? Oh And Fred.....doesn't count!
SpiderParker - 4/2/2024, 11:29 PM
@rieldood - Also, since you are not only ignorant but also forgetful, in the whole thread, you have insulted race, gender and sexual orientation. How you think none of that qualifies for the hate speech law while advocating for it is beyond me.

I would normally say, to read up and learn about what you are preaching first but I reckon that you can't help yourself so you better seek help from the professionals. Psychiatry would be a good place to start, last would be surrendering yourself to the Scottish police.
SpiderParker - 4/2/2024, 11:34 PM
@rieldood - Nah, I think you don't understand how insults work. The "mommy" insults are mainly made by kids for a reason. They are not insults but projections of the self. Kids make these insults in a way to vent out their own frustrations. Since you are intellectually and emotionally stunted, your insults only goes to show why. Talk to a psychologist, they will explain you better. ;)
McMurdo - 4/3/2024, 12:15 AM
@rieldood - 🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡
McMurdo - 4/3/2024, 12:16 AM
@rieldood - @spiderparker couldn't be MORE on point bro.
SpiderParker - 4/3/2024, 1:23 AM
@plbadwater - I think I have owned you so much you will be scarred for life more than your childhood neglect ever did. Brevity is the soul of wit, for sure, too bad you wouldn't know that with all your slurs, name-calling and "mommy" insults.

Do you need a burn heal with that or a good psychologist's number for the mental agony?
SpiderParker - 4/3/2024, 1:27 AM
@McMurdo - The way he made fun of himself, of course he had to change his name to escape the shame.
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