Giancarlo Esposito Drops Biggest Hint Yet About MCU Role - Is Doctor Doom Finally Coming?

Giancarlo Esposito Drops Biggest Hint Yet About MCU Role - Is Doctor Doom Finally Coming?

SUPERMAN: Nathan Fillion On Why He's Perfectly Suited To Play GREEN LANTERN Guy Gardner
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SUPERMAN: Nathan Fillion On Why He's Perfectly Suited To Play GREEN LANTERN Guy Gardner

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Pigdango - 9/1/2021, 5:29 AM
I liked the two FF movies. The rest of this list…no.

BritishMonkey - 9/3/2021, 6:12 PM
@Pigdango - The FF films are way more comic accurate than people will ever like to admit.
Aside from Doctor Doom's character of course and Galactus cloud.
GhostDog - 9/1/2021, 5:31 AM
As the BIGGEST Daredevil fan, Daredevil 2003 is still HOT GARBAGE and painful to sit through.

However, Michael Clarke Duncan is a SHINING GEM in a piece of shit.
bcom - 9/1/2021, 5:31 AM
I fully agree with Green Lantern. It honestly is no where near as bad as it’s made out to be. The look and design of the characters are arguably some of the most comic accurate we’ve had yet and the effects still look great today.
KWilly - 9/1/2021, 5:36 AM
"However, upon watching it (Catwoman) again… well, it’s not that terrible"

Tpo81 - 9/1/2021, 6:41 AM
@KWilly - that basketball scene is embarrassing to even watch
MosquitoFarmer - 9/1/2021, 8:12 AM
@KWilly - Placing that at #1 was most definitely placed with the intention of rustling the feathers.
Tpo81 - 9/1/2021, 10:40 AM
@Waddles - imagine being Halle Berry or Benjamin Bratt must feel walking into a room with that on a television set.Lol I’d be mortified
TheWalkingCuban - 9/1/2021, 5:36 AM
The only reason the punisher should be on this list is because it shouldn’t be on this list. And yet it shouldn’t be on this list because it should be on this list. Because it’s wrong about all the other movies and nobody ever said that punisher movie was bad, maybe John travolta went extra ham, but that’s it.
CorndogBurglar - 9/1/2021, 6:16 AM
@TheWalkingCuban - While I liked the Punisher, it still wasn't what it should have been. And Tom Jane didn't do it for me. He wasn't intimidating enough. It didn't feel like the Punisher was as threatening as he should be.

But hey, I hated Warzone, but liked the actor that played Punisher a lot more in that.
TheWalkingCuban - 9/1/2021, 6:22 AM
@CorndogBurglar - I totally understand that. I think Tom Jane is a great actor so if somehow you could put his acting into old boy what’s his name, you would have a perfect punisher. I did like the Netflix punisher, name not coming to mind right this second, but man he moves his head a lot. I get it, you agree with me, wait you you disagree? Wait you agree? I never know where I stand with this guy! Back to war zone, it certainly had its moments. But if John Travolta hammed up the other one, Then the jigsaw guy on Warzone was just terrible. And yet he was better than the jigsaw on Netflix, oh my goodness, I have some acne scars, maybe I can be jigsaw.
CorndogBurglar - 9/1/2021, 6:29 AM
@TheWalkingCuban - Yeah, I liked the Netflix show but they didn't take the war on crime approach. He was just hunting people in the government.

I just want to see some grounded, brutal Punisher taking on the wors5 forms of criminals. The mob. Human traffickers. Drug dealers. That's the Punisher at his best. Once they've done all that they can always end the series with him taking on government corruption or corrupted military generals. But save that stuff for the finale. Until then, I want some good old fashioned, One Man War on crime stuff. Which I don't feel like has ever been interpreted correctly in any Punisher adaptation.
TheWalkingCuban - 9/1/2021, 6:54 AM
@CorndogBurglar - For me, I liked the approach, I just thought Billy fell off big time on season two. Other than that and Bernthal’s head giving me double vision and vertigo I was good
CorndogBurglar - 9/1/2021, 8:38 AM
@TheWalkingCuban - Haha. Yeah, I still liked it better than the movies
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