GHOST RIDER: Nicolas Cage Rumored To Make His Return As Johnny Blaze In Upcoming MCU Project

GHOST RIDER: Nicolas Cage Rumored To Make His Return As Johnny Blaze In Upcoming MCU Project

We're taking this with a pinch of salt for now, but a new rumour claims Marvel Studios is planning to bring Nicolas Cage back as the Spirit of Vengeance, Ghost Rider, in an upcoming MCU movie or TV show!

By JoshWilding - Aug 24, 2023 01:08 PM EST
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Nicolas Cage played Johnny Blaze in two critically panned Marvel movies: 2007's Ghost Rider and 2012 sequel Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance. Both efforts had some redeeming qualities, but no one was really dying for a threequel after that last effort. 

The legendary actor's quirky take on the character resonated with plenty of fans, though, and a new rumour suggests there are plans in place for Cage to reprise the role "sooner than you think."

These claims from a couple of semi-reliable social media scoopers come our way just days after it was reported that Marvel Studios had been developing a Ghost Rider movie or TV show prior to the WGA strike. Work on that is supposedly expected to resume once the strike ends. 

If we had to hazard a guess, Cage will be among the actors who appear in next year's Deadpool 3

The movie is expected to take the Merc with the Mouth and Wolverine on a trip through the Multiverse, with both the original X-Men and Jennifer Garner's Elektra already all but confirmed to show up. Why not add Cage's Ghost Rider to the mix?

We don't anticipate him playing Johnny on Earth-616 unless it's for a passing of the torch with Danny Ketch or Robbie Reyes. The latter already appeared in Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., while Danny played a role in Spirit of Vengeance, meaning we'd bet on a new actor playing the hellblazing anti-hero. 

Time will tell whether this rumour leads to anything but it's probably best not to get too excited. Hollywood has come to a standstill as a result of the ongoing strikes and while this story comes from a source with a proven track record, this may be based solely on those rumoured MCU plans for Mephisto.

Would you like to see Cage's Ghost Rider ride again?

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RUMOR: Marvel Studios Now Planning A GHOST RIDER Movie And They Want To Cast An A-List Actor
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RUMOR: Marvel Studios Now Planning A GHOST RIDER Movie And They Want To Cast An A-List Actor

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WhatIfRickJames - 8/24/2023, 1:15 PM
Real Nick Cage or CGI like the Flash?
DalekCraigWasson - 8/24/2023, 1:30 PM
@WhatIfRickJames - I mean... it's a flaming skull so probably Nic Cage in a recording booth for 30 minutes.
WhatIfRickJames - 8/24/2023, 1:52 PM
@DalekCraigWasson - I’m talking about in general
Comicmoviejunki - 8/24/2023, 10:09 PM
@WhatIfRickJames - Nic Cage was in Flash?
Fares - 8/24/2023, 1:16 PM
Sure why not
Variant - 8/24/2023, 11:15 PM
@Fares - Because his Ghost Rider was pretty bad.
Fares - 8/25/2023, 7:27 AM
@Variant - nah
Variant - 8/27/2023, 9:24 PM
@Fares - Yeah. They were bad. That's why they only made 2
Fares - 8/28/2023, 6:54 AM
@Variant - I'm not the biggest fan of those movies, but they had their moments, and those moments mostly involve Nic's Ghost Rider, because he was awesome.
Variant - 8/28/2023, 7:24 PM
@Fares - That's fair.
Origame - 8/24/2023, 1:16 PM
He'll take a pit stop to steal the declaration of independence. Then the plot twist is that he did a face off with John Travolta
ProfessorWhy - 8/24/2023, 1:17 PM
Why pay out? Just cgi him
DrReedRichards - 8/24/2023, 1:21 PM
Just gimme Battleworld's Ghost Racers, dammit!.

ShimmyShimmyYA - 8/24/2023, 1:21 PM
Why tho ? I don’t get this fascination with reusing the old stuff when you have a clear ass runway to make a new version in the mcu , stop nostalgia baiting
SonOfAGif - 8/24/2023, 3:55 PM
@ShimmyShimmyYA - Because it makes Battleworld an easier concept to understand if you use pre-existing properties to cut time on explaining a character origin.
VictorAlonzo - 8/24/2023, 4:18 PM
@ShimmyShimmyYA - B-bu.. -but, but, whaddabou-

ShimmyShimmyYA - 8/24/2023, 4:52 PM
@SonOfAGif - that’s fine but also , “hey this is ____ from a different world” doesn’t really take that long to explain
ShimmyShimmyYA - 8/24/2023, 4:56 PM
@VictorAlonzo - the member berries are poisoning me at this point I hated the idea since no way home (still liked the movie btw, terrible as a rewatch tho)
VictorAlonzo - 8/24/2023, 11:05 PM
@ShimmyShimmyYA - Ditto.
HammerLegFoot - 8/24/2023, 1:21 PM
Lets throw spaghetti on the wall and see what sticks
VictorAlonzo - 8/24/2023, 4:24 PM
@HammerLegFoot -


How about using the most popular formulas from classic stories that worked, make enhancements that seamlessly fill plot 🕳, and creatively display villans as more dangerous than their comic counterparts suggest.
McMurdo - 8/24/2023, 1:21 PM
This film is either going to be an eightening borderline sexual experience for me or a complete and utter disaster.
Stinkor1 - 8/24/2023, 3:35 PM
@McMurdo -
Deadinside - 8/25/2023, 10:12 AM
@McMurdo - Oh goodness, my sexual experiences have been utter disasters!
Or, so I've been told...!☮😬
rychlec - 8/24/2023, 1:21 PM
This whole wacky movie should be the totality of Deadpool's involvement in the MCU. We all want more serious stories to play out and Deadpool's whole creation and existence actively work against that.
CorndogBurglar - 8/24/2023, 2:06 PM
@rychlec - I've always said Deadpool can exist in the MCU. But he should only be in his own solo movies. They can have any characters they want guest star in them and make them full on comedies all they want.

But they should not be adding him to everyone else's movies and making them take an instant turn into idiocy.

They could even do like the comics and make each Deadpool movie a team up movie. Deadpool and Spider-Man. Cable and Deadpool. Deadpool and Captain America.

It would actually be cool to see those types of characters in a crazy toned movie that's rated R for a change.
rychlec - 8/24/2023, 2:23 PM
@CorndogBurglar - I think that's a fine idea. He should be isolated. Having Deadpool in an 'Avengers' movie making references to studio involvement and actors who are portraying the fictional characters we are supposed to be invested in, ruins all of it.
CorndogBurglar - 8/24/2023, 6:44 PM
@rychlec - Totally agree!
Mrtoke - 8/24/2023, 1:26 PM

slickrickdesigns - 8/24/2023, 1:29 PM
Awesome! More rumors!
tmp3 - 8/24/2023, 1:29 PM
I have to assume these scoopers deeply dislike the mcu, because every rumor they post somehow sounds even dumber than the last haha. I know Feige’s in a creative rut, but come on this sounds awful 😂
CorndogBurglar - 8/24/2023, 2:09 PM
@tmp3 - Captain America and Iron Man should have survived and been recasted.

This new saga should have been the Earthbound heroes dealing with Dr Doom, while the space-bound heroes deal with the coming of Galactus and his herald.

Then had it culminate with Galactus reaching Earth, Doom stealing his powers, and then had an all out war with Earthbound heroes teaming up with the space heroes and trying to take down GalactiDoom.
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