JUSTICE LEAGUE: CRISIS ON INFINITE EARTHS Trailer Leaks Online And Introduces The Crime Syndicate - UPDATE

JUSTICE LEAGUE: CRISIS ON INFINITE EARTHS Trailer Leaks Online And Introduces The Crime Syndicate - UPDATE JUSTICE LEAGUE: CRISIS ON INFINITE EARTHS Trailer Leaks Online And Introduces The Crime Syndicate - UPDATE

The trailer for Justice League: Crisis on Infinite Earths - Part One has found its way online, and as well as introducing the villainous Crime Syndicate, we see just how much danger the Multiverse is in!

By JoshWilding - Nov 22, 2023 10:11 AM EST

UPDATE: Warner Bros. has released an official teaser confirming Justice League: Crisis will be a trilogy released in three parts!

The first trailer for Justice League: Crisis on Infinite Earth - Part One has found its way online today, and it finally pulls back the curtain on what we can expect from the highly anticipated Multiversal adventure. 

As expected, The Flash is going to be front and centre in a story which will see the Fastest Man Alive race against time to save every reality in existence. Along the way, he'll encounter the Justice League's evil alternate reality counterparts, The Crime Syndicate of America, and Harbinger, a character we're sure many of you will remember from the Arrowverse's take on this iconic story. 

There are also at least two versions of Superman. Rather disappointingly, it doesn't look like Justice League: Crisis on Infinite Earth - Part One will feature any characters from past DC animated projects. Instead, it seems to be confined to the Tomorrowverse, likely to avoid a massive, financially unviable, ensemble.

We'll update this piece when Warner Bros. Home Entertainment and DC share a full cast list (many of the voices are familiar; that's definitely Jensen Ackles as Batman), though we do have what appears to be a new synopsis for the movie. 

"Death is coming. Worse than death: oblivion. Not just for our Earth, but for everyone, everywhere, in every universe!" it reads. "Against this ultimate destruction, the mysterious Monitor has gathered the greatest team of Super Heroes ever assembled."

"But what can the combined might of Superman, Wonder Woman, Batman, The Flash, Green Lantern and hundreds of Super Heroes from multiple Earths even do to save all of reality from an unstoppable antimatter armageddon?!"

Justice League: Crisis on Infinite Earth - Part One was first announced during July's San Diego Comic-Con along with an animated take on Watchmen. Only that vague 2024 debut was mentioned at the time, but as we first reported on Toonado.com, a listing on Amazon France has confirmed the movie will be available on DVD, Blu-ray, and 4K starting January 24, 2024.

The story is one that's been adapted on only a handful of occasions, including by The CW's Arrowverse. Before the formation of DC Studios, Warner Bros. had been planning a live-action Crisis movie with The Flash meant to set the stage for that. Unfortunately, that all changed and the movie's ending was reshot (for the third time by our count). 

Check out this first look at Justice League: Crisis on Infinite Earth - Part One in the player below.

CRISIS ON INFINITE EARTHS - PART 3 Will Feature Kevin Conroy And Mark Hamill As Batman And Joker

CRISIS ON INFINITE EARTHS - PART 3 Will Feature Kevin Conroy And Mark Hamill As Batman And Joker

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marvel72 - 11/22/2023, 10:26 AM
The Crime Syndicate is great,I love a bit of Evil Justice League.
The1st - 11/22/2023, 10:53 AM
@marvel72 - Kinda hoping it ties back to pre tomorrowverse films but we'll see...that's a tall order.
marvel72 - 11/22/2023, 1:58 PM
@The1st - That would be better but I bet it doesn't.
bobevanz - 11/22/2023, 10:30 AM
Looks good to me, I'm down. Too bad Marvel doesn't have a top animation studio to make amazing movies (wink wink)
DiegoMD - 11/22/2023, 10:34 AM
I hope this is good. I like the Tomorrowverse, but it has been a bit of a mixed bag.
TheVisionary25 - 11/22/2023, 10:35 AM
I gotta catch up on a few of these Tomorrowverse movies but the ones I have seen I have liked (much better then the New 52 stuff imo).

It still seems early to do Crisis with these versions of the characters but oh well , it looks fun so hope it turns out well!!.
Nomis929 - 11/22/2023, 10:35 AM
Man, I can still remember when ads appeared in other DC comics and me and my friends all trying to figure out what it meant. And when the series hit they dropped the 'UNIVERSE' part in the title.

RolandD - 11/22/2023, 10:39 AM
@Nomis929 - I remember it too. Marvel was trying to sell toys with Secret Wars. DC was trying to re-organize their universe.
Nomis929 - 11/22/2023, 10:45 AM
@RolandD - 'Secret Wars' was a role playing game as well.

I always thought 'Crisis' was DC's response to "Secret wars", since SW was so successful and the whole multiverse thing was a mix bag for DC.

Streamlining it into one cohesive universe was the right thing to do, at least at that time.
marvel72 - 11/22/2023, 10:48 AM
@Nomis929 - Fantastic story, I have read the main 12 issues and some of the tie-in books but I would love to read the whole lot.

Crisis On Infinite Earths #1 is my favourite comic book cover.
RolandD - 11/22/2023, 10:51 AM
@Nomis929 - I am not sure it was a reaction to Secret Wars, although the latter did debut first. DC’s Maxi series was vastly better in my opinion. Marv Wolfman and George Perez were on fire as a team back then.
Nomis929 - 11/22/2023, 10:57 AM
@marvel72 - Yah, I don't think that DC ever published an omnibus version with al the tie in book included. They should.

A classic cover to say the least.

Nomis929 - 11/22/2023, 11:08 AM
@RolandD - Oh, 'Crisis' was much better in terms of the story and art than 'Secret Wars', I meant DC response in terms of what a maxi-series could do in sells. Maxi Series were a relatively NEW concept back then.

Wolfman and Perez going from Marvel to DC in 1980 Ushered in the "NEW" DC to me. It was a sign that the old way of making comics at DC were over (which could get stales at times) and A new way of presenting their characters was going to be done.For me that decade was the height of DC comics.

After Wolman and Perez,than John Byrne and Frank Miller came over. And getting the hot British creators to come over like Alan Moore and Brian Boland and Grant Morrison. Exciting times.
kider2 - 11/22/2023, 11:49 AM
@Nomis929 - They did release a box set which has all the Tie-ins and it has all the crisis on multiple earths JLA stories:
Nomis929 - 11/22/2023, 11:56 AM
@kider2 - Wow, I love the art on that Box Cover. NICE! Thanks!
RolandD - 11/22/2023, 1:33 PM
@Nomis929 - Roy Thomas was another coup for DC back in those day. Byrne’s art was definitely flashier but I preferred Adventures with wolfman and Ordway. That’s probably sacrilege to you but Ordway’s art seemed more realistic to me. I think he is highly underrated.
Nomis929 - 11/22/2023, 1:56 PM
@RolandD - I do respect Jerry Ordway art and his style grew on me over time, but yeah, For me THE Superman artist for me was Byrne.
marvel72 - 11/22/2023, 2:00 PM
@Nomis929 - No they haven't because I would own it.

RolandD - 11/22/2023, 2:01 PM
@Nomis929 - I remembered that. For some reason I can’t quite quantify, I liked his X-Men work better. I was still super stoked he came over to DC to do Superman.
marvel72 - 11/22/2023, 4:00 PM
@Nomis929 - They have released four companions that have all the tie-ins but a set of four will cost over £200 about $250.

tb86 - 11/22/2023, 10:40 AM
I was kinda hoping they would crossover with characters from other DC animated projects like the DCAU, Young Justice, Teen Titans etc. Maybe they’ll be doing that in the other two?
Th3Batman - 11/22/2023, 10:56 AM
@tb86 - If rumors are to be believed, every animated version of the DC characters will be in this.
vectorsigma - 11/22/2023, 10:43 AM
I wonder if the endgame of these movies is to introduce Gunn's DCU? I remember plans that all DC animation at a certain poiny will be tied with the movies and games
DudeGuy - 11/22/2023, 10:50 AM
@vectorsigma - doubt it. I think the endgame with these movies was to just make them.
Blergh - 11/22/2023, 10:46 AM
Looking neat! I like the new Animated Universe.
Maybe WB should Malens bigger deal about these movies and make more money with them.

Maybe release them in limited capacity theatrically, release them on MAX a day later and the on HV?
harryba11zack - 11/22/2023, 10:48 AM
"Is it as bad as it looks?" "yes" perfect last line for the trailer. Can't judge the story yet as the dc animtated trailers are never that interesting when comparing them to movie trailers but The art style is a visual eye sore.
FireandBlood - 11/22/2023, 10:54 AM
I remember when DC animation was the shit 😞
Th3Batman - 11/22/2023, 10:57 AM
I hope we can get some animated Batman movies in 2025, especially adaptions of Dark Victory and a proper adaption of Court of Owls.
Reeds2Much - 11/22/2023, 11:00 AM
Liking the facial expressions. Like Ted trying to look like he's following the conversation
GhostDog - 11/22/2023, 11:03 AM
They’ve got a lot to live up to with the Syndicate
narrow290 - 11/22/2023, 11:14 AM
Fantastic! The MCU better get their shit together if they hope to keep up! I'm fine with them takin 2024 off to make sure 2025's movies and shows are good but, if they make Silver Surfer a gay female when Galactus actually has female heralds their DONE! Anyway, I really hope they do Owlman justice in this
Arthorious - 11/22/2023, 11:28 AM
Not gonna lie but I’m not excited for this. Barely any build up, not enough movies to get me attached to the characters. Seems as if this animated universe has to speed to an end for Gunn to have his vision
HashTagSwagg - 11/22/2023, 12:16 PM
The art style blows, makes the whole thing look like an extended episode of Batman the Brave and the bold.
dracula - 11/22/2023, 12:45 PM
@HashTagSwagg - whats wrong with brave and the bold?
HashTagSwagg - 11/22/2023, 1:58 PM
@dracula - The brave and the bold is an animated cartoon series, this is suppose to be an animated film, it should look a hell of a lot better.
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